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The Warrior AE "Hope" S3

Sanchi, Douglass, and Jonathan's old friend Todd goes out to Al's old home, hoping to find answers about Boris's death. Julia tries to feed her crew, involving Danny slapping his lunch out of her hand, leading to an argument. Suddenly, Deacon comes out, knocking out Douglass and killing Todd. Both Deacon and Sanchi duel with Sanchi finally killing Deacon. No clue on Boris but when Sanchi returns home, he witnessed Sanchez coming out of his coma. Now, Sanchez is back but no Boris and everyone assumed he is gone.

"He's dead,"
"Al shot and...killed him!"
"Boris is gone...he's dead!"
Boris thought he had it. He thought he was closing to escaping with Danny and Malik. Al thought otherwise as he pulled the trigger, firing a shot into Boris. Everything around Boris, all the movement, noises, and his own crew...stopped. He felt the pain in his side as he hit the ground. Al smiled, wanting him to suffer. Boris slowly looked up, watching Danny and Malik running away, leaving him. Young Boris crawled, bleeding from his side, he still kept crawling. He ignored the gunshots, he ignored the filthy pirates, he ignored the armadas.
"Ye been hit!" Filthy pirate said, trying to get him up, "Lemme fix ye up!"
Boris just stayed there, watching the stranger wrap his side up. The filthy pirate didn't know he Boris was, he didn't know who shot him or why he was shot. The filthy pirate thought that Boris was shot by an armada. Boris looked up at the pirate as he was looking at him. Then another gunshot was fired, blooding spilling on Boris's face. The filthy pirate's body fell on top of Boris.
"Got him," Deacon said, walking past Boris.
Suddenly, Boris's vision went black as the firing continued.

Headaches, pain in the side, Boris had it all as he slowly opened up his eyes. Different place, he thought. No armadas, no filthy pirates, no Al Sanchi or his crew. He was lying on the ground with an old sheet covering him up. He slowly got up. No shirt or pant, Boris noticed. As he walked outside, he heard voices.
"You're awake!" Lady called out, clapping her hands.
Boris looked inside the well, seeing his reflection. Minus all the bruises, he thought his face looked cleaned.
"We heard a battle," she said, "Went out there...bodies everywhere!"
Boris shook his head, looking at his clothes hanging on a clothes line.
"Your naked," she laughed, "We cleaned you up and right your clothes!"
Boris grabbed the bucket from the well and covered his area. He quickly became even more shy as others around laughed at him. The young lady ran towards him and gave him a white t-shirt, old pants, and boots. Boris quickly dressed himself up.
"There," she said, "You look better now."
"Thanks," Boris said, looking away from her.
She laughed, "Where are my manners? I'm Emily!"
"Boris," he said, "Do you have a ship? I need to return home."
"We do," she said, "But they're unavailable."
Boris shook his head with a depressed look on his face. Emily grabbed Boris's hand with a big smile on her face, "This is our little town, Molax!"
Boris followed Emily as she introduced him to pirates around her town. Boris glanced at some of the small wooden houses and some huts around the area. He noticed a dock not far but it was empty.
"My father is the leader of our village...or town," she said, "Follow me!"
Boris stopped, "You live near that dome over there? The destroyed one?"
Emily lost her joyful smile, "Sadly...yes."
"And you never stopped them from harming others?" Boris asked, looking at the smoking dome.
"It's complicated," she said, "We're just a small town."

Emily opened up the door, greeting her father. Boris slowly enters behind her. Emily had long black hair with a light blue eyes, matching her father except for the hair. The father walked down the stairs, greeting the new guest.
"I am Mark Longhorn!" he said, "How may I help you?"
"Good to meet you, sir," Boris said, "I...I.."
Mark suddenly interrupted as his maid enters, "Dinner must be ready, care to join us?"
Boris shook his head. Emily grabbed his hand and led him to the dinner table. The dining room was enormous, Boris thought. Beautiful lighting, floor, and a long table, Boris admired the dining room. He took a seat right next to Emily. The maid passed out plates and placed chicken and more on each of the plates. As they started to eat, Boris tried to get back on his subject, "Sir, I..."
"Isn't this food fantastic?" Mark interrupted, "Jane, you did an amazing job!"
As Mark continued to talk, Boris looked at Emily. When she looked at him, he quickly looked away. He patiently waited for Mark to finish so he could start. Finally, Mark gave him a chance, "Sorry for interrupting, how can I help?"
"I need a ship," Boris said, "Need to return back home."
Suddenly, Mark started to laugh as Emily gave Boris a weird look. Boris's face quickly became red as Mark continued to laugh, spitting food everywhere.
"You can't leave," Mark said, "We rescued're one of us, now!"
"But..." Boris stopped
"Honey," Mark said, "Go take him back to his hut...he needs to rest for sure!"
Emily got up and grabbed Boris but he snapped away. He backed away from Emily as he stared down Mark, "You can't do this, I need to leave!"
Mark laughed, "How? I'm not giving you a single ship!"
He continued to laugh. Boris listened to Emily and walked away from him. It was already dark outside as Emily showed Boris the direction to his hut. Boris slowly walked inside and kicked the dirt.
"Goodnight," Emily said, "See you tomorrow."
Boris didn't reply as he fell back to the ground, covering his self up. He quickly needed a plan, noticing there were still no ships at the docks. Finally, he closed his eyes.

