Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Warrior AE "Memories to forget" S5

The crew's food started to run low, making Sanchi to started a risky objective for the crew to gather food. Sanchi, Sanchez, Tobias, Danny, Erica, and Malik flew out to Waponi Wu, where Tobias explained to them had lots of hidden food. Meanwhile, the bounty hunters quickly contacted Kane as they followed Sanchi into Waponi Wu. Danny and Erica stayed back on the ship where they faced Demarous and luckily taking him out but now the two was being chased by Kane and the armadas. Leonardo and the others quickly attacked Sanchi and the rest but they managed to get away but they knew they weren't safe for long.

Another normal night went by for Danny and Malik, cooking food and relaxing in their small little tents in Waponi Wu. Malik went out to gather a few berries while Danny stayed back and get a fire started.
"Another pathetic day," Danny said to his self, "Another pathetic dinner."
Danny wanted to be someone useful, not just a lonely male pirate living with another male pirate. He wanted risks and some fun with friends and his own girl. After noticing his new fixed fire flame slowly going out, Danny's hope went slim. Soon his life would change, he loudly heard Malik screaming for his attention.
"Danny," Malik cried, "There's a dude in the volcano!"
All sweaty and out of breath, Malik ran in front of Danny and started to motion the way. Then, Malik ran back to the volcano, yelling for Danny to come quick. Danny was busy thinking of what to do. Finally, he figuered it out and grabbed bunch of old ropes.
"I'm coming," Danny yelled, "Let's save him!"

Danny remembered that moment, passing his old home. Both him and Erica continued to run from the armadas who were firing shots at them. Kane didn't want Danny to away.
"They're still following us," Erica cried, "What are we going to do?"
Suddenly, Danny turned to his right, grabbing Erica and taking her with him. Then, the two ducked behind a fallen tree, trying to think of a plan as the armadas were just a few from them.
"Don't let the male get away," Kane said, "He's disguised but it's not good enough!"
Danny knew the armadas weren't after Erica but he knew if they catch him, they would kill her. Danny only knew Erica for a few days but he would risk anything for her, not use to having a girlfriend.
"On your right is the path to Sanchi's destination," Danny whispered, "I want you to go there and I'll go the opposite way, getting the enemies away from you."
Erica shook her head, wiping her tears away. Then, she gave Danny a kiss, holding his hands tight, "Please don't die."
Danny smiled, "I promise I'll be fine."
Suddenly, Danny stood up, waving his hands and cussing out the enemies. Kane quickly pulled out his pistol and fired at Danny but missed. Then, Erica jumped up and ran from them. The armadas didn't care about Erica but was focused on Danny. Danny quickly ran from the armadas, causing them to chase him.
"Come at me," Danny yelled, "You clockwork punks!"

Few hours went by and Julia was sitting on a log, staring at the skyways and waited for Sanchi and the rest to return. Randal was sitting next to her, almost asleep on her lap. Winslow quickly came behind the two.
"Mario and Nick finally got a fire going," Winslow said, "Can you cook some lunch?"
"Not yet," Julia said, still focused on the skyways, "I'm worried about them."
Winslow laughed, knew he would have to talk to Julia about worrying. She quickly jumped on the log, taking a seat next to Julia, "How many times did Sanchi get out of near-death situations?"
Julia smiled, "A lot."
"Yeeeeah," Winslow said, "How many times did he got on a risky job and returned back alive?"
Julia smiled again, noticing that Winslow was trying to make her feel better and he helped, "A lot."
Winslow stood up, waving his hands around like a trainer watching his student succeed, "So whatcha worried for?"
She didn't know Winslow as long as the others, but with all the troubling events they been through, she knew she would easily trust him and Winslow trusted her. The two started to tell some funny stories to each other, causing them to laugh and wake up a tired Randal.
"Randal," Winslow said, "How was your nap?"
"Gooood," Randal said, stretching and standing up, "Is everyony back?"
Julia rubbed Randal's long hair, "Not yet."
She quickly noticed a worried look on Randal's face after hearing her response. Randal tried to walk away but Juilia grabbed him and pulled him up to her, "Something is up and you better tell me."
"I just had a nightmare," Randal said, "A bad nightmare."
Winslow laughed, petting Randal like he was a pet, "It's fine kid everyone has nightmares."
"This one was about Sanchi and the others," Randal explained, "I think someone who went out will die!"
Julia and Winslow looked at each other, giving strange and worried looks to each other. Another death? Julia thought it couldn't be true and it was just a normal no-meaning dream. She quickly wanted to change the subject, "How bout we go eat?"

