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The Warrior AE "Supply Run" S5

Sanchi and the crew quickly encountered someone new, named Tobias. Everyone quickly started not to trust the newby while Sanchi fully trusted him, causing a big feud with the crew. Kane gathers four bounty hunters; Leonardo, Sythe, Demarous, and Bane. Near the end of the day, Sanchez was attacked by a stranger and Tobias quickly good loose and saved Sanchez's life, gaining trust for the rest. Now with few days going by, the crew desperately needs supplies. Kane's new bounty hunters goes around Skull island to look for them.

Few days went by and Sanchi quickly discovered they were running low on food. Mario and Nick went around the area and gathered some berries but it wasn't enough to fill everyone up.
"We nee to go out," Nick said, "I'm starving!"
"Everyone is," Sanchez said, "We need to go on a supply run."
Supply run? Mario quickly jumped off the fallen tree to explain why that was an awful ideas. He stated the high paying bounties and how dangerous the new world became. Mario and Erica agreed but the rest wasn't afraid.
"I'll go out," Sanchi said, "Don't mind looking for some food."
Julia quickly raised her hand, volunteering. Then, Sanchez's hand raised up following up by Malik's and Tobias's hands. Sanchi knew that Tobias knew the dangers and the bad outcomes this trip could have, "You don't have to do this."
"I need to," Tobias said, picking up his filthy bag, "Love to help on my first day."
Finally, the last one volunteered. Danny raised up his hand with a big smile. Then, Erica got up and ran towards Danny, not wanting him to leave.
"Please don't go," Erica said, hugging Danny, "It's dangerous!"
Danny looked at Erica in her beautiful eyes, amazed by her beauty and her voice. Then, he smiled and gave her a big kiss, "I promise I'll come back just for you...I love you!"
"I-I-I love you too," Erica said, kissing him back, "Stay safe!"
Finally, Sanchi, Sanchez, Julia, Tobias, Malik, and Danny gathered some gear and disguised their selves. They walked down towards their ship with the rest following behind. The supply runners all go on the ship...except for Sanchi. He quickly walked up to Winslow, putting his hand on Winslow's shoulder.
"Keep this people safe," Sanchi said, "Be safe too."
Winslow struggled to do anything due to his soreness from Tobias, "I'll try my best."

Sanchi stepped on the ship, looking around and staring at his crew mates. He started to think about the consequences and the outcomes the supply run would have. Then, he looked at Julia and started to worry about her.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said, "Ready to go?"
Sanchi kept looking at Julia, fearing about what could happen to her. Then, he looked out of the window, noticing Randal playing alone.
"No I'm not," Sanchi said, walking towards Julia.
"You don't need to go on this supply run," Sanchi said to Julia, "Please don't go."
Julia tried to stop but Sanchi stopped her, showing her the door on the ship, "Randal is a young boy and you said you wanna treat him like a son...well here's your chance."
Julia looked at Randal, then he looked at Sanchi, giving him a serious look. She just walked away from him, walking towards Randal. Sanchi quickly got back on the ship but someone quickly yelled his name. It was Erica, "Any room left?"
"Erica," Sanchi said, "Do you know what could happen on this supply run?"
"Yes I do," Erica said, getting on the ship, "I'll be fine!"
Finally, the crew left and headed towards Waponi Wu, where Tobias explained they had an abandoned building filled with crates containing untouched foods. Sanchi and Sanchez both helped fly the ship to their destination.
"I want you to be safe," Danny said, kissing Erica, "Please be safe."
Erica smiled, making her cheeks become red. Then, she went into her pocket and pulled out a necklace with a leaf on it. She handed it to Danny, remember the tree that they spent together for the first time. Meanwhile, Malik couldn't believe they became this close for a short period of time.
"I'm just worry about you more," Erica said, "I had a dream that you were dead."
"Just a dream baby," Danny said, "I'm not going to die and that's a promise I'm keeping!"

Suddenly, the group of bounty hunters noticed one of Kane's armada ship flying back. Leonardo knew that was strange because he knew that Kane didn't send any armada's ships out. Quickly, the bounty hunters followed the ship that contained Sanchi and the rest.
"They're heading to Waponi Wu," Bane said, "Contact Kane and get him to come here!"
Quickly, Sythe contacted Kane and his army. Meanwhile, Leonardo followed Sanchi's crew until they landed. Then, they patiently waited for Sanchi and the rest to get far from their ship so they could land.
"Be there shortly," Kane said, "Make it hard for them to survive!"

Finally, the crew docked their ship at Waponi Wu, not noticing another ship following them from far. Tobias was first one off, followed by Sanchi and the rest.
"Lots of trees and a ginormous volcano," Tobias said, "Known as the great volcano!"
Sanchi remembered this area well. The great volcano had lots of memories for Sanchi, memories he would like to forget. He remembered throwing all of Moresco's stuff in the volcano and where he dueled Derwitchi. Also, this was Danny's and Malik's home where they found Sanchi for the first time.
"I'm aware," Sanchi said, not paying attention to the volcano, "Where we going?"
"Well," Tobias said, pulling out a map, "It's a few miles to the left near the volcano, long walk."
Quickly, Tobias, Sanchi, and the rest started their journey but Sanchez quickly stopped Danny and Erica from walking anymore. He wanted someone to stay put near the ship, "You two mind watching after the ship?"
"Sure," Danny said, "Anything for you."
Danny and Erica walked back to the ship and the rest started to walk to their destination. Malik was looking all around, smiling and remember bunch of memories, "Danny and I use to collect berries in those bushes over there!"
"You also saved my life here," Sanchi said, placing his arm on Malik's shoulder, ""
Wu had lots of turns, hills, and dangerous areas, mainly near the top of the volcano. Tobias quickly led the group up a hill with trees everywhere, climbing it was trouble and exhausting, everyone thought.
"We'll be there soon," Tobias said, "It'll be hard work though!"

