Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "The Past" S3 (Extended)

Sanchez, Sanchi, and Winslow began their first objective with Guerta. Starting new. Their new objective was to chop down trees few miles from Guerta. Sanchi tried to talk to Bonnie Anne but it was useless. Then, Sanchez managed to have a short conversation. They wanted to know about Bonnie's past. Suddenly, Bonnie started to remember about her past, closing her eyes.

Skull island jungles were quiet and lonely, except for the troggys. Bonnie said her last goodbye to her old home and went on her way, with a pouch of coins. Although, she used it all on a new ship and food. This was her chance to start new. She didn't know who Sanchi or Moresco was. All she know was that they can help out Sanchez, Chun, and Shiruku. She didn't want to go with them, she felt like she was becoming replaced. She grabbed her bag, sniper, and couple cans of food. Then, she left her campsite and she knew she wouldn't return back for a long time.

Bonnie's first stop was at a bar near Skull island. She wanted a drink, she wanted to forget about Sanchez and her old friends. She just wanted to start new. Although, she began to feel alone and felt endangered. She disguised her self as a pirate and not a companion. She slowly opened up the bar's doors, bringing all the drunken idiot's eyes towards her. The bar was filled with laughter, music from old drums, screaming, and pirates cussing when they lose. Bonnie got past some of the drunken pirates without looking at them. She sat down in front of the bartender.
"What would ye like, today?" He asked, cleaning cups.
Bonnie didn't talk. She just put her hand up, holding up two fingers. The bartender knew what it meant and got Bonnie two glass. She drank the first glass quick and slammed on the table. Suddenly, a drunken pirate placed his hand on her shoulder. She felt like she was in danger.
Bonnie quickly got back up, pulling out her sniper and slammed her weapon on the pirate's head, knocking him out. Then, the bar became quiet and the pirates looked at Bonnie. She quickly aimed her gun at all the drunken pirates. The bar remained quiet for a few minutes. Then, it was filled with Bonnie's gun going off. She slowly walked out of the bar, hiding her gun under her brown and dirty cloak. Then, she got back on her ship and flew away from the bar. Leaving bunch of dead drunken pirates.

Night finally arrived and her first day of being alone was close to ending. It was dark and cold outside so Bonnie managed to build up a huge fire. She gathered planks from old houses and broken off branches and threw it in her fire. She stared in the fire for most of the time, thinking about what to do and how to do it. She wanted to become a troop in the pirate army but she felt endangered. She placed a pot of beans above the fire, ready to eat dinner and she waited. Just kept on thinking.
"I hate beans...never a fan of it" Bonnie said to herself
She was alone. She wasn't use to being alone, which made her start talking to herself. Although, she felt a little safe talking to herself. Until, she heard leaves crumbling behind her. She quickly picked up her sniper and aimed it around the area, looking into her dent scope. It was too dark to see anything.
"Who's there?" Bonnie said, "I'm not afraid to shoot! Believe I can shoot!"
Suddenly, she heard clapping. She slowly backed away from the clapping. She became scared, holding up her gun.
"Come out or leave, please!" Bonnie said, "I have nothing you want!"
"I don't want anything you want," The stranger said, "Maybe I just want someone to talk to...I saw your fire from my campsite...I'm alone, too."
Bonnie lowered her gun. She took a deep breath, waiting for the stranger to reveal his self, "Come out, please!"
The stranger came out. He was a teenager pirate. His face was dirty and his outfit was filthy with holes in it. He had a brown old hat covering his dirty hair. "I am Shawn and I don't wanna cause any harm"
"You look really young, where are your parents?" Bonnie said, sitting back down.
"They left me behind...replaced me pretty much," Shawn said, "Why are you alone?"
Bonnie felt the same way. She felt replaced, too. She tried her best not to think about Sanchez, Chun, or Sanchi but she couldn't help it. Out of frustration, she grabbed her bag and threw it in the fire, knocking her beans out, too. Shawn slowly backed away from her, "Are you okay?"
"Yes, what do you want?" Bonnie said, kicking a tree.
Shawn came closer to Bonnie with his dirty hands up. She tried to calm Bonnie down, "I have's not the best...but it'll be good for tonight"
Bonnie came back from reality. She looked at Shawn. She noticed the scared look on his face and she knew that he wouldn't cause any harm. She shook her head and grabbed her things, following Shawn.

