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The Warrior AE "Home is the place to be" S3

After Sanchez recovered, Guerta begins the rebuilding process with the walls and fallen gate until rain and thunder occurred Sanchez goes out to talk to Courtney for the first time after recovery, which results in a huge argument between the two. Douglass comes up with a plan to train troggys to protect them and now Sanchi starts to worry about him and the faith of Guerta.

Julia looked around the house for Sanchi. She looked in the guard towers and went through Douglass's house where she had a short conversation with Mary, "Douglass isn't here, too!"
Both, Julia and Mary went to houses asking for Douglass and Sanchi. Then, Julia ran inside her house, grabbing her weapon. Malik quickly woke up, stopping them.
"Malik," Julia said, "How long have you been asleep?"
He rubbed his eyes with a smile, "Not long enough."
"Really," Mary said, "They are missing!"
Malik gave them a strange look as he got off the floor, "Check outside?"
Julia, Mary, and Malik really ran outside of Guerta. They didn't see any footsteps or bodies, luckily, Julia thought. The three glanced around the area, trying to look for them. Then, they found a clue, hearing lots of gunshots. Malik quickly led them towards the noises. Julia saw Sanchi, "There they are!"
Julia looked around the area. Sanchi, Douglass, Danny, troggys and...? She didn't recognize the other one. Julia grabbed the stranger and turned him around. Her mouth opened in joy, "Boris!"
Boris smiled as Julia hugged him, "I'm alive!"
He glanced at Danny who was just standing there, looking at the ground. Boris tapped on his shoulder with a huge smile, "Look...I'm not dead!"
Danny didn't respond or look at Boris.
"Hun," Mary said, "Why do you have two of those...things tied up?"
Before Douglass answered, he tied the troggys' mouths shut, "I have an idea!"
Sanchi grabbed Douglass and pulled him away. He didn't want anyone else to know, yet. Douglass grabbed the two tied up troggys and took him back to Guerta. Sanchi quickly whispered to Douglass, "Make sure no one else sees you."
Julia, Mary, and Malik followed Douglass back to Guerta, leaving Sanchi, Danny, and Boris alone together. Sanchi knew this was his chance to talk to each other but before Sanchi tried to talk to Boris, Danny quickly interrupted.
"We're not alone," Danny said, "There's another place...there's more!"
Sanchi stared at Danny for a few seconds then he looked at Boris. He remembered what Winslow told him. He quickly took both of the two's comments in thought.
"Danny," Sanchi said, "Let's go back to Guerta."
"No," Danny said, walking away, "We're just a bunch of pawns...we'll be played soon!"
Danny quickly ran away. Boris tried to chase him but Sanchi grabbed him and pushed him away, "We need go back!"

Sanchi didn't try to chase Danny. He thought Danny was acting strange because of Boris but that wasn't it, Sanchi thought. He looked at Boris who was shorter than him. Scars over his face, Sanchi remembered what Julia told him and how he saved her life. Sanchi wrapped his arm around Boris, "Good to have you back."
"For now," Boris said, "If Danny was right about others, we could have another threat."

Sanchi started to worry, "I know."
Finally, the rain stopped but Sanchi didn't want anyone working right now, day off, he thought. Sanchi wanted to talk to Winslow and Bonnie both. He wanted to do it with just them.
"Winslow," Sanchi said, tapping on his shoulder.
Winslow turned around. When he noticed it was Sanchi, he rolled his eyes and tried to walk away but Bonnie stopped him, "Just listen to Sanchi!"
"Why?" Winslow said, "He didn't listen to me!"
Bonnie didn't speak. She stared at Sanchi, waiting for him to talk to Winslow. Sanchi calmed his tone down, "Let's go outside of this place...just us three."
Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow quietly and slowly walked out of Guerta, making sure no one was watching them. They walked for a long time before speaking, walking past the deceased troggys from earlier. Suddenly, Sanchi stopped and he quickly jumped to the conclusion, "Remember what you said about hearing others?"
"Yes," Winslow said, "Why do you care?"
"Shut up," Sanchi said, "Where?"
Winslow looked around the area they were in, "I can't remember?"
"Try," Sanchi said, pulling his sword out.
Suddenly, they heard movement, crumbling leaves. Sanchi quickly focused on that. He was the only one with a weapon. Winslow stayed close to Bonnie as Sanchi walked around, thinking troggys are nearby.
"Sanchi," Danny said, coming out, "Why are you here now?"
Sanchi quickly spun around, swinging his sword around. Danny quickly laughed at him, "It's Danny!"
He shook his head, looking at Danny, "Where did you hear those pirates?"
"Didn't hear them," Danny said, "I saw them!"
Meanwhile, Bonnie knew who Danny and Winslow saw. She remembered how she got her. She remembered why she got here...why she left. Bonnie knew how bad and dangerous those strangers were. Arthur, she remembered the name. Although, she kept it a secret. She didn't want any of her crew mates to be involved with Arthur, "Maybe we should just leave those strangers alone...I doubt they can find Guerta."
"We don't know that, we're weak right now with no gate and walls hardly up," Sanchi said, " tell me, now!"
"Far," he said, "I don't know!"
"We're going back to Guerta," Sanchi said, "All of us!"

