Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "Fixing" Season Three Premiere

Sanchi and his crew found a new home, Guerta. Although, they didn't fit in too well. With the death of Jonathan, Douglass starts to lose his trust with Sanchi and his crew. With the death of Chun, Courtney's wife Kent was accused and Sanchi meeting one of Sanchez's companion, Bonnie Anne. Now with Kent dead, Sanchi, his crew and Douglass hopes to upgrade Guerta. Also, forgetting the past.

"She's a sharp shooter, a good shot...good me" Sanchez said, "She left us when one of my companions got injured...with a pouch of coins...that was years ago.."
Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow, and Boris was leaders of different groups. Their goal was to extend Guerta out and build more houses. It was Mary's plan. Meanwhile, Douglass stayed back with Boris, Malik, and Danny. Douglass wanted them to bury Kent's body.
"Did...did you ever thought of her? Your..companion?" Julia asked.
It took Sanchez a few seconds to answer the question. He wanted to think about it, "I don't know."
Fox sniper, female fox sniper. Black skirt with a long, ripped love sleeve shirt. Red scarf with two holes for her ears. She carried a big brown and gold sniper, an old sniper. Sanchez described her perfect, he thought.
"Should we trust her...can we?" Julia asked
Sanchez closed his eyes, "I don't know"
"Great" Julia said sarcastically

"How long will Sanchi and them be gone?" Malik asked, digging up a hole.
Danny and Malik began digging the hole. Meanwhile, Douglass and Boris watched the two dig it. The shovels they were given was rusty and close to being useless.
"You know," Danny said, tiredly, "If you want us to do this kind of task, at least give us shovels that are worth something."
"That would be smart, man" Malik said, digging.
Douglass knew how they all felt about digging Kent's body in Guerta's graveyard. He knew they rather just burn it and not have to look at it again but Douglass knew Kent for a long time. He was sad about Kent's death.
"I know you guys rather not bury his body, I understand that." Douglass said
"Making us do something we don't want to, worse than that? Giving us useless tools" Malik laughed
Douglass shook his head. He patted Boris on his shoulder and walked away from the site. When he was gone, Danny threw the shovel on the ground, breaking the old tool. Danny stomped on the broken tool and wiped sweat off his forehead.
"Hey," Boris said, "What's the problem?"
"Issues.." Malik said to his self
"This is stupid! If Sanchez finds out who we're burying, he'll get mad and we might end up like Kent!" Danny cried
"Woah, woah...calm down," Boris said, "Sanchez isn't like that, what happened to Kent...he had to."
Danny wiped sweat off his face, getting dirt on his face, "It's not just that...this place...these people are of us could be a better leader!"
"Way you're acting, why don't you just take out Douglass yourself?" Malik said, joking around.
Danny gave Malik a angry look and Malik looked away, "Good one!"

Meanwhile, Sanchi and the rest of the works knew they had plenty of time before night but Sanchi wanted to finish this, fast. Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow was in charge of 7 different workers from Guerta. Bonnie Anne was in Sanchi's group.
"You guys know your job, right?" Sanchi asked, "Pretty simple, cut some trees down and stack them on this wagon."
Behind Sanchi was a huge wooden wagon only capable of taking a few logs. Also, about 7 workers would have to pull it back to Guerta. Most of them knew that this job would be tiring. Sanchi sent out a few workers with weapons around the area to make sure no creatures would interfere with them.
"By the time we're done, it'll be tomorrow night! Why're you giving us such a difficult job?" Davis said, slamming his axe blade into a tree.
Sanchi ignored his complaint. Instead, he had his eyes on Bonnie. He wanted to see how Bonnie worked and if he can trust her. He watched her attempting to chop a huge tree.
"Are you listening to me?" Davis asked, putting his hands up.
Sanchi walked down, talking Davis's axe and made his way towards Bonnie. He stepped next to Bonnie and helped her out with the tree. She smiled and Sanchi smiled.
"I don't know much about you and understand I am not crushing on you," Sanchi said, "But how'd you know Sanchez and the rest of us were here?"
"I didn't," Bonnie said, "I was here long before you."
Sanchi shook his head, " have you been living here?"
Bonnie stopped chopping the tree. She threw the axe down and gave Sanchi an annoyed look, "What? Why do you care so much?"
"You're now part of're part of our crew, too, why shouldn't I care?" Sanchi said, dropping his axe.
Bonnie managed to calm herself down, "Look, I've been here and that's all you need to if you mind, may I finish working?"

After few hours working, all three groups managed to fill up the first wagon. Stacking long logs on top of each other, few workers pulled the wagon away. First break of today and Sanchez wanted to talk to Sanchi and Winslow.
"How's Bonnie?" Sanchez asked, wiping his hands.
"She has an attitude and she really didn't tell me much about how she got here." Sanchi said, looking at her.
During break, Bonnie was the only one still working. She was swinging her axe's blade into the tree. Sanchez smiled and clapped. Although, he still didn't grab her attention. She was focus and he improved it. Winslow patted Sanchez on his shoulder.
"She's a keeper, isn't she? You got yourself a good one." Winslow laughed, slapping Sanchez's back.
"We aren't like that...I haven't seen her in a long time," Sanchez said, "She's my companion...or was."
Suddenly, Winslow noticed a little kid running towards him. He had a smile on his face and was screaming Winslow's name. Winslow shook his head.
"Why are you out here?" Winslow said, "Randal!"
Randal stopped and waved at Winslow, "Just wanted to let you know that the wagon reached Guerta...Douglass wanted me to tell y'all!"
Winslow patted Randal's shoulder and the young kid ran back home.
"Speaking of having crushes, that boy's father never came back" Winslow said
"How does that have anything to do with having a crush?" Sanchez said
"Courtney...pretty sure that's her name...well...she took him in," Winslow said, "Good kid."
Sanchez noticed Bonnie finally stopped working, dropping her axe. He knew this was his chance to talk to her. He walked away from Sanchi and Winslow, quick.

"Bonnie!" Sanchez said, "Hey!"
Bonnie rolled her eyes and got up, walking towards Sanchez, "What?"
Sanchez stopped Bonnie from walking further, making her sit back down. When Sanchez approached her, he didn't speak. He was staring at her, happy as can be. Then, he clapped his hands and hugged her. He was happy that she finally came back.
"Glad you're back...wish you would of came sooner to see Chun," Sanchez said, "He would of been happy to see you."
"I would've felt the same...I miss him." She said, smiling.
Sanchez smiled, " long have you been here?"
"Camped out for a few weeks, here," Bonnie said, standing up, "Why do you guys care so much?"
"Alone?" Sanchez asked, "I need to know"
Bonnie shrugged her shoulders and walked past Sanchez. He quickly got up and tried to stop her but she just grabbed her axe and went to another tree, going back to work. Sanchez just sat back down, kicking the ground.
"So close!" Sanchez said to his self.
Sanchez just sat down, watching Bonnie doing work again. It was all silent. Then, he heard gunshots and screaming. He quickly got back up and knew where it was coming from. Guerta. Sanchez grabbed his old pistol and ran towards the noises.

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