Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "Threats" Season three finale (EXTENDED)

Sanchi's group and Sanchez's group still yet to complete their objectives. After Douglass threw his bag around, Sanchez and Courtney found out Douglass's plan with troggys and Sanchez doesn't approve it. Sanchi tries to talk to his two crew mates but Winslow was the only one to talk back until they heard stranger (Mel) talking to him. Mel knew who all three was but he only knew Bonnie's name, making Sanchi wonder about the rest of Bonnie's story. Although, Winslow managed to find Mel as he fired a shot in his stomach. Before Mel's death, Sanchi found out that Winslow was right about they're not alone. Danny quickly reveals the leader's name as "Arthur."

After unable to find Randal, Sanchez's group was the first ones to return back to Guerta. Without talking to anyone, Douglass returns back in his house. Meanwhile, Sanchez and Courtney managed to pull alone time and they made sure the door was shut.
"Welcome back," Mary said, fixing up dinner.
Douglass declined Mary's dinner. He was focused on something else, "I'm going out again."
He left Guerta as it turned dark outside. He went out with a bag of a knife and ropes. Douglass quickly saw three troggys. As one ran after him, he wrapped the rope around its neck, capturing one. Suddenly, Douglass returned with three troggys all tied up. He placed them in his shed with four others who were tied up, too.
"Douglass," Mary said, "Dinner is out."
Douglass stood outside, staring at his old wooden shed. He watched the door getting banged on by the troggys, he heard the noises they were making, "Coming in."

Malik, Boris, Danny, and Julia were close returning back home to Guerta. Although, they couldn't handle what Danny told them mainly Julia. Boris wasn't afraid, ready and anxious to defend Guerta. Malik thought Danny was lying, like he was used to and Julia was afraid. She was mostly afraid of losing someone, "What happen if they attack us?"
Danny laughed, "Then we'll attack back?"
"Well," Malik said, "Attacking isn't always the answer."
"It is now," Boris said, "It has to be."
Finally, Danny could see the guard towers which means they were close back home. Everyone was happy to return to Guerta but Danny didn't want to, he didn't feel safe in Guerta no more. They walked back inside Guerta and headed back to the house where Sanchez and Courtney was. Luckily, Sanchez got his clothes back on and greeted his crew, "Wow, uh welcome back?"
Malik laughed, "Tell your girlfriend to put some clothes on."
"I noticed you guys found Danny," Sanchez said, "That's...great?"
"Maybe," Boris said, "Danny saw the leader...threats!"
Sanchez gave Boris a curious look, "I wouldn't say they are threats...we haven't met them yet."
"They look dangerous," Danny said, coming back into the conversation.
With everyone settling back into the house, Sanchez knew he had to tell someone about Douglass's shed. Quietly, he asked for Danny to talk to, "Come outside."
"Listen," Sanchez said, shutting the door, "Douglass is keeping troggys inside his old shed..."
Danny looked at Sanchez for a few seconds. Then, he glanced at the shed and noticed the door was banging. Danny got real close to the shed, placing his ear on it to hear. All he heard was squeaking from the troggys.
"This isn't good," Danny said, "This isn't safe!"
Sanchez quickly calmed Danny's tone down, "Keep it down."
"We can't leave this situation like this," Danny said, "It's dangerous!"
Sanchez pushed Danny away from the shed and walked away from him, "Don't do anything wrong!"
Danny stood there, thinking about what to do. Then, he thought of it. Danny thought that Douglass was a threat, he thought that he was going to get everyone killed. Douglass thought he would have to kill Douglass tonight, "Guess it's going to be me."

Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow continued to search for another village. They camped overnight and stayed until the sun raised up. Then, the three quickly heard more noises, which caused Sanchi to run towards it. There were only one pirate, yelling at his self. Sanchi quickly ran behind the stranger, "Put your hands up!"
Slowly, the stranger dropped his knife and placed his hands up,"Who are ye?"
"Nice, controllable, easy-going individuals," Sanchi said, tying his hands up, "We just want to know where you're staying."
Suddenly, Bonnie and Winslow ran out, "We found a camp with walls...bigger walls, though."
Sanchi looked at the stranger, picking up his small knife, "We're going in with him."
Bonnie started to worry, knowing what kind of pirates the strangers are. She knew what they could do and how they're going to do it. She remembered Arthur and started to fear, "Too dangerous...we shouldn't go."
Sanchi helped the stranger up and pushed him forward. He didn't care about Bonnie's opinion. He wanted to know who Guerta is sharing the island with. He was determined to know.
"My name is Mitch," he said, "I'm a valuable men for Arthur and it wouldn't be a good idea killing me."
Winslow laughed, "Easy going individuals...I bet!"
Mitch managed to lead them to his home. Sanchi looked around and was impressed. They had metal walls with torches everywhere, lighting it up well at night. The gate was metal, too and it slowly opened up. Sanchi quickly held Mitch in front of his self, Bonnie had her sniper out and Winslow had his two knifes out.
"Mitch," Sanchi whispered, "Where's your leader?"
Suddenly, they heard laughter. All of the pirates around them turned around, placing their weapons back in their holders. Sanchi and his crew became confused. Then, a big pirate with an eye patch over his eye and long black beard appeared, "What is going on here, Mitch?"
"Arthur," Mitch said, "You have company."
The leader laughed, looking at his fingernails, "You have one of my men after you killed six of mine?"
"That's not true," Winslow said, stepping closer to Arthur.
"Well," Arthur said, "Where are they?"
Arthur looked behind Sanchi and saw Bonnie. Suddenly, he started to laugh and clap his hands, "Where are my manners?"
"Who knows," Winslow said, "Not here."
Arthur stepped closer, "Bonnie Anne!"
Sanchi looked back, giving Bonnie a mean look, "What have you done?"

