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The Warrior AE "As one" S3

The battle with the armadas and filthy pirates ended with Kane's army victorious. Sanchi returns back to the battlefield, meeting Deacon again and finally ending him. Sanchi returns home with a surprise as Sanchez finally wakes up. Now Boris wakes up alive and in a new village Molax. He meets new people, Emily and Mark. Although, Mark doesn't approve him leaving Molax until the village was attacked by the armadas. With Kane killing Mark and Emily, Boris quickly runs to a ship and leaves Molax. Next destination...returning home to Guerta.

With Sanchez back, Guerta quickly begun the rebuilding process. Brought all the wood they cut down inside and began placing them on the bent and destroyed walls. Bonnie and Malik stayed in the guard towers, making sure no enemies would return back. Everyone except for Danny helped rebuilding Guerta. Douglass and Mary even volunteered, Sanchi watched the two trying to cut up the wood, "Liking this rebuild process?"
Douglass laughed, "Sure do!"
Sanchez slowly placed the wooden plank on the wall as Julia hammered the nails, attaching it. Everyone knew the hardest part of the job was the gates, recreating another one to keep the threats out, Sanchi thought.
"Danny and Winslow," Sanchez said, "How come they aren't helping?"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders, "Both of them been through a lot...losing hope like most of us before."
"That's not true," Sanchez said, "There's hope for survival...just like there's hope and a future for Guerta."
"Surprise you still believe in that," Julia said, "After Chun's death, you still believe in hope?"
Sanchez looked at Julia, remembering the first day they met. Then, he remembered Dez, Dorugh, Anthony, Juhn, everyone from before as he stared at the ground.
"After El's death, I knew how Sanchi felt," Sanchez said, "Believed that the rest of us would be fine...until Emmanuel and Chun died..."
"We're different now," Sanchi said, "I know you realized it, too!"
Sanchez smiled, "For the better!"
A hour went by and screws became low, Sanchez thought. He also thought this was the perfect chance to go and talk to Courtney for the first time in awhile.
"I know what you're thinking," Mary said, "You go there and I'll get the screws."

Sanchez ran to Courtney's house, trying to give her a surprise. As he got close to the house, he noticed stuff outside the front of her house. Lots of stuff, he noticed. Then, he saw Courtney walking out and throwing clothes outside. He slowly walked on the front porch and entered her house.
"Hey," Sanchez said, "What are you doing?"
Courtney looked at Sanchez as she dropped a box of items, "Shouldn't you be working?"
Sanchez laughed, "Sure, I noticed we haven't talked since I woke up?"
"Your point," she said, "What's the matter with that?"
Sanchez looked around Courtney's kitchen, noticing boxes with Kent's name all over them. There were clothes, bottles, pictures, everything.
"Well," Sanchez said, "Need help?"
Sanchez bent over and grabbed a box. As he picked it up, Courtney stole the box from him and she dropped it. She gave Sanchez a serious look, "I can do this on my own!"
Sanchez stepped away from Courtney, placing his hands up, "What did I do?"
"Listen," she said, "Leave!"
"Courtney, wait!" he said, "Did I say anything wrong?"
Courtney didn't answer as she walked back upstairs and into her room. Sanchez quickly followed her upstairs, trying to comfort her. He tried to hug her but she pushed him away, tears coming out of her eyes.
"I have a lot to worry about now," Courtney said, "Please...go!"
Sanchez didn't leave, "Not until I get an answer!"
"I killed Kent for you," she yelled, "To protect made me!"
Sanchez couldn't believe it. She killed her own husband for someone she hardly knew, Sanchez thought. She killed someone she knew ten times longer than the stranger, Sanchez knew, "I'm-I'm...sorry!"
"I'm getting rid of his stuff," Courtney said, "Please...go!"
Sanchez walked out of her room, closing the door. He stayed at the door for a few seconds, hearing her crying. He slowly walked downstairs, blaming his self for everything. Then, he looked around her living room, picking up the boxes his self and took them all outside. He did her a favor, he thought as he dropped the match on the boxes, setting them on fire.
"You messed up Kent," Sanchez said to his self, "Good job!"

Looking at ships gone by, he didn't focus on steering a new, huge, and unique ship, Boris thought as he smiled. All he thought was that he'd return home soon. Seeing his crew, seeing the blown up gate at Guerta, the jungles around Guerta, he was excited.
"I'll be home," Boris said, "Get ready, Guerta!"
He was closed back home, he knew, "Can't believe I'm flying something like this!"