Next morning, Bonnie woke up to Shawn cooking her out outside. She thought this wasn't real. She thought she was in a dream. She rubbed her eyes and walked outside. Shawn noticed her and he smiled, "Breakfast is almost's not much but I'm willing to give you my leftovers."
Shawn handed Bonnie her breakfast. She noticed that Shawn didn't have any breakfast. Quickly, she denied Shawn's food, handing it back to him. He had a puzzled look on his face.
"How come you're giving me your own food? Why aren't you eating?" Bonnie asked, calmly.
"I'm not as important as you...I don't need to eat but you do." Shawn said, handing the breakfast back to her.
Bonnie laughed at Shawn's statement. She didn't feel important and felt out of place. Although, she didn't want to tell Shawn her story. Instead, she just grabbed her sniper and made her way back to the ship. Shawn followed behind.
"Where ya going?" He asked, following her.
Bonnie stopped, "I want you to know you're important and don't worry about what others say...I have to go"
"Why?" Shawn asked, "Why are you alone?"
Bonnie stopped and closed her eyes. She tried her best not to think about Sanchez and her old crew. Shawn, placed his hands on Bonnie's shoulder, causing her to freak out. She hit Shawn with her gun, causing him to hit the ground. Then, she opened up her eyes and couldn't believe what she did. She tried to apologize but Shawn crawled away.
"I didn't..."
She stopped. She heard someone coming up behind her. She quickly turned around and there was a gun pointed at her forehead. She dropped her weapon, scared and felt endangered. Then, three other heavyweight pirates came out and grabbed Shawn and brought him in front of their boss.
"I'm Al, nice to meet you" He said, laughing.

Al was looking through Shawn's little home. He laughed and set it on fire. Shawn tried to get loose from Al's men but he wasn't strong enough. He started to yell at Al but he ignored the kid. He got in front of Bonnie, staring at her.
"I like that sniper...unique weapon.." Al said, smiling.
Bonnie stared Al. She didn't say a single word to him which made him laugh. Then, he slapped her and threw her away from his men's arms.
"Listen, miss! Ye shall listen to me and not disrespect meh!" Al said, kicking her.
Quickly, Bonnie threw dirt in Al's eyes and she crawled away from him and towards her sniper. One of Al's men ran towards her but wasn't fast enough. She quickly picked up her sniper and without looking in the scope, she fired her weapon and killed one of Al's men. Al quickly got back up and ran behind a tree, pulling out his weapon. Meanwhile, Bonnie fired few more shots, killing both of Al's men. Shawn ran behind Bonnie.
"Come on out!" Bonnie cried, aiming her sniper at the tree.
Al loaded his weapon, "Do ye not know who I am? Huh!"
"I am a privateer! Sharp shooter companion! I advise you to run, now!" Bonnie said
Al took her advise. He ran from her but Bonnie was firing at him. Hitting his leg, he fell to the ground. Bonnie smiled and walked towards Al. Then, Shawn ran up to Bonnie and patted her shoulder, scaring her. Without even thinking, she turned around and fired three shots into Shawn's stomach. Suddenly, she knew what she had done. She dropped her weapon and tried to help Shawn. Blood was coming out of his mouth, looking at Bonnie.
"I didn't know it was you! I didn't know!" Bonnie cried
Bonnie turned around and noticed that Al was gone. He escaped from her but she wasn't focused on him anymore. She placed both of her hands on Shawn's stomach, trying to stop the bleeding but  it didn't help. He was dead. She looked at Shawn's body. She couldn't believe she killed someone that actually cared for her but she noticed a folded up map next to him. She picked up the map and opened it up. On the corner of the map there was an island that had a circle around it. She looked at Shawn then back at the map.

