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The Warrior AE "Confirmed' S3

Meanwhile with Sanchi and two others gone, Julia, Boris, Danny, and Malik are left behind to protect Guerta, unaware about their surprise. Bunch of filthy pirates broke down the gate and climbed over the walls and started to kill residents of Guerta. Douglass quickly becomes afraid and hides, leaving it up to Sanchi's crew. Boris and Malik goes out, saving Guerta's residents. Julia goes out on her own to defend, with Danny in the guard tower. After hours with a battle, Julia, Boris, Danny, and Malik managed to keep Guerta safe but 13 residents of Guerta didn't make it. Finally, Sanchez quickly ran back to Guerta and encountered Al, resulting in Al firing two shots in Sanchez's stomach and he quickly ran. Now, Guerta is officially threatened and Sanchi's crew are unaware of Sanchez's condition.

"Everyone!" Sanchi yelled, "Finish on your last tree...we gotta cut it short...we need to go, fast!"
Sanchi and Winslow pulled the wagon filled with lumber, receiving help from Bonnie and a few others. Sanchi knew that something was up and wanted to return quick, worrying about Julia and his crew. He felt like everyone was fine..until he saw smoke coming from Guerta. He dropped the wagon and ran towards his home, followed by Winslow and Bonnie. They ran past the broken down fence and stopped at all the bodies around them. Sanchi looked around and saw a group-Julia, Boris, Douglass, Mary, Courtney, Danny, and Malik. Sanchi ran towards them, all sweaty and worried.
"What's going on?" Sanchi asked, getting in the center of the crowd.
Sanchi stopped, noticing Sanchez with blood all over his stomach...and the ground. He dropped to the ground to check on him. When Bonnie arrived, she saw the scene and backed away from the crowd.
"Courtney," Winslow said, "Where's Randal?"
"I can't find him! I think he ran off and got lost!" She said, wiping her tears away.
Winslow placed his hands on top of his sweaty hair. He started breathing hard. Then, he grabbed his gun and ran. Until, Sanchi stopped him, "Get back here!"
"Why? A little boy is missing!" Winslow said, throwing his gun down, "We need to look for him!"
"Not right now! We'll find him, soon!" Sanchi yelled, "What in the world happened to Sanchez?"
"He was shot...I heard the gunfire and ran of those pirates did it and he ran!" Julia said
Winslow looked around. He noticed the bodies lying there. He yelled for Sanchi and he ran towards him. Both of them looked at each other and knew who did all this.
"Al!" Both of them said
Sanchi ran back to the crowd and curious look. He thought about the question. Then, he smiled and thought of a plan.
"There's more filthy pirates, I know there is...and what about Kane and the armadas? Isn't Kane already ticked off with those filthy pirates?" Sanchi said, "Start a war between those two! Danny, Malik, and Winslow, you guys need to dress up as armadas! Boris and I will dress up as filthy pirates! Bonnie can stay in our ship and snipe the arriving pirates, genius plan!"
"Courtney and I will stay near Sanchez...if he even still alive..." Julia said
"Hold up...hold up, man!" Malik said, "How we gonna dress up like armadas?"
"Leave it up to me" Sanchi said, walking away.
"Did he answer our question?" Danny asked, "Guess not."

Sanchi walked away from the crowd. Leaving all the questions unanswered. He entered his house and cleared the main room out. He removed all the desks, tables, and chairs. All he left was a bed. Then, he got Sanchez in here with all the medical devices. He wanted Sanchez to stay in here, stay in his own home. Sanchi sat down, next to Sanchez. He just sat there, ignoring Guerta's troubles. He was in his own world. Until, Julia woke him up, "Get up!"
"Babe," Sanchi said, "What are you doing?'
Julia laughed, "I'm doing what you're suppose to do! Listen Sanchi, these people need you....badly...they are afraid and don't know what to do!"
He didn't answer Julia's question. Instead, he went back to staring at Sanchez. Finally, Julia slapped him in his face twice and pulled on his shirt, "Listen Sanchi!"
"What!" Sanchi cried, "What can I do? Huh! I am not the leader! Douglass could hardly trust me!"
"At least something! It was your idea to stay apart of Guerta!" Julia yelled, kicking the wall
Sanchi quickly got out of his seat and into Julia's face, pointing his finger, "That's not true! We stayed for's! What! Chun! Wanted!"
Julia stared at Sanchi. Tears began to come out of her eyes. She shook her head and pushed Sanchi, leaving the house.
"Julia, come back...please, I'm sorry for yelling!" Sanchi cried, but she didn't come back.
Sanchi dropped back in his seat. Unaware of what to do next. He looked at Sanchez, stared at him again. He was clueless and started to worry, too. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.
"What to do now?" He said to his self, "Please...we need you, Sanchez..."

