Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "War" S3

With Boris, Danny, Bonnie, and Malik missing, Sanchi must quickly place Guerta in his hands by keeping an eye out. Winslow quickly recovers and is prepare to go back out to look for Randal but Sanchi manages to talk him out of it, leading to a huge argument. Meanwhile, Boris quickly flies back to Al and his men, trying to fool the filthy pirates again but Al wasn't fooled. Now, Kane arrives at the dome, ready to end the filthy pirates with Boris and the rest in the middle.

Sanchi finally earns sleep, ending his night with a well rest but he knew what he had to do next morning. He had to talk to Douglass. He knew what he had to do. He quickly rose out of his bed and slowly walked towards Douglass, who was looking out of the window.
"Douglass!" Sanchi screamed, "Come out, we need to talk!"
Douglass quietly opened up the door and Sanchi walked inside. Filthy, the inside of his house was filled with dirty plates, crumbled up paper, everything. Sanchi knew they were becoming a mess.
"I already saw you before," Sanchi said, "And you didn't listen!"
Douglass took a slowly sip out of his drink, he nervously placed it down, "I don't know what to do anymore...I don't.."
Sanchi laughed. He couldn't believe this was Guerta's leader, "They need you...Guerta is in trouble!"
"What do you want me to do!" Douglass yelled, slamming his drink down, "I don't know what to do!"
"We all know!" Sanchi said
Douglass stared at Sanchi, removing his glasses. He slammed his fist on the table and quickly became stressed out, "I can't control all of this madness...I can't! I didn't predict all of us getting attacked!"
"It's not about that!" Sanchi said, "I didn't come here to discuss the attack!"
"Than why did you come here?" Douglass said, "To make me look bad? To witness be going down?"
Sanchi suddenly calmed himself down, "To tell you that you need to step it up...we all need you!"
Douglass dropped in his chair and broke into tears. Sanchi thought of his old self, he thought about Julia, Sanchez, and even Boris.
"I'm sorry," Sanchi said, "You are a good leader and I believe we can get past all of this.."
"I shouldn't be controlling Guerta or your crew," He said, "I'm sorry Sanchi."
Sanchi placed his hand on Douglass's shoulder, supporting him, "I been through crew me, we'll get past all this."
"I hope so...I really do.." Douglass said

Over dozens of armadas ran out of the ships, staying behind Kane and Deacon. Meanwhile, all of Al's men ran behind Al, with swords and guns out. Danny and Malik slowly backed away from the armadas and Al, heading into the crowd of Al's men. Meanwhile, Boris just stood there, shocked.
"Are you stupid?" Kane said, "Well...I can tell you and your men are!"
Al quickly pushed Boris out of the way, getting in Kane's face, "My men aren't stupid! We are smart and powerful!"
Kane turned around and whispered to Deacon. Then, both Kane and Deacon walked away, leaving the armadas in front. Suddenly, Kane yelled out the magic words..."End all of them!"
Boris quickly ran in cover, Danny and Malik backed away, and Bonnie dropped down, trying not to been seen.
"Fire!" Al shouted, pulling his weapon out.
Boom! The filthy pirates fired at the armadas and charged in with their swords. Meanwhile, the armadas pulled their muskets out and fired, taking out couple of filthy pirates. Kane and Deacon stayed back, studying their clockworks. Although, Al ran in the battle, taking out armadas. The whole filthy pirates' area was fulled with smoke, bodies, and gunshots.
"Boris!" Danny yelled, "Where are you!"
Danny and Malik ran past filthy pirates, trying to find Boris. Suddenly, Danny was tackled by an armada. The clockwork pulled its knife out trying to stab Danny. He used all his force to hold the armada's knife back. Then, Malik quickly took the armada out, stabbing its head.
"Danny!" Boris cried, "Malik!"
Boris quickly jumped back up, trying to look for his crew. Luckily, he saw them and they saw him. Boris quickly made a run to it towards them. Although, Al saw him running. He was staring at the one who started all this and he knew about it. Al raised his weapon, trying to get a good aim on him. Then, he fired, smoke coming out of his gun. Danny watched and waited for Boris to run, ready to leave. Then, he saw blood spilling out of Boris's side. Danny started to scream, Danny started to run towards him but Malik pulled him back. He witnessed Boris hitting the ground.
"We need to go!" Malik said, "He's gone...he's gone!"
Malik pushed Danny and the two ran away, making their way towards their ship. Danny was shocked, he couldn't believe that Boris was left behind. He couldn't believe that Boris was gone, he thought.
"Bonnie!" Malik yelled, "Girl, we need to leave!"

"Courtney," Sanchi yelled, watching her walk by.
She stopped and turned around, wiping her tears away and rubbed her eyes, "Yes?"
"Look," He said, "I'm sorry about Randal."
Courtney broke into tears. She tried her best to stop but she couldn't help it. Sanchi quickly wrapped his arm around her, trying to make her feel better. He knew what Guerta was going through, he knew that none of them were use to any of the event.
"Once Boris and the rest come back, we'll go out to look for him," Sanchi said, "I promise."
"What happen if they don't come back? What happen if one of them don't come back? What happen if Randal doesn't come back?" Courtney said, "Answer those what ifs!"
"I been trying, trust me!" Sanchi said, backing away from her.
"I know you have...I know," Courtney said, "Thank you."

The battle with the filthy pirates and the armadas just kept on going. Kane and his army didn't give up but neither did Al and his men. The armadas had the better advantage with their better weapons and most importantly, better armor. Kane was watching the armadas going in but Deacon didn't watch. Instead, he ran in with his sword, laughing away.
"Don't leave any survivors!" Kane said, "Let them go extinct!"
Boom! The armadas started to fire cannons, destroying buildings and more of Al's men. Kane just kept on watching. He watched buildings go down, he watched some pirates running towards ship. He just laughed and clapped his hands.
"Where are you, Al!" Deacon said, taking out two of his men.
Suddenly, Al called Deacon's name. Then in a matter of a few seconds, he ran into Deacon, stomping on his arm. Deacon quickly reacted, grabbing Al's foot and turning it backwards. Al quickly fell to the ground, next to him. Deacon kicked Al's face over and over but Al managed to pull away, grabbing his weapon. Suddenly, the two stopped. Al finally had the advantage, aiming his musket at Deacon's head.
"Ye armadas...we made a deal!" Al cried, "Look at this madness...look at all of this!"
Suddenly, Kane banged his metal cane over Al's head, knocking him out. Kane tried to help Deacon up but Deacon threw Kane's hand away from him. Deacon was mad. He knew he could of handled Al and he wanted to.
"I could of took him out!" Deacon said, "I could of, master!"
Kane laughed, "Don't worry about it...drag him to our ship and watch all his men die!"
Deacon and two other marksman quickly dragged Al on the ship, avoiding getting shot. Then, Kane and Deacon watched Al's men die. In a matter of a few minutes, the battle stopped and the armadas was victorious. Kane smiled and sipped on his drink, "This was an easy battle...didn't take long."
"It was, master," Deacon said, looking at unconscious Al, "what are we going to do with him?"
Kane took a glance at Al and he laughed, feeling victorious, "Don't worry now, my friend!"
"No need to, master!" Deacon said, saluting, "Next, we gotta find Sanchi and his crew!"
"I have a feeling Al has a good hint on their location," Kane said, "We'll find them...soon."

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