Sanchi, Tobias, Sanchez, and Malik quickly dropped to the muddy ground after hearing the bounty hunter's voices nearby. It didn't sound like Leonardo, it was Sythe. He started to snap his fingers and started to talk, trying to communicate with Sanchi's crew.
"We're good with our jobs," Sythe said, "Faced harder ones than a warrior and his pathetic crew!"
Tobias glanced at Sanchi, looking at a lonely warrior. Then, Sythe continued talking, "Just come out now so y'all don't have to be tired when we kill you all."
Suddenly, Sanchez jumped up, shooting at Sythe and the other enemies. He quickly missed the bounty hunters but he managed to take out a few armadas. Then, Tobias jumped from behind with his duel stick. He swung his hard wooden stick around, taking out a few armadas. Tobias quickly ran towards Leonardo and he knew about it. Leonardo pulled out a handful of shock devices and threw them at Tobias. Suddenly, Tobias started to shake fast as one of the shock devices attached to him.
"Tobias needs help," Malik quickly noticed, "We gotta do something!"
Sanchi quickly jumped out of cover, running past the enemies and towards Leonardo who was walking towards Tobias. Leonardo pulled out his huge machete and walked towards Tobias who was still being shocked. The bounty hunter was just a few seconds from killing Tobias but time wasn't enough as Sanchi jumped out of nowhere and kicking Leonardo to the ground.
"Malik," Sanchez said, giving him one of his pistols, "Distract them from Sanchi and Tobias!"
Sanchez and Malik started to fire at Sythe, Bane, and the five armadas. The enemies reacted, firing back at the other two. Sanchez and Malik had cover with bunch of trees, running to different ones and firing at the armadas. Soon, Sanchez knew they would be out of ammo.
"Ssssick move," Leonardo said, wiping the blood off his mouth, "I like it!"
Sanchi ran at Leonardo, trying to slice him up but Leonardo quickly reacted. Leonard grabbed Sanchi's arm and slammed it into a tree a few times. Couldn't take anymore, Sanchi punched Leonardo in his mouth twice then he uppercutted Leonardo's stomach. Leonardo took a few steps back, wrapping his arms around his stomachs. Sanchi quickly recovered and punched Leonardo again, pushing him into another tree. Leonardo couldn't take no more, he quickly pulled out his knife and swung it at Sanchi.
"Sssstupid warrior," Leonardo said, swinging his knife around, "Patthhetic!"
Sanchi knew how to handle this. Leonardo swung his knife at Sanchi again, causing him to dropped down. Then, Sanchi jumped up and stealing Leonardo's knife. Sanchi punched Leonardo for the last time. He grabbed Leonardo's hand, placing it on the tree then the knife went through his hand, making his hand stuck on the tree by the knife.
"Ahhhh," Leonardo cried, "You sssscum!"
Sythe and Bane quickly noticed Leonardo's cry of terror, running to assist him. Sanchi quickly helped Tobias up and the four ran from them, avoiding them.

Danny looked inside the volcano, looking at a pirate lying on a rock unconscious. Danny and Malik both knew that they couldn't leave the pirate there to die.
"Danny," Malik said, "What should we do?"
Danny had bunch of ropes out. He knew there were only one way and there wasn't a lot of time. Danny quickly tied the rope around Malik, risking his friend's life to save some stranger's life. Then, Malik slowly climbed down inside the volcano, quickly picking up the stranger's body.
"You got him," Danny said, "Now be careful!"
Danny yanked the rope, helping Malik has he climbs back up with the stranger's body on his shoulder. Finally, Malik threw the body up and he rolled in Danny. Then, Malik climbed out, wiping the dust off.
"What the," Danny said, "He's bleeding!"
Malik laughed, "Not a problem."
Danny had a confuse look on his face, confuse on what Malik was saying. Then when they returned back home, Malik quickly acted as a medic, trying to stich the stranger's body up and he mananed to.
"He'll be fine," Malik said, blood all over his hands, "Hopefully."
The day was close to an end and Danny thought this was the most fun and exciting day he ever had. He was satisfied with the day and he couldn't wait to talk to their new friend.
"Good way to end a day," Malik said, sitting next to Danny, "Fun!"
Danny shook his head, "This place is going to hold lots of memories."