Danny and Erica both ran back inside the ship, playfully pushing and laughing with each other. Both of them were happy to spend more time together, falling on the floor, but they were unaware about a ship docking right next to them, filled with the four bounty hunters; Leonardo, Sythe, Bane, and Demarous.
"We made it and Kane should be here shortly," Sythe said, "Need to go look for their crew but we need someone to stay back with the ship."
Demarous quickly volunteered, not feeling like climbing. Then, the other three bounty hunters went to find them once Kane finally arrived with a few troops. Meanwhile, Danny and Erica heard all the noises and popped them heads up to the window, noticing all the trouble.
"Oh no," Erica said, "What are..."
Danny put his finger on Erica's lips, shutting her up. Then, he signaled for him to drop to the ground with him. Silently, the two dropped to the floor, away from the windows. Danny quickly designed up a plan once the other three bounty hunters and Kane left the ship alone with only one bounty hunter.
"Listen," Danny whispered, "I'm going to climb out of a window and take out this bounty stay put and calm."
Erica nervously shook her head. Then, Danny quietly climbed out of the window on the other side of the ship. Danny climbed up on the roof of the ship, looking at Demarous with his little musket, humming and just leaning on the ship. Danny quickly jumped off the ship, on the other side of Demarous. Then, he pulled out his knife, expecting the bounty hunter was still there. Danny took a deep breath and turned the corner, no bounty hunter in sight. He stood there with confusion, scratching his head, "What?"
Bam! The bounty hunter came out from behind, slamming Danny into the ship repeatedly then throwing him on the ground. Danny slowly turned around, facing Demarous who started to crack his knuckles.
"Should of stayed in the ship," Demarous said, grinning, "I'm about to collect your bounty!"
Demarous quickly ran at Danny, picking him up and throwing him into the ship. Danny started to crawl away from Demarous, which made him laugh. Demarous walked slowly towards Danny, removing his belt with his weapons on it and throwing it to the ground.
"You won't catch my crew," Danny said, throwing a wimpy punch at Demarous.
Demarous started to laugh after Danny's punch. Then, he uppercutted Danny, causing him to go flying in the air. Demarous started to walk towards Danny again, stretching and thinking of a new move. Then, he grabbed Danny's leg, spinning him around, causing him to go flying into the ship, again.
"Come on," Demarous said, "You are..."
Erica had enough. She quietly ran out of the ship, grabbing Demarous's musket and shooting him in the back repeatedly, killing him and grabbing Kane's attention. Kane and a few armadas came back down to get weapons from the ship when he saw Danny. Suddenly, Danny grabbed Erica's arm and the two ran from them. Kane and his men quickly chased after them.

Sanchi, Sanchez, Tobias, and Malik continued to walk towards their destination and not even close to there.
"Too far," Sanchi said, "How do you know there's bunch of supplies there?"
"When I worked with Kane," Tobias explained, "They hid lots of important supplies...just in case something happened to Valencia."
Suddenly, everyone heard gunshots and they stopped moving. Sanchi and Sanchez turned around and took a few steps, getting a good view of the enemies. It was a black-feathered crane companion, lizard companion, and another bounty hunter with a few armadas. The enemies quickly aimed at Sanchi and Sanchez.
"Oh man," Sanchi said, "We need to run!"
Sanchi, Sanchez, Tobias, and Malik quickly ran from the enemies, running towards the destination with full pace. The bounty hunters had much better weapons than Sanchi's crew. Bunch of armadas carried a few cannons, placing them down. The armadas quickly started to fire cannons at Sanchi's crew.
"Look out," Sanchi said, "Stay low and watch out for cannons!"
Malik was close to getting hit as a cannon was fired into a tree right next to him. Few cannons were fired next to Sanchez but he started to jump around and got behind trees. Then, Leonardo pulled out a hand full of dynamite and he started to run with Sanchi's crew.
"Someone is behind us," Malik said, pointing at Leonardo.
Boom! Leonardo started to throwing his dynamite at the trees, blowing them up near Tobias, nearly causing a tree to land on him. Then, Sanchi started to slow down, getting behind a tree. He quickly created a plan, waiting for Leonardo. Then, once the bounty hunter passed him, Sanchi ran behind him and slammed him into a tree. Leonardo quickly turned back around, tripping Sanchi and stomping on his leg. Tobias noticed Sanchi in trouble and he turned around, going to help Sanchi. Tobias quickly picked up a rock and threw it at Leonardo, directly hitting him in his face. With Leonardo covering his face in pain, Tobias ran towards the bounty hunter and karate kicked him off Sanchi, causing Leonardo to go flying back and hitting a tree.
"Get up," Tobias said, "We need to go!"
Tobias helped Sanchi up. Sanchez and Malik waited for the two to catch up, quickly trying to find somewhere to hide. Few minutes later, they heard a huge like-roar from Leonardo, calling out Sanchi and his crew.

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