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The Warrior AE "Ambush" S3

After Kent's death, Douglass has second thoughts about Sanchi's crew. Although, he gave Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow jobs to commands a group of citizens from Guerta to cut down trees and collect lumbers. Meanwhile, Al and his men know where Sanchi and his crew are living in and he's seeking for revenge. He plans to attack Guerta when Sanchi and Sanchez are't there, leaving Julia, Danny, Malik, and Boris there with Douglass, Mary, and Courtney.

With Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow gone, Danny and Malik is force to bury Kent's body inside of Guerta but they have second thoughts about it. Julia and Mary went to discuss ways to make Guerta safer.
"We could build more guard towers, get Sanchez up there." Mary said
"We don't need him up there," Julia said, "We could get that new fox companion, Bonnie...heard she's a sharpshooter."
Mary nodded her head, with a scared look on her face. Julia knew that she was worrying about something, "Are you okay? You look worried."
"Awhile back we were attacked by a group...they killed seven of our own" Mary said, tears coming out.
Julia gave Mary a hug. She felt the same way. She thought about Chun, El, and others they lost. Although, Julia knew Mary or Douglass never been what she been through. She started to think about it even more, making herself cry. Until, Danny opened up the door, bringing Julia back.
"Hello," Mary said, "Are you guys done with burying?"
Danny threw the shovels to the ground, already broken. Which, answered Mary's question.
"We're not going to" Danny said, rubbing his head.
"Kent's an enemy, man!" Malik added
Suddenly, Douglass and Boris moved Danny and Malik out of their way. Douglass was mad after noticing the shovels.
"What are you two doing?" Douglass asked
Douglass pointed at the graves, where he wanted Kent to be buried at. Danny, Malik, and Boris turned around and noticed someone picking up Kent's body. Then, two pirates came out of nowhere, grabbing him and killed him. Danny grabbed his weapon and aimed at the two pirates, yelling at them. Then, the gates fell down and even more strangers came in.

Malik and Boris ran outside with weapons. They made Julia, Mary, and Douglass stay inside and they locked it. Pirates with dirt all over them started to fill up Guerta, leaving citizens running and screaming for help.
"What's going on?" Boris said, pulling out his knife.
"Looks like we're going against pirates who don't have anything...they're obviously looking for a new place to takeover!" Malik said, shooting at one.
They had a new enemy. Filthy pirates. Over twenty of them were around Guerta, killing citizens and stealing their belongings. The only ones who were able to take them out was Danny, Malik, Boris, and Julia. Although, Malik had no clue where Danny was but he wasn't focused on him at the moment. He was focused on staying alive and getting these filthy pirates out of here.
"Who's at the guard towers? How did they get in here?" Boris cried
"Danny and I was suppose to...but Douglass gave us a different job!" Malik said, "Blame it on the old man!"
Malik and Boris ran over towards a group of filthy pirates surrounding someone. Malik took them out and helped up the individual. It was the little kid, Randal. He had cuts all over his arms but it wasn't a serious injury.
"Boy," Boris called, "Where are your watchers?"
Randal wiped his tears away from his eyes, "Courtney, I just came back from talking to Winslow!"
Suddenly, Malik thought of a plan. He ordered for Randal to run out of Guerta and go back to Sanchi and the rest. Boris knew that they couldn't do all of this their selves. Quickly, Randal ran away from them.
"Look over there!" Boris said, pointing at someone getting attacked.
Someone was trying to run from a group of filthy pirates. She started to screaming as the pirates grab her. Malik ran towards them, shooting his gun. Suddenly, the pirates stopped and looked at Malik. The one with a gun.
"I advise you to leave, now!" Malik said, aiming his gun.
The three filthy pirates looked at Malik and started to laugh. Then, one of them grabbed the girl and placed her in front of him, placing the blade of his knife on her throat. Malik knew he was in trouble.
"Drop her, now!" Malik said, "Advise you not to do anything I would do, man!"
"Drop your weapon" They said
Malik looked at the three pirates then looked at the girl. She was scared to death and was crying. She started begging to the pirates, which made Malik upset. He slowly placed his gun on the ground.
"Kill her!" Filthy pirate yelled
Malik dropped down to grab his gun before they could kill the girl but he heard gunshots behind the pirates, killing all three of them. It was Boris.
"Don't mess with my family!" Boris said
Malik and Boris grabbed the girl to check for any serious injuries. Luckily, she didn't have any but she was panicking.
"Listen, go inside any house and lock it! Trust me, we'll keep all of you guys safe!" Malik said, handing her his key.
The girl ran without looking back. Now, Malik and Boris went to look for Danny.

Danny was hiding. Although, he was still helping out Guerta by taking out the new enemies. He was in his guard tower, sniping the filthy pirates. So far, he only took out two or three. They were everywhere and was running too fast. Danny didn't have the best aim and that was his weakness.
"Who are these dirty pirates?" Danny to his self, "What do they want?"
Danny was looking in his dull scope, looking for anyone who needed help from the enemies. Suddenly, he saw a dirty pirate tackling Courtney.
"Help!" Courtney said, trying to push the pirate off.
Danny fired a shot but missed the pirate. He tried again and missed. He didn't have much time, becoming mad at his self. Danny climbed down his guard tower and ran towards Courtney.
"Danny!" Courtney cried
Danny grabbed the filthy pirate off of Courtney and threw him to the ground. He tried to get up but Danny kicked him to the ground and aimed his weapon in the dirty pirate's face, which made the stranger laugh.
"Why are you guys here? You can't take this place from us!" Danny said, kicking the pirate.
The filthy pirate started to laugh at Danny, "Ye can't blame us! Our leader wanna use to do this!"
"Who's your leader?" Danny asked
The pirate started to laugh in Danny's face, spitting in his face. Danny couldn't take anymore of the pirate's nonsense. He killed the pirate.
"Why are you outside?" Danny asked, helping Courtney up.
"Randal," She said, "Have you seen him?"
Danny didn't know where he was. He commanded Courtney to go back inside and he'll find the boy his self. Although, he felt like all this was his fault.