Danny remembered all the times they spent on Wu as he passed some memorial spots, running from the armadas. Danny knew he was far away from Sanchi and the rest, running from a high mountain. When he glanced back, the armadas were still chasing him.
"You're making a mistake Daniel," Kane said, "A big mistake!"
Danny ignored what Kane said, focusing on surviving. Soon, he knew he would be out of breath and he was closed to it. He ran by tree to tree and rivers to rivers, trying to get away from the armadas but they were still close. Meanwhile, Kane knew where Danny was heading and he commanded for his men to just follow not to shoot.
"Do-d-d-ddon't l-l-let him get away," Armada troop said, "D-d-ddon't let him get away!"
Danny continued to run and soon enough, he knew his running was over. Danny stopped, noticing there were no more places to go. He was trapped and he knew it, facing a huge cliff in front of him. Then, Danny heard laughter as the armadas finally approached him.
"Well done," Kane said, clapping his hands, "Well done!"
Sanchi and the rest were near the ship where they saw Danny from far away. Soon, Erica came behind Sanchi, pointing out Danny was trapped by armadas and was on top of a cliff. Sanchi covered Erica's mouth and the crew ducked down and hid from the armadas, watching everything going down.
"You got me," Danny said, "You finally got me!"
Kane walked past his men and got closer to Danny, "If you tell me where your crew is hiding...I'll let you go and stay alive!"
Danny stood there, thinking of what to do; die to save his crew's location or stay alive by ratting his crew out. Danny slowly looked all around, noticing how high he was up on the cliff.
"Your choice," Kane said, "To stay alive or die!"
Danny thought about it even more and he even started to questioned it. He remembered everything Sanchi did to save him and the trouble they all been through together. Also, he knew if he gave out his crew, he would risk Malik, Erica, and young boy Randal. Suddenly, Danny slowly pulled out his knife and walked towards Kane.
"Do what you want but you won't find my crew," Danny said, getting closer to Kane, "Even if you kill still didn't win because they escaped!"
Suddenly, Danny ran at Kane, holding his knife out and Kane noticed it. Finally, he ended the discussion. Kane quickly pulled out his sword and stabbed Danny in his stomach. Danny stood there, almost leaning on Kane. He stared at Danny, who had blood dripping on his mouth. Then, he heard screaming from Erica.
"Y-y-y-you," Danny said, "...lost"
Kane removed his sword out of Danny's stomach and pushed Danny's hand off his shoulder. Then, Danny leaned to his left, falling off the cliff and into the skyways, where he met his death.
"This can't be happening," Erica said, "Danny!"
That was it for Erica's relationship...Danny was gone and she couldn't believe it. Meanwhile, Malik started to yell at Kane and fired at them. Now Sanchi knew they need to go. Sanchez and Tobias both grabbed Malik and pulled him back on the ship.
"You monsters," Malik cried, "I'll kill you myself!"

Back at their new home, Randal fell asleep and left Julia, Mario, Nick, and Winslow at the fire. Suddenly, Randal woke up and jumped off his seat.
"Woah," Julia said, "What's going on?"
Randal just stood there, looking at the fire for a few minutes. Then, he whispered to Julia, "My nightmare became happened!"

"We failed," Sanchi explained, "We didn't get any supplies and we lost someone important to all of us!"
Erica was in tears, sobbing in the back of the ship. Malik laid on top of the table, talking to his self and tried to think Danny's death never happened. Sanchi and Sanchez was both upset about Danny's death and didn't know what to do now without him, both of them knew he was valuable to the crew. Finally, they returned back to Julia and the rest.
"Sanchi," Julia said, "You're missing Danny...wh-w-w..."
Julia stopped, noticing Erica was walking by crying. Then, Randak came behind them and shouted, "I told you about my dream!"
She quickly looked back at Sanchi, "Tell me this isn't true!"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulder and walked past Julia. He was speechless and sad about the lost of Danny. The whole crew was but little of them had hope on moving on.

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