Sun was going down, Danny noticed as he stared at Douglass out of his window. Danny had a pistol in his hand and had a strong grip on it.
"Oh dear," Mary said, running towards Douglass, "Why do you keep going to that old shed?"
Douglass turned around fast, getting in front of the door of the shed, "Catching fresh air, dear?"
Danny watched the two arguing after Mary heard noises from the shed. Also, he noticed how protective Douglass was. Danny wanted to kill Douglass, he wanted a better leader...he wanted Sanchi as a leader. Suddenly, Danny snapped out of it after hearing Malik's voice, "Watching those two argue?"
"I don't know," Danny said, walking away without looking back.
Malik laughed, "He's losing it like the rest of us."

Arthur tried to talk to Bonnie but Sanchi made sure he didn't, placing the blade of his sword closer to Mitch's throat. Arthur slowly backed away as Winslow raised his knives up.
"You know," Arthur said, "We can take all three of y'all out and we'll just lose one."
"We'll escape," Sanchi said as he backs away from Arthur.
Suddenly, the gates closed, trapping Sanchi and his crew. They tried to open up the gates with Bonnie threatening and Winslow trying to open up the gates his self.
"Arthur," Bonnie said, "Let us out!"
Arthur didn't even listen to Bonnie's demand, "May I continue telling stories?"
"No," Winslow said, kicking the metal gate.
"We have weapons," Arthur said, "I remembered giving some leader of a large crew a weapon."
First name came to Sanchi's mind was Al, remembering him firing shots into Sanchez. Suddenly, Sanchi threw Mitch into Winslow's arm and tackled Arthur. Sanchi didn't have the advantage, due to Arthur's size and strength. Arthur quickly threw Sanchi off, pulling his weapon out and pointed it at Sanchi's head.
"You kill him," Bonnie said, grabbing Mitch, "We'll take out him!"
Arthur laughed, "One man against your leader?"
"Look," Winslow said, slowly approaching Arthur, "We'll give you Mitch back...just let us out of here."
Sanchi got Winslow's attention and he slowly whispered, "He's not going to...plan B."
He quickly kicked Arthur's gun out of his hand. Then, Sanchi pushed Arthur to the ground. Arthur's men fired at Bonnie but she used Mitch as a shield, killing one of their own. Quickly, Sanchi and his crew ran around the area. They ran into dead ends after dead ends, causing them to change up their plans a little. Sanchi knew they'd have to climb the walls.
"Hey," Arthur yelled, "You're company!"
Only a few of Arthur's men had guns, Sanchi noticed. Group of his approached Sanchi and his crew as they reached another dead end. Slowly walking towards him, Sanchi counted seven. Bonnie aimed her weapon but Sanchi stopped her, pulling his sword back out again. Sanchi ran into the group, slicing two of Arthur's men already. Suddenly, Sanchi was dueling with two of Arthur's men until one ran behind him. Luckily, Sanchi moved out of the way, causing one of the pirates stabbing the other one. Then, Sanchi kicked down one of them and slowly finishing him off. Winslow quickly ran in, throwing one of them into a wall and stabbing him in his stomach. Suddenly, Arthur stopped the fighting, "Hands!"
Sanchi slowly turned around, eyeing Arthur. He looked around to try to find an escape. He knew his only option was to climb the walls or take down the gates by cutting the ropes.
"Now," Arthur said, clapping his hands, "You started this!"