"There's so many of them" Julia said, "Danny, Malik, and Boris can't take them all out...we need to help!"
Douglass and Mary was scared. They were hiding in a corner, far from any windows. Douglass was holding tight on Mary while she was crying. Julia was surprise about all of this, she couldn't believe the leaders was more afraid than the citizens.
"Julia, dear...we need to stay in here," Mary said, "It's not safe out there!"
Julia looked out of the window and saw a citizen getting tackled by two pirates. She couldn't just stand there and watch anyone die. She grabbed Douglass's gun and took the back door. Hearing screaming, Julia came from behind and shot one of the pirates. She tried to take the other one out but she was out of ammo.
"Shouldn't of done that, Missy!" The pirate said, getting up.
The filthy pirate had two knifes and he walked towards Julia. She placed her hands up and slowly backed up. Then, the pirate ran towards her. Julia closed her eyes and dropped to the ground, scared. Then, she heard a gunshot. She opened her eyes and saw the pirate dropping to the ground.
"Are you two fine?" Danny asked, helping both of them up.
"Yes...Douglass and Mary are afraid!" Julia said
"I figured," Danny said, "Go back inside, take this young lady, too!"
Danny walked away from Julia and she followed again. She wanted to help out but Danny didn't want her to. Although, Danny didn't know what Julia could do. She managed to find another gun and she ran off from Danny.
"Get back here!" Danny said, "Is she insane?"
Danny went back in Douglass's house. He ran towards the table and picked up couple of bullets.
"You all need to stay inside, to be safe!" Douglass said
Danny laughed, "We're defending ourselves and doing a good job, too!"

Malik and Boris ran all around Guerta, taking out filthy pirates and going by bodies. It was hard for both of them, looking at innocent pirates, dead...dead, Boris thought.
"I can't believe this," Boris said, "Why would anybody even attack us, why?"
Malik knew the answer. He knew that the rest knew, too. "Half of us here can't even swing a knife...Guerta is an easy target."
Suddenly, three pirates ran in front of them. Malik quickly aimed at them, ready to shoot but Boris stopped him. The three pirates stopped, knifes out and looked at the two. Three against two, the pirates thought. Three with no guns against two with guns, Boris thought.
"We'll give you a chance to live if you just listen to us!" Boris said
"Little boy! We can take you out!" A filthy pirate said, licking the bloody blade of his knife
Boris laughed, "You guys are animals! Animals...starving animals!"
"We need a meal!" Other filthy pirate said, laughing.
"We aren't the ones being and your other filthy nobodies are bout to become extinct!" Boris teased
"Is t'at so?" Filthy pirate said, throwing his knife around.
The three filthy pirates ran towards them. Boris dropped to the ground to grab his gun, Malik fired but didn't hit one. Few steps away, two filthy pirates dropped to the ground. Then, Boris kicked the last one in his knee, causing him to hit the ground. Danny and Julia came out with their guns, blood all over them.
"Don't shoot him" Boris said, getting low to the remaining dirty pirate.
Boris looked at the dirty pirate and he looked back. Boris was smiling at him, "You're the only one left...the rest are dead!"
The filthy pirate laughed in Boris's face, "Our boss is still alive...he's watching us! And there's more of us...WAY MORE! We're coming for you, Sanchi!"
"Sanchi?" Julia said, kicking the pirate in his stomach, "How do you know my Sanchi?"
"HA! We'll find him and kill him! There's more of...."
Boom! Julia took out the filthy pirate. Dropping her gun, she started to spin around. Looking at all the blood and bodies around Guerta. The mess at Guerta.
"Fourteen," Danny said, "Fourteen dead...couldn't count the enemies...fourteen of us...dead"
Douglass and Mary came behind them. They didn't speak. Instead, Douglass threw the two broken shovels in front of them. Then, they walked away, shocked.
"Great" Malik said, kicking the shovel.

After hearing all the gunshots, Sanchez ran from the sight and to Guerta. He didn't stop. He kept running and running until he can see the Guard towers' smoking. Then, he stopped and slowly took careful steps. He was facing the walls. His mouth dropped after noticing the gate was gone and the smoke all around Guerta. Dropping his gun, he fell to his knees as he placed his hands on the walls.
"It's ye! The troublemaker!" Al said, laughing.
"Al," Sanchez said, "How'd you find us?"
Al laughed placing his musket on Sanchez's head, "Good minds think alike, right?"
"Just leave...don't come back...just don't!" Sanchez said
"Never," Al said, "Until I get my revenge!"
Sanchez quickly turned around, hitting the musket out of Al's hands. Then, Al quickly grabbed his pistol from his boot and fired two shots in Sanchez's stomach. Sanchez fell back and hit the walls, getting blood all over it. His eyes were still open, he was looking at Al.
"Look what ye done!" Al cried, "Since this is your last time breathing...I want you to know, I killed your companion!"
Al heard Julia and the rest running out. He quickly ran from Sanchez's. Then, Sanchez's vision became black.
"Oh no! Someone help him!" Julia cried, "Get him back inside, fast!"

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