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The Warrior AE "Alive" S3

Danny, Malik, and Bonnie managed to return back to Guerta. As Sanchi waits for the return, he slowly loses his mind. Kane and Deacon has control of Al and quickly starts to figure more about each others situations, figuring out both were set up. Eventually, Kane had enough of Al and shot him, killing him and officially putting the filthy pirates extinct. Finally, Danny and the rest returns home with bad news. Now, Sanchi starts to feel uncomfortable with Guerta and slowly loses it since Sanchez. Now, Kane commands Deacon to stay at Al's dome, patiently waiting for Sanchi to arrive.

So many questions were starting to go out of control. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who did it to them? Questions Sanchi couldn't answer and questions Danny wouldn't answer. Sanchi and Danny remained inside their house, next to Sanchez. Unable to answer any questions.
"I tried, I-I-I really did..." Danny said, "Al ended him...ended him just like that!"
Julia nodded her head, "Good young boy...he was atleast."
Sanchi ignored their conversation, he ignored their environment, he ignored everything around him. Suddenly, Douglass knocked on the door, asking for Sanchi.
"We need to talk," Douglass said, "Please!"
Douglass and Sanchi left the house. First time in a few hours Sanchi was outside. Residents looked and stared at him. He tried his best not to make eye contact with anyone of them. Douglass slowly opened up his door and Sanchi went in fast.
"I understand about what happen to your friend, Boris," Douglass said, "My wife is upset just like you...he liked that young boy."
"Why did you call me?" Sanchi asked, taking a seat.
"I want you to relax, now," Douglass said, "Rest of your crew came you can relax on your own."
Sanchi thought about taking a break. Then, he thought of a plan. With his crew back, he could go out on his own and figure more out on Boris's death. Going back to Al's dome was the plan.
"What are you thinking of?" Douglass asked, "I want to help...need to repay with no thanks...just help."
Sanchi looked at Douglass, "Do you have a weapon?"
"Yes I do and also we need to bring someone else," Douglass said, "He was close friends with Jonathan...ever since his death he been locked in his own house...lost."

Sanchi, Douglass, and Todd managed to leave Guerta without anyone knowing, leaving a sign on his door. The three quickly got on the ship and headed towards Al's dome. Douglass wasn't really good with swords or guns but Todd knew what he was doing, been around guns for awhile and was well with swords.
"You like swords, huh?" Douglass said, holding Sanchi's sword.
Sanchi laughed, "Mical gave me it to's sad that I killed him with this exact sword."
Douglass gave Sanchi an odd look. Meanwhile, Todd just laughed, "Cold blooded did you find this guy?"
Sanchi looked at Todd, giving him an odd look. Sanchi remembered seeing Todd with Jonathan and Kent. Todd had dark black hair with brown eyes, close to Jonathan's resemblance, Sanchi thought.
"I heard about what Kent did...not cool, huh?" Todd said, looking at Sanchi's sword.
Douglass didn't pay attention to much of their conversation, focusing on flying the ship. He managed to get the directions down, which he liked. Although, Sanchi really didn't like Todd's attitude to everything. Plus, he was friends with Kent, Sanchi thought.
"I think we're close," Douglass said, "Let's do this!"
Todd picked up Douglass's weapon, "Why do we need weapons?"
Sanchi quickly took the gun from Todd. He really didn't trust Todd, thinking he'd turn out like Kent. Although, Douglass thought he was more behaved than Kent.
"Just in case purposes," Sanchi said, looking at his sword, "You never know..."
Douglass managed to place the ship in the docks. Which was impressive, Sanchi thought. Then, the three got off the ship. Douglass had his old dirty musket, Sanchi had his sword, and Todd had his skinny old sword.
"Guess they won," Sanchi said, staring at the filthy pirates' bodies.
Todd quickly looked away from the bodies. Sanchi glanced at a couple, remembering some from when he was prison in here. Douglass stared around with a furious look on his face.
"Did you cause all this?" Douglass asked
"It was the plan," Sanchi said, "To start a knew that!"
Douglass walked around the area, heading towards the doorways into the dome. Sanchi tried to get him to stop but he kept going. Todd followed behind, having his sword out.
"We're all monsters!" Douglass said, looking at the bodies.
Bam! Suddenly an armada came out, slamming his gun on Douglass's face. Sanchi and Todd quickly pulled their swords out. Then, the armada laughed. Sanchi knew who it was. It was Deacon.
"Knew you would be here," Deacon said, "Two against one...I like this!"