Sanchez thought you deserved a second chance with Courtney. He wanted one. With no Sanchi, he quickly went back to Courtney's house. He noticed a fire behind her house, Sanchez ran there. She was throwing all of Kent's stuff in the fire.
"Courtney," Sanchez yelled, "Stop throwing his stuff in there!"
She quickly rolled her eyes, dropping a box, "I told you to leave me alone!"
"I know...but listen," he said, "It's about your husband!"
Courtney stopped and listen.
"He didn't kill Chun," Sanchez said, picking up his stuff.
"Well," she said, "Who did?"
"Those dirty pirates who attacked Guerta just about a week ago," Sanchez said
Courtney started to tear up as she looked at some of his belongings in the fire. Sanchez quickly rushed to her, comforting her.
"So," Courtney said, "I killed my husband for nothing?"
Sanchez gave Courtney an honest look, "He tried to kill saved me!"
Suddenly, Courtney and Sanchez stared at each other for a few seconds. Sanchez smiled and she followed back with a smile. Both of them felt like nothing was around them and forgot about the past. Slowly, Sanchez closed his eyes and tilted his head towards Courtney. Sanchez kissed Courtney as he remembered in his fantasy. Although, Courtney didn't hold back, holding on him tight.
"Courtney," Sanchez said, "I love you!"
Courtney stared, "Love you too."
Suddenly, Sanchez heard Sanchi's voice. He quickly jumped up. Before he would have to leave, he gave Courtney one last kiss. In his mind he would think about this moment for the remaining of his life.
"Randal will come back soon," he said, walking away.

Sanchez ran towards Sanchi with excitement, which was the first time in a long time. Meanwhile, Sanchi wasn't concerned about Sanchez's question as he paid attention to Douglass's shed with troggys.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said, "Listen!"
He slowly turned around, "..Yes?"
"Let me and Winslow got out there," Sanchez said, "To look for Randal!"
Sanchi quickly gave him a strange look, "Is this for Courtney?"
Sanchez smiled, "Randal is just a kid..."
He quickly shook his head, looking at Sanchez, "Why are you in love with...her?"
Sanchi quickly interrupted, "You pretty much made her kill Kent...her own husband?"
"I didn't," Sanchez said, "He tried to kill me!"
"Why would he try to harm you?" Sanchi said, "Maybe because you tried to steal his long term wife?"
Sanchez calmed his tone down, "You don't get it."
"I do," Sanchi replied, "I'm going out there with Winslow and Bonnie!"
Sanchez quickly stopped him, "I need to find Randal for her!"
"We're not trying to find him," Sanchi said, "We might have another threat that could bring down Guerta!"
"Then lemme go out alone," Sanchez said, "I'll look the opposite way!"
Sanchi grabbed Sanchez by the collar of his shirt and stared at him, "It's too!"
Before Sanchez could argue back, Sanchi walked away from him.

Nighttime finally arrived, ending other day at Guerta. Sanchi and his crew went back to their house, where they day and discuss things. Bonding time, Sanchi thought.
"Good to be back," Boris said, smiling, "Really is!"
Sanchi came behind Boris, putting him in an easy head lock, "Good to have you back, too!"
Everyone started to laugh, which made Sanchi happy. He loved moments when everyone laughs together and bond, no arguing. Although, Sanchi noticed something different, first one to notice it, he thought.
"Hey," Sanchi said, stopping the laughter, "Where's Danny?"
Everyone looked around the room. Malik and Bonnie ran out of the house to take a quick glance. Julia tried to call his name but it only woke others up, including Douglass. Suddenly, they saw Douglass walking outside after checking his shed, "What's going on?"
"Danny," Sanchi said, "Have you seen him?"
Douglass looked around, "He's not here?"
"No," Malik said, "We saw him last in the jungles!"
Douglass shook his head, furious. He couldn't believe someone disobeyed his rule, no going outside of Guerta without permission or during dark. Also, he didn't forget how many times Danny already went outside without permission. Douglass didn't want to waste a second looking for him, "Go back inside."
Malik laughed, "You want us to leave him out there?"
"This is complete crap," Bonnie said, "He's one of us!"
Sanchez looked at Bonnie, smiling. He couldn't believe what Bonnie said. She finally gets it, Sanchez thought, he was extremely proud, "Yeah, what she said!"
"He disobeyed my rules plenty of times," Douglass said, "Why even try?"
"Simple," Malik said, "He's one of us!"
Douglass rubbed his forehead, becoming stressed, "He may not even be alive!"
"That's a chance we're willing to take," Sanchi said, "He's one of us!"
"We don't leave family behind," Winslow said, "You and your people may disagree with that!"
Sanchi looked around, smiling. He looked at his crew, defending one of their own. That's what Sanchi wanted. that's what made the crew, he thought.
"Fine," Douglass said, "Go out there!"
"I'm sorry Douglass," Sanchez said, "We don't leave family behind!"

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