As Guerta continued their rebuilding process, they heard thunder as dark clouds arrived. They didn't stop though, not scared of thunder but rain might change everything, Douglass thought.
"Not rain," Sanchi yelled, "We'll be fine!"
Sanchi noticed Sanchez wasn't here. He looked around the rebuilding area, trying to see if he was working on the walls but he was gone.
"Julia," Sanchi called, "Where's Sanchez?"
She shrugged her shoulders. Then, Malik helped Sanchi out, "I saw him walking in Courtney's house!"
Sanchi smiled, shaking his head. He decided to leave those two alone, "Thanks Malik!"
Suddenly, Sanchi felt a droplet on his head then he felt more hitting his head. Sanchi kicked dirt up as he called the building off for the day due to rain. Sanchi stayed outside until everyone went inside. Soaking wet, Douglass walked up to Sanchi, wanting to talk to him, "I have an idea."
Sanchi quickly held Douglass off, "We'll talk about it later, go inside please."
Douglass quickly ran back inside. Suddenly, Sanchi heard coughing from the guard towers. Bonnie was still in the guard tower. Sanchi climbed up, scaring Bonnie.
"Woah," Bonnie said as she pushed Sanchi, "What do you want?"
Sanchi laughed, "Think it's smart to be up here?"
"It's just rain," she said, "Not gonna kill anyone."
Sanchi didn't want to argue with Bonnie. He walked next to her as the two watched the rain hitting the trees. Both of them liked being outside but they knew they been outside for too long. Sanchi looked and noticed Bonnie was focused on the rain, "Glad to have you here."
She smiled, "You gave me enough coins to fly out of those old jungles."
"Question," Sanchi said, "Why did you leave?"
Bonnie thought about the question. Why? She thought, trying to think of a reason, remembering the results of leaving them. She knew it was a mistake leaving, making her become lonely.
"Stupid choice," she said, "Changed me...which isn't a good thing."
Sanchi shook his head as he placed his hand on her shoulder, "Blame me for giving you the pouch of coins."
"I feel like a killer," she said, "When I get scared...I don't think, I kill."
Sanchi slowly backed up, "That'll change, hopefully."
He quickly walked down and ran back inside, leaving Bonnie alone again. She slammed her weapon on the ground as she slammed her head on the wall. She tried to forget about the past but she couldn't.

Bonnie wasn't inside, Sanchi noticed. He also noticed that everyone fell asleep. He slowly walked around the room, looking at Sanchez, Malik, and Winslow. He also noticed Danny wasn't inside, too. Sanchi quickly rushed to the window, trying to see if he was outside. He wasn't but someone else was...Douglass. He noticed Douglass with a small weapon, bag filled with foods, and a rope as he walked out of Guerta. Sanchi grabbed his sword and ran back outside. He didn't want Douglass to catch him so he hid from Douglass.
"Bonnie," Sanchi whispered, receiving no reply.
Sanchi watched Douglass walked deep into the jungles, he kept following and hid behind trees. He slowly poked his head out, watching Douglass walking with no worries. Sanchi was mad that Douglass walked out without telling anyone. Then, he remembered when Douglass was trying to talk to him.
"Aye," Douglass yelled, "Your dinner is here!"
Sanchi was confuse. He couldn't think of anything Douglass was trying to do. At first, he thought Douglass was trying to communicate with others around or maybe he lost it. Suddenly, a troggy was approaching him. Douglass took a deep breath and brought out the rope.
"Come at me," Douglass said, "I'm ready!"
The troggy ran towards Douglass. He quickly kicked the troggy down, trying to wrap the rope around the creature but the troggy fought back, getting back up. The troggy started to squeak at Douglass and ran at him again. The old man quickly tackled the creature, wrapping the rope around the creature's neck. Douglass smiled as he wiped the sweat off his forehead, "Got you!"
Sanchi quickly came out of cover, yelling at Douglass, "What is wrong with you!"
Douglass lost his smile, "I have a plan to create an army!"
Sanchi had a confuse look on his face, "An army?"
Before Douglass could explain, group of troggys jumped out of trees, surrounding Sanchi and Douglass. Sanchi quickly pulled his sword out as Douglass loaded his old musket. The creatures started to growl at the two. Sanchi remained still, "Run, I'll take care of them!"
Three troggys ran towards Sanchi. He quickly grabbed the first one and slammed it into the other one, leaving one left. Then, he stabbed the creature in its stomach. Pulling his sword out, more troggys ran towards him.
"Leave them," Douglass yelled, "I need them!"
Meanwhile, Douglass grabbed two troggys and tied them together. Two more troggys ran towards Sanchi. He quickly kicked dirt up, blinding the troggy for a few seconds. Then, he grabbed the creature and slammed it into a tree. There were eight troggys around, not moving. Sanchi backed away from them, trying to get to Douglass. Suddenly, more troggys came out. Sanchi quickly became tired, " too many!"
Suddenly, they heard gunshots. Each of the troggys dropped to the ground. Some managed to turn around before they were shot down. Sanchi tried to get a good look on who saved them and he did. It was Danny.
"Danny," Sanchi said, "What are you doing out here?"
Danny didn't answer, he just stood there and looked at them.
"Sanchi," Douglass said, "Help me tie them up!"
Sanchi grabbed his sword and pushed Douglass out of the way. He raised his sword up, ready to strike the troggys until Douglass stopped him, "I need those!"
Sanchi laughed, "You can't train them!"
"We can try," Douglass said, "We can!"
Sanchi dropped his sword, wiping the sweat away. Then, they heard footsteps and they pulled their weapons out. Suddenly they heard a voice. A familiar voice, "Guys?"

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