After cooking lunch with Mary, Julia rushed back home, where Danny and the rest were. She quietly opened the door up to surprise everyone with meals.
"Guess who's back!" Julia said, holding plates filled with food.
She handed Malik, Bonnie, and Winslow plates. She tried to offer Danny a plate but he quickly declined it, staring at the ground with a hopeless look on his face. She held the plate in front of Danny's place and he quickly slapped the food out of her hand, shattering the plate.
"Are you out of your mind?" Julia said, getting in Danny's face.
"Why are you in a good mood?" Danny yelled, "We lost one and we may just lose another one!"
Julia thought about losing anymore of her crew. Mainly Sanchi or Sanchez.
"Don't say that!" Julia yelled, "I'm in a good mood because I'm alive, it's a beautiful day and we're all!"
Danny laughed, "I thought the same like you...then I saw the reality! Nothing is good anymore...with armadas and drunken idiots all around!"
"But you're still alive!" Julia cried
"For now," Danny said, "Until death strikes again!"
"We can prevent it!" Julia said, "There's always least you made it here!"
Julia quickly left the room, causing the room to become quiet. Then, Danny stepped on his food and walked out, too.

One of Sanchi's long time enemy right in front of him. Deacon quickly started to taunt Sanchi and Todd, wanting them to attack first. Both sides had guns but settle it, Deacon's idea.
"Boy," Deacon said, pointing at Todd, "Your move!"
Sanchi whispered to him, advising him to stay back but he didn't listen. He yelled and ran towards Deacon. Quickly the fight started, clinging swords together. Then, Sanchi ran into the action. Deacon spun around the two, avoiding their strikes. Deacon was in the middle of the two again. He was focused on taking out the weaker one, which was Todd. Deacon pushed Sanchi away, starting the 1v1 Deacon wanted with Todd. Deacon quickly kicked Todd of his feet, causing him to fall to the ground. Sanchi jumped back up, staring at Deacon and Todd next to him.
"Don't do this!" Sanchi said, "Leave him alone!"
Deacon laughed. Then, he raised his sword up and struck Todd in his stomach. Deacon knew it would of upset Sanchi. He grabbed his sword and ran towards Deacon, swinging his sword every direction, trying to finally take out Deacon.
"You're not good enough," Deacon said, "Back when your master was killed until now!"
Deacon tried to make Sanchi more furious, trying to earn a challenge...and he did. Sanchi swung faster and stronger than he could remember.
"This is what I like!" Deacon said, "Keep it up!"
Sanchi ran around Deacon, kicking him and causing him to fall on one leg. One hit, two hit, Sanchi keep slamming his sword on Deacon's sword, almost causing Deacon to lose his force. Deacon tried to get back  up. He quickly slide Sanchi's blade away and got up.
"Don't underestimate me...again!" Sanchi said, running towards him.
Cling, cling! Sanchi kept going without stopping. Soon, Deacon started to lose energy and became tired. Sanchi spun around, kicking Deacon's chest and he fell back to the ground. Now, Sanchi started to slam his sword on Deacon's sword, who was on the ground. Sanchi started to remember what the armadas did to him. What his enemies did to him. He closed his eyes and remembered the past. Each time, he swung even harder. Suddenly, he thought about his master's death and Derwitchi's betrayal that he cut off Deacon's arm. Deacon's arm fell off with his sword.
"Your mistake!" Sanchi said, looking at Deacon.
Deacon started to laugh as he leaned back, "You changed, you actually changed!"
Sanchi stared at Deacon, "Should of just ran!"
"Kill me...end me!" Deacon said, "If you don't...I'm coming for your wife, Julia!"
Sanchi thought about him killing Julia which made him even more mad. He quickly raised his sword, sun glowing off it. Then, he swung across and cut Deacon's head off. He finally did it, he thought. Deacon was finally dead, Sanchi finally broke out a smile. All the memories...payback, he thought. He finally got payback.
"What happened?" Douglass said, "Oh no, Todd!"
Sanchi grabbed Douglass's arm and ran back to the ship, "He's gone, we need to go!"

Sanchi and Douglass finally returned back. From his view, he saw groups of them surrounding, waiting for them to return, Sanchi thought. All of them were smiling. When they went through the broken gate, Julia hugged Sanchi tight.
"He's alive!" Julia cried, "Sanchez opened his eye for the first time!"
Sanchi smiled. He cheered. He ran towards his house with a smile on his face. Julia quickly followed. Sanchi ran inside, watching Courtney talking to him. Sanchi cheered and screamed for joy.
"He's alive!" Courtney said, hugging Sanchi.
Sanchi, Courtney, and Julia all hugged each other. Eventually, Bonnie, Mary, and Malik ran inside, cheering with him.
"W-w-what happened?" Sanchez said, "Did we win?"
Little tear came out of Sanchi's eye, "Yes we did...Al is dead...Deacon is finally dead, I killed him...I killed Deacon!"
Sanchez had his eyes closed but he smiled, "I knew you could..."
He slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and noticed Bonnie, Courtney, Julia, Sanchi, Malik, and Mary around him. Eventually, Winslow and Douglass walked inside.
"W-w-where's Boris?" Sanchez said, losing his smile.
"Not here, he's somewhere else," Sanchi said, "I'll tell him the news!"
Sanchi lost his smile but he still played with Sanchez. Everyone around the room laughed. For once, Sanchi thought, things were getting better.

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