Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "Survival" S3

During an attack on Guerta, Randal was sent to tell Sanchez the news. Quickly, Sanchi and the rest came back but Randal wasn't with them. With Sanchez in a deep coma, Danny, Malik, Boris, and Bonnie are gone doing a mission, Winslow figures out that him and Courtney are the only ones who are addressing the issue with Winslow. Now, he plans to go out of Guerta to look for the young boy.

Winslow went away from Sanchez to began packing supplies. No one knew about it, they thought he decided not to go. Winslow knew it was dangerous out there after getting attacked but he felt like he was the one to blame about Randal's disappearance. Suddenly, Julia walked in and she knew what he was up to.
"Why?" She asked, leaning against the door.
Winslow quickly turned around and ignored her question. He grabbed his bag but Julia was blocking the way out. He dropped his bags, "I'll be back soon."
Julia laughed, "This isn't very safe...after we got attacked..."
"Well, there's a kid out there all alone because of me..." Winslow said, taking the back away out.
Julia watched Winslow walking out of Guerta, "Does anyone even listen?"

Once Winslow walked out, he quickly ran from Guerta. With his gun out, he took careful steps, avoiding new traps. He didn't feel safe. He felt different and he didn't like it.
"Randal?" Winslow whispered, "Are you here?"
Winslow waited a few seconds for a reply but it was silent-besides the troggys. Winslow shook his head and walked away. He took careful looks around the jungles, hoping he'd find Randal hiding on top of a tree or next to one. So far, he was unsuccessful. He even whistled but still was unsuccessful. Although, he heard footsteps. Winslow hid behind a tree, holding his musket out. He slowly poked his head out and witnessed a group of troggys walking by. Winslow took a few steps and ran out from the tree. He didn't look back, he kept running until he couldn't see the troggys. Although, they were following him. Winslow quickly turned around and shot at them, taking out two.
"Should of just left!" Winslow cried
Boom! He took out another one. Now, there was four left. Winslow made another run for it, trying to reload his weapon. Suddenly, a troggy threw his spear, going in Winslow's leg. Winslow dropped to the ground. He quickly grabbed his bag, pulling out his knife. One of the troggys made it towards him, jumping on top of him. Winslow managed to take the creature out. Winslow slowly got back up, loading his musket. Winslow managed to take out another one, leaving two left. He only had one bullet left, hitting the troggy's head with the gun. Finally, Winslow aimed at the last troggy and fired his weapon....but the bullet went past the creature.
"Graaa!" The troggy yelled, jumping on top of him.
Winslow punched the troggy twice and pushed it off him. His knife and musket was behind the troggy, unarmed. He slowly pulled the troggy's spear out of his leg and stabbed the troggy's head, killing the last one around. Exhausted, Winslow laid back on the ground.
"Randal!" Winslow yelled, "It's me, Winslow!"
No reply. No one was around him. He was all alone, "Anyone? Help!"

"Julia!" Sanchi said, walking back into the room.
Julia was at the side of Sanchez's bed. She knew what Sanchi was about to ask, "Yes?"
"Have you seen Winslow?" Sanchi said, sitting right next to her.
"He went out to look for Randal..." Julia said