Nighttime arrived and Danny knew what had to be done. Danny wanted to take Douglass out and get rid of the troggys, he felt like it was his job to do so. Without Malik or anyone else knowing, Danny ran out of the house and ran towards Douglass's house with one of Sanchez's pistol.
"Danny," Douglass said, locking up the shed, "Time to sleep?"
He didn't answer, he just walked towards Douglass. He had a vicious look on his face and Douglass noticed it, backing up a little. Douglass thought that Danny didn't know about his troggys but Danny knew, "You need to go back inside."
Suddenly, Danny ran into Douglass and slammed him into his shed. Then, Danny quickly threw Douglass away from the door, aiming the pistol at his lock. Before Danny had a chance to pull the trigger, Douglass grabbed Danny and threw him to the ground. Danny quickly picked up the pistol and fired at Douglass. Luckily, he moved out and Danny just hit the shed's door. With none of them aware, the lock fell off, unlocking the shed.
"I can kick you out of this place," Douglass cried, "You must of lost your mind!"
Danny kicked Douglass away with one of his leg. He quickly rose back up, aiming his gun at Douglass, "When we were did nothing to help!"
Douglass slowly placed his hands up, "There were reasons know that!"
"Sanchi and us helped you guys with attacks," Danny said, "We helped you with upgrading and gather supplies!"
As the two continued to argue, the troggys slowly approached the doors. Then, Mary ran outside after hearing all the noises. She quickly got between the two, stopping the fight. Douglass slowly backed away but Danny tried to get through Mary, "M'am...get out of the way!"
"Danny," Mary said, "You two need to stop!"
Suddenly, Douglass's eyes widen as he noticed troggys coming out of the shed. He quickly dropped to the ground and ran out of fear. Two troggys jumped on top of Danny and took him to the ground. Mary tried to help but slowly a troggy approached her. She slammed the doors shut but didn't lock it. Then, a troggy bit Mary's shoulder.
"Woah, woah," Malik said, running outside, "What is going on!"
Malik, Julia, and Boris ran out of their house, firing at the troggys, which caused everyone around Guerta to wake up. Julia ran towards Mary and got her away from the troggys. Then, Boris took out the two on top of Danny. Finally, Malik tied a rope on the doors, locking the remaining creatures back in. Quickly, Sanchez and Courtney ran towards the scene.
"I knew it," Sanchez yelled, "I knew this would happen!"
Danny quickly got back up, "And you didn't stop it?"
"Thought I had more time," Sanchez said, "Anyone bit?"
Julia checked Mary's shoulders, revealing a horrible bite. Douglass ran towards Mary, hugging her as he went into tears. Everyone surrounded Mary except for Danny. He just stood there, slamming his fist on the ground, "You ran when those troggys came out, Douglass!"
Sanchez knew what had to be done, remembering both two deaths of his crew mates, Emmanuel and Dorugh. Although, Sanchez didn't know how to explain it to Douglass, "She's going to die..."
"She can't," Courtney cried, "She needs our help!"
"We can't help," Boris said, "Happened before to our crew...she's good!"
Douglass started to kiss Mary's face over and over again. He blamed his self for everything, starting to cry even more. Although, Mary knew the time is right, " it.."
Sanchez handed him his other pistol, wanting him to take Mary out. He nervously pointed the gun at her head as he sent out one last farewell. Then, he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger, shocking everyone around Guerta. Douglass slowly got back up and without a single word, he walked back inside his home.

Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow was trapped by Arthur and some of his men. Although, Arthur was the only one with a weapon, rest of his men looked like they could handle a fight.
"Let us go," Sanchi said, "We never killed any of your men!"
Arthur stepped up in front of Sanchi with a smile on his face. He thought Sanchi was joking, "You fellows just killed some in front of me!"
Sanchi knew his answer and only thought of one plan, making a run for it. Sanchi grabbed Bonnie's sniper and shot Arthur in his leg. As he hit the ground, Sanchi and Winslow made a run for it. Bonnie tried to follow behind but Arthur grabbed her leg and pulled her back without Sanchi or Winslow knowing.
"Don't look back," Sanchi yelled, "We're climbing the walls!"
Making their way towards the walls, Sanchi sliced couple of Arthur's men. Sanchi and Winslow passed others and noticed a cage filled with others. Workers, he thought. Maybe slaves, Sanchi wanted to help them but he knew they didn't have much time.
"Sanchi," Winslow said, "Over here!"
Winslow jumped up and started to climb the wall, Sanchi followed behind. They placed their feet on hard bars and kept climbing. Then before they jumped off, Sanchi looked back. He looked around, seeing factories, training camps, houses, everything. Although, he noticed something else...Bonnie was missing, "Where is she?"
"I didn't hear any shots," Winslow cried, looking around.
Sanchi tried to get a glance but all he saw was others running and panicking...with knives. Although, Sanchi noticed a few with guns, "They hardly have weapons!"
Winslow knew the consequences of going back, "They may have her as a hostage...we can't go back!"
"Sanchez," Sanchi said, "How will Sanchez feel!"
"I don't know," Winslow said, "We'll find others...we'll get an alliance and take this whole place out!"
"We can't," Sanchi said, "We started this...we need to kill Arthur!"
Sanchi and Winslow jumped off and ran far. They knew that Arthur knew where Guerta was but they knew that Arthur thought they weren't in Guerta.

Thanks for staying tune until season three! I'm thrill of what'll come into season four, more action, surprises and definitely excitement! Sadly, it was sad to see great characters such as Al, Deacon, and Mary to go on but we'll see more of Sanchi's crew and the rest on season four! Stay tune for what I think the best season next!

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