"Father," Emily said, "That boy needs to go back home!"
Mark didn't pay any attention to his daughter. Instead, he was rearranging books on his shelve as his maid begins to fix breakfast.
"Father," Emily said, "Are you even listening?"
Mark laughed and held up a book, "Emily, remember this book?"
Emily became furious as she slammed her fist down, "Listen!"
"Oh dear," Mark said, "You're getting on my nerves!"
"That boy has a home," Emily said, "He's young and wants to return back to his family!"
"We need all the help we can get," Mark said, "Al or those clockworks may just attack again!"
Emily didn't respond. Instead, she grabbed her weapon and left.

Boris slowly got up after he woke up. He looked out of the window, watching others walking with smiles on their faces. Boris didn't believe in happiness anymore. He couldn't, he thought. After he got lost from his crew and the death of two of his crew mates, Chun and Emmanuel, he lost happiness.
"Hey kid," Emily said, running in, "Why do you want to go home so bad?"
Boris laughed. Couldn't believe Emily asked that question. Home? Boris thought, he missed deeply. He missed Sanchi, he missed hearing Sanchez's voice, he missed hearing Malik's stupid joke, Danny's comments on Malik, Winslow not saying a word, he missed it all. He missed his family.
"Just take me back home," Boris said, "I need to go back home!"
"Well," Emily said, "Do you miss your parents?"
Malik shook his head, "Parents been dead for awhile."
Suddenly, they heard screaming outside. Panicking, Boris thought. Emily quickly ran outside the hut and she started to scream. Boris became confused and followed her. His eyes widen and his hope decreased. Armadas, dozens and dozens of them coming towards Molax. Emily picked up her gun and started to fire shots at the armadas.
"Oh man," Emily said, "Those metal bots are coming!"
Emily fired shots at the chests of the armadas, which made Boris smile...which wasn't the perfect situation.
"They have armor on...most of them," Boris said, "You guys need to aim for spots where there are no..."
Emily quickly interrupted, "Shut it and we need to get back to my father's house!"
Boris and Emily ran inside her house, calling her father's name,"Father, what are we going to do?"
Mark came running down with no weapons. He grabbed Boris and threw him inside a closet, to hide him. Quickly, Mark grabbed Emily and both went outside, "We're going to negotiate with them!"

"Well well," Kane said, "Isn't this a surprise?"
Mark and Emily stared at Kane for a few seconds, scared and doesn't know what to say or do. Kane flipped his cane around in his hand, playing with it, "Remember me, Mark?"
"Yes...yes," Mark said nervously, " you?"
Kane laughed, "Dear, leave your father and I alone...please.."
Emily smiled nervously and ran back inside. She quickly opened up the closet and got Boris out of it. Then, the two lied next to the door, trying to listen to their conversation.
"You look well today, sir," Mark said, smiling.
Kane laughed, dropping his cane, "You know, Deacon is gone...funny huh?"
"uh...yes sir," Mark said, laughing.
Kane raised his hand, "I don't think it is!"
Mark glanced around the area, noticing armadas breaking in houses and stealing belongings, "Why are you guys here?"
"Looking for a warrior," Kane said, "He killed Deacon and I know he's hiding here!"
Mark thought about Boris. He thought that Boris was the warrior that killed Deacon. He wanted to give out Boris but he remembered how Emily's love towards him. Mark wanted his daughter to remain happy.
"No one is here," Mark said, "Promise!"
Suddenly, Kane started to laugh like everything was a joke. He clapped his hands like he was a child, playing around. Then, Kane stopped the laughing and quickly became serious, "Come here...let's discuss something!"
After hearing their conversation, Boris thought about Sanchi. Then he smiled, Deacon is dead, he thought. He looked at Emily who had a scary look on her face. Boris placed his hand on her hand, "Everything's going to be fine."
Boom! They heard a gunshot. The gunshot was loud, clear, and close by. Boris knew who it was as he closed his eyes. Emily quickly got up and looked out the window, screaming. She picked up her weapon, aiming at Kane but Boris quickly stopped her.
"We need a ship," Boris said, "Now!"
Emily wiped her tears away, "Behind our house is a dock where my father's ship is...take the backdoor and leave!"
Boris quickly got up, "What about you?"
"I-I-I-I have to stay," Emily said, "Please...just go!"
Boris kissed Emily, remembering her. Then, he ran towards the backdoor as Emily opened up her door, aiming at Kane. Boris looked back and saw Emily firing. Then, Emily fell to the ground. Boris knew he couldn't go back...she was dead. Boris kept running and didn't look back. He quickly jumped on the ship and left, leaving Molax behind. He started to tear up, looking back at the town, "I'm coming home...returning back to Guerta!"

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