Winslow quickly wrapped his wounded leg up. He slowly got back up, picking up his weapons. He past the deceased troggys and picked up his bag. He was wounded and officially exhausted. He didn't eat or drink before he went out. Which he thought was stupid.
"Randal!" Winslow cried, "Are you here?"
No reply again. Winslow slammed his bag on the ground and walked away from it. His bag was useless, his musket was one bullet off from being useless, Winslow thought. He limped around the jungles, screaming Randal's name but was unsuccessful, again.
"Where are you!" Winslow said, "Huh? I can't find you!"
Suddenly, he heard voices behind him. He felt like it was all an illusion. He quickly turned around, all bloody and sweaty. He had a hopeless look on his face. The pirate was young with blonde hair. His face and clothes were filthy. Winslow slowly backed away, unaware about the stranger didn't have anything.
"W-w-what's" Winslow said, tiredly.
The young boy smiled, "I am Ranslow...nice to meet you!"
"Ranslow?" Winslow laughed, "That's....that's my name!"
Ranslow smiled and slowly walked past Winslow. Quickly, Winslow became curious and followed him. None of them talked. It was all silent except for Winslow's heavy breathing. He managed to limp a long time, following Ranslow.
"Where are you...going?" Winslow asked
The stranger turned around and smiled, "Just keep on following me!"
The young boy turned around and kept walking, Winslow followed behind him. The two kept going for a long time. Suddenly, Winslow took a step off a water fall. He hit a few rocks and fell into a cold river. He quickly swam back up, looking for the young boy but he was gone. Winslow slowly got out of the river and dropped back to the ground. He felt like his arm was broken, adding to the bruises from the fall. He just stayed on the ground, listening to the river flowing.
" me!" Winslow cried, losing his musket and bag.

Julia tried her best to explain Winslow's situation to Sanchi but he was furious at Julia was letting him ago and Winslow for leaving without letting him know. Sanchi wanted to go out there to get Winslow back there but Julia couldn't let him leave.
"Stop, Sanchez need you by his side!" Julia cried, pulling Sanchi back, "He's doing the right thing!"
"The right thing?" Sanchi laughed, "We're already missing others....we needed him if we're attacked again!"
Julia pulled Sanchi away from the door, "Stay with Sanchez, he needs you!"
Sanchi stopped for a few seconds. He stared Julia in her eyes. Then, he turned around, looking at Sanchez's body. For a moment, Sanchi thought of what to do.
"What are we suppose to do?" Sanchi asked, "Where's Douglass....where's Mary...where is the mother Courtney!"
"Just like everyone else, hiding! They are afraid!" Julia said, "You need to stay here...we must hope for everyone else to come back...that's all we can do!"
Sanchi walked back to Sanchez and took a seat. Julia looked out of the window and saw no one walking around. She knew how everyone felt.
"Come back," Julia said to herself, "We need help..."

Suddenly, Winslow woke up in pain. He thought everything was a dream. He felt the pain in his arm, shoulders, and his wounded leg. He slowly looked around, seeing trees and a waterfall. He slowly got back up, moaning about his pain. He went back in the cold water to find his bag and musket but was unsuccessful.
"Randal?" Winslow said, "Are you around here?"
Winslow limped away from the river, trying to look for another area to find him. Soon, he looked back and the waterfall was gone. He was far enough.
"Let's look over here!"
The voices went through Winslow's mind. Someone else was nearby, he thought. Although, he had a feeling it was a threat. He managed to jump behind a tree and stood there, trying to hear them.
"Why are we out here just for berries?" Someone said, "It's almost dark and we past lots of troggys!"
Winslow slowly poked his head out, looking at a group of pirates. Group of four...with weapons. Winslow quickly turned back around. Although, the voices grew smaller.
"Let's leave here, there's no berries!"
Winslow made a run for it. Although, it was tough for him, he just kept on going. He didn't even thought of looking back. He just kept on going. Suddenly, he tripped over a tree stump and nailed the ground. He let out a few words and got back up. Winslow squinted his eyes and noticed a blood shirt on the ground. Winslow quickly rushed towards the shirt and picked it up. It couldn't fit him or any grown pirate...only a young pirate.
"Randal?" Winslow said, "It's me! Winslow!"
For the last time, no reply. Threw the shirt down, furious. He decided back to go back to Guerta and he did. Only thing was going through his head was Randal. Winslow took the blame and quickly felt terrible.

Sanchi saw Julia leaving the room with Courtney. He quickly got back up and saw them running towards an injured Winslow. Sanchi quickly ran towards them, too.
"Any luck on Randal?" Courtney asked, "Please...any?"
", I'll look tom...tomorrow..." Winslow said
Suddenly before Sanchi could arrive, Winslow dropped to the ground. Sanchi even ran faster to check on him. Sanchi knew what happened, "He's dehydrated and really hurt!"

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