She got back into her ship and made her followed the map to her next destination. She didn't know anything about the island. Besides that Shawn knew about it. She managed to get to the island and she docked her ship. With her sniper out, she walked around the jungles. She tried to find what Shawn found. Suddenly, she heard voices and saw two old pirates talking to each other. She quickly hid from them and tried to listen to what they were saying.
"Guerta might take over our place...they could"
"I don't think so, they can't even shoot!"
Bonnie continued to listen to their conversation. She tried to figure out more about Guerta and their place where the two strangers were living. Then, someone grabbed Bonnie. She screamed loud and managed to get loose. Then, she killed the stranger. The two other pirates heard the commotion and brought their weapons out.
"What was that?"
Boom! Click, boom! Bonnie sniped the other two. The whole place became silent. Until she heard more movement. She quickly turned around and found another pirate but she didn't shoot.
"Woah, woah!" He said, with his hands up, "Don't shoot...we can settle this."
"How!" Bonnie said, "How!"
"You can be apart of our own little town...I am Arthur" He said, holding his hands up.
Bonnie lowered her weapon and looked around the area. She stared at the dead bodies, shocked she killed them. Then, she broke out into tears and fell to her knees.

Almost two years went by and Bonnie managed to calm herself down in her new home...with others. She was offered a home but she declined it. She wanted to live outside in her tent. Arthur liked her, thinking she could be a huge part in his town.
"Arthur," Bonnie said, "Where are you going?"
Arthur was with four other men. They had their weapons and was about to leave until Bonnie stopped them.
"There's another town...kinda from us," He said, "We're going to check them out."
After few minutes of discussing it, Bonnie let Arthur and the rest go but she was still curious. She went to her tent and grabbed her sniper. Then, she went out and followed Arthur. She followed them for three long miles and they finally stopped. Bonnie was hiding behind a tree as they looked around them. She saw the town's gates and a group of pirates came out. They had no weapons out.
"Is this Guerta?" Arthur asked, hiding his weapon.
The group took a few steps back and remained silent. Until, one of them spoke, "Yes..."
Few of them were old pirates and some were young children. Bonnie noticed the scared looks on their faces. She started to feel bad for them.
"Good," Arthur said, aiming his weapon at the group, "Come with us, now!"
Arthur looked around the area again and Bonnie quickly dropped low. She didn't even look over there, she just stayed low and tried to listen to them.
"Please no, we cause no harm!"
"He said come with us...listen to him!" Arthur's men yelled
Suddenly, Bonnie heard arguing from everyone. She wanted to help and stop all the arguing but she knew that'll get her killed. Then, the arguments managed to calm down.
"Got it?" Arthur said
Suddenly, gunshots went off. Bonnie looked out and saw Arthur and his group killing the strangers. Bonnie pulled out her sniper to help. She aimed at Arthur, second from pulling the trigger. Then, she was shot in her shoulder from someone in a guard tower. She fired back and she quickly ran before Arthur noticed her. Then, Arthur and his group ran away from Guerta.

Bonnie ran back to her new home and ran inside her tent, acting like she was never out. Then, she heard the gates opening, filled with Arthur yelling out of anger and joy. Bonnie slowly opened up her tent and saw Arthur walking towards her. Bonnie got out of her tent and smiled at Arthur.
"That didn't take long, did it?" Arthur asked, clapping his hands.
"Where'd y'all go?" Bonnie asked, calmly.
Arthur laughed, "We went to collect wood for tonight's fire.."
Bonnie nodded her head, "Can't wait for tonight!"
Arthur smiled and signaled his men to go inside Bonnie's tent. She became skeptical about it, cracking her knuckles. Then, she went towards her tent. Arthur tried to stop her and grabbed her. Suddenly, she became scared. She grabbed Arthur's arm and bent it back, breaking his arm. Then, she grabbed his gun and fired as many shots she could in the tent. She kicked Arthur in his face and she grabbed her sniper. As she started to run, she heard Arthur yelling for help and to get her. Though, she was long gone.
"Get that companion! She killed, she killed!" Arthur yelled
Bonnie sniped the ones in the guard tower and she climbed over the gate. She kept running until she was miles away from Arthur's village. She dropped to the ground, exhausted she dropped to she ground, enjoying the silence. Then, she heard screaming and gunshots. She slowly picked up her weapon and walked quietly towards the noises.
"Bonnie?" She heard someone saying

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