"Winslow?" Julia said, walking towards him.
She caught him. He had his weapon, knife, and food inside a bag. She knew what he was trying to do.
"Go," He said, "You're not going to talk me out of this"
"Should I at least try?" Julia said, "You shouldn't be doing this! It's not right, it's dangerous!"
Winslow dropped his bag, "Listen, that kid is out there and all the workers returned want a kid out there, alone? It's Randal, Courtney's boy!"
Julia laughed and threw her hands up, "You know what? Just go! Please just go look for him! Guerta was attacked and everyone except our crew are afraid and want to just leave or maybe die! But this one seems to even care except me! Go, just go!"
"Are you listening?" Winslow asked, "A young boy is out there!"
"Go! No one is stopping you!" Julia said, walking away from him.
Winslow walked Julia walk away. Then, he stomped his foot on the ground and kicked his bag. He walked away, leaving all his stuff there.

Boris walked around Guerta, trying to find Douglass. He past several houses with planks on the door and their windows shut. He noticed that there were hardly anyone out of Guerta. They all stayed in their houses. Finally, he found Douglass running inside his house. Boris quickly followed him.
"Douglass!" Boris called
Douglass quickly turned around, holding his hands up. He was afraid.
"It's me, Boris?" He said, "What's wrong with you?"
Douglass dropped all he paperwork and fell to the ground. He broke into tears. Boris quickly rushed towards him. He knew how Douglass felt. He knew how others around Guerta felt.
"Listen," Boris said, "We'll keep Guerta safe, for now on."
"How?" Douglass asked, "They'll be back again!"
"We have a plan," Boris said, "That'll take care of them and me."
Suddenly, Douglass brought all the pieces together. He felt like they attacked Guerta because of Sanchi. He felt like others died because of them. He blamed everything on Sanchi's crew. Douglass quickly pushed Boris out of his way and ran outside. Boris followed behind.
"Where are you going?" Boris asked
"You did this! They attacked us because of your crew! We didn't do anything to them!" Douglass yelled
Residents around Guerta stepped out of their houses after hearing Douglass screaming. Danny, Malik, and Sanchi quickly rushed to the commotion.
"Get away from me!" Douglass said, pushing Sanchi away, "Stay away!"
"What's going on?" Danny said, "Let's settle this, please"
Suddenly, Mary and Courtney ran towards them, "What's going on here?"
Douglass pulled Mary from Sanchi's crew, "Them! They caused all of this!"
"Hey, whatcha blaming us for?" Malik said, "Watch it!"
They started to argue and yell at each other. Sanchi slowly backed away from all the commotion. He looked at the broken down gate, the walls, and the buried bodies, "Stop, now!"
The arguments grew down, ready to hear what Sanchi would have to say, "Yes...they attacked you all because they were looking for me, Sanchez, and the others...but think about it...who helped Guerta out? Who gave this place hope? Who gave this place protection?"
"Us!" Malik yelled, "We did!"
"We'll get revenge...we will," Sanchi said, "We have a plan...doing it for all y'all!"
Douglass looked at Sanchi, shaking his head. Then, he walked away with Mary following him. Boris, Danny, Malik, and Courtney surrounded Sanchi, supporting him.
"You guys are changing Guerta," Courtney said, "In a good way."

Calming down, Sanchi went back into his house where Sanchez was. He fell back into his chair and stared at the ceiling. He felt alone. He felt like everyone was against him. Soon, Sanchi broke into tears. He fell out of his chair and crawled to Sanchez's bed.
"I'm sorry!" Sanchi said, "I should of ran with you! I should of followed you!"
Sanchi slammed his fist on the floor, breaking into tears, "We'll catch them...I know who did it, too...we'll catch Al...promise!"
Sanchi started crying even more. Meanwhile, Julia and Bonnie was outside of the door, hearing him. Julia felt bad and regretted everything she said. Bonnie didn't know that he was that close to Sanchez. She wanted Sanchez back, too.
"I'm sorry!" Julia said, hugging Sanchi, "He'll be back, promise!"
Julia and Bonnie hovered over Sanchez's bed. Julia broke into tears with Sanchi. Bonnie just stood there, understanding what they're going through. She felt like them before, she thought.
"I knew Sanchez for a long time," Bonnie said, "He'll recover this, I know he can."
Suddenly, Danny, Malik, Boris, Winslow, and Courtney came into the room and supported Sanchez. They all placed their hands on Sanchez, supporting him. They had hope for him. Sanchi smiled and clapped his hands. He wanted to remember this moment for a long time.
"We gonna drink? Winslow asked, "I need one to end this day!"
"Drink urine!" Malik joked, pushing Winslow.
They all started to laugh. They started to bond. They were slowly returning back to their own selves...a family. Meanwhile, Douglass was watching them out of Sanchi's window. He started to crumble the paper in his hands.
"Can I trust any of them?" Douglass asked his self.

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