Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "Lookout" S3

Boris finally returns to Guerta. Although, it didn't snap Douglass out. Sanchi tries to keep Douglass's plan a little secret. Sanchez managed to talk to Courtney, which resulted in the two kissing. Now, Sanchi starts to worry about Guerta's sake after what Winslow and Danny saw more threats. After night arrived, the crew noticed that Danny was missing. Now, the crew has to worry about Danny, Sanchi has to keep Douglass's plan a secret, and Sanchez has to find Randal for Courtney.

Quiet, that's what was different for him. Peaceful, he thought. Minus the troggys as he took a few out. Suddenly, he felt different about Guerta. He felt different about his new life....he felt different about living. He felt different about protection and protecting the ones he cared for. He thought he was alone, aiming his weapon at targets. Suddenly, he fired his weapon at old toys from old residents from Guerta. Head shot, he smiled.
"Well," Danny said, "It's me against the monsters!"
Danny picked up his bag, trying to find another target area. Although, he stopped again, hearing voices. Suddenly, Danny loaded his weapon, smiling.
"Threats," Danny whispered to his self, "Gotta take them out."
Boom! He fired shots at three different strangers. He took one out, he injured the other one, leaving him on the ground. Meanwhile, the third one got away.
"W-wh-who are ye?" injured stranger asked, "Ar-are ye crazy?"
Danny laughed, approaching the potential threat. Danny pointed his weapon at the threat, "Don't mess with me!"
Danny pulled the trigger, releasing a loud shot. Then, he grabbed his bag and ran away from the area.

"Alright," Sanchi said, "Listen up!"
Quickly, he explained his plan loud and clear to his crew and others. They didn't only have one objective, they had three. Sanchi wanted Malik, Boris, and Julia to go into another direction, objective was to find Danny. Then, he wanted Sanchez, Douglass, and Courtney to look for Randal, which was their objective. Finally, Sanchi wanted Bonnie and Winslow to help them find others.
"We need to do this right and carefully," Sanchi announced, "Important objective for sure!"
Before they started, Courtney stopped them with a question, "What happen if these others...are like those ones who attacked us?"
Sanchi didn't know how to explain it to Douglass, Mary, or Courtney. He just gave them the best and only answer, "We'll execute them...plain and simple."
"That can't always be the answer," Mary said, "They could join us."
Sanchez laughed, looking at Sanchi. He remembered what happened to the pirate army, he remembered Devullio...he remembered Derwitchi.
"I'm sorry," Julia said, "That's not going to happen."

Boris, Malik, and Julia quickly left Guerta to find Danny, again. This was unusual between Malik and Julia. The two hardly talked to each other or looked at each other. Finally, Malik broke it, "How long have you been with Sanchi?"
"Well," Julia said, not looking at him, "Couple years...maybe three."
Malik smiled, "Me and Danny been partners for a few years, not in a weird way though."
Suddenly, Boris ended the conversation between the two. He noticed something unusual, something he was used to. Dead bodies of two unknown pirates, Boris tried to identify. He knew they weren't from Al's crew or the armadas. Malik flipped one of them over, "What in the world?"
Julia didn't get close to the bodies, "Who did this?"
Suddenly, they heard footsteps around them. Julia quickly got in cover while Malik and Boris stood up with their weapons ready to fire.
"Come out," Boris said, "We're not afraid!"
"Doubt it," Malik whispered, rolling his eyes.
Suddenly, two strangers came out. One of them had an eye patch on his left eye with yellow teeth and a skinny body. Meanwhile the other one was completely different, with a large body, an eye patch on the right eye, and hardly any teeth in his mouth.
"Hello," the skinny one said, "Did ye kill our friends?"
Boris, Malik, and Julia didn't respond so the heavy one introduced themselves, "I'm Pete and thus my friend...Dalton."
Pete and Dalton brought their weapons out, aiming at Boris and Malik. Quickly, they aimed back. Also, Boris noticed the two strangers had old useless weapons. Boris glanced at Malik, "I'm different, now."
"Well," Pete said, "Did ye kill our friends?"
Boris took a deep breath, "No...we just got...just got here."
Dalton laughed, revealing two of his teeth inside his house, "How bout ye come back with us?"
Pete glanced around, noticing Julia hiding, "Ye two and the misses, too!"
She knew that they knew where she were. Julia quickly moved out, with her weapon aimed at the two hideous pirates.
"Well then," Pete said, lowering his weapon, "Let's talk."

"Randal!" Courtney called, "Baby, are you nearby?"
Sanchez, Douglass, and Courtney went the opposite way Julia's group went. Their objective was to find Randal. After yelling his name for a few minutes, they knew it'd be a complicated objective. Douglass looked around, noticing no troggys for him to capture, "How did Randal get lost?"
"When those monsters attacked us," Courtney said, "He ran to get Sanchi and the others...for help!"
Sanchez laughed, "We called them the filthy pirates...they're all gone, now."
"Because of y'all," Douglass said, "And Guerta is grateful for that!"
Impressed Sanchez shook his head, looking at Courtney, "It's what we do!"
Suddenly, two troggys ran out in front of them, not even looking at them. Sanchez and Courtney didn't pay any attention to them. Meanwhile, Douglass paid a lot of attention. He quickly pulled his ropes out and ran after the troggys.
"Woah," Sanchez exclaimed, "Douglass!"
Sanchez quickly ran after Douglass, Courtney followed behind. They tried yelling his name but he didn't stop, Douglass was focused on retrieving more troggys. Finally, the troggys stopped. Sanchez caught up to Douglass, grabbing his arm, "What is wrong with you?"
He pulled away from Sanchez's arm, swinging his rope around, "I need these two troggys!"
The two troggys looked at Douglass and started to lip their lips. Old man Douglass had a huge smile on his face, swing his rope around. One of the troggys ran after Douglass. He quickly grabbed the creature's neck and wrapped the rope around it. Then, the second troggy ran after Douglass, freeing the first troggy. Both of the troggys quickly trampled on Douglass. Sanchez quickly ran towards the scene, "Don't let them bite you!"
Douglass used all his might to push them off but they stayed on, "I got this...don't kill them!"
Sanchez grabbed one of the troggys and threw him into a tree, causing him to flee away. Then, the second troggy jumped on Sanchez, causing him to hit the ground. Sanchez stared at the troggy in the eyes as the creature spit all over him. Luckily, Courtney grabbed the troggy and pulled it away.
"I got him," Sanchez said, taking out the troggy.
Courtney grabbed and hugged Sanchez, "That was a close one!"
Meanwhile, Douglass wasn't happy. He quickly got back up and started to scream at them, "I needed those troggys!"
Sanchez gave Douglass a strange look, "For what?"
"Personal," Douglass said, "Why would you do that?"
Sanchez laughed, shaking his head, "Pretty much saved your life!"

Malik slowly walked up towards Pete and Dalton, "We have nothing to talk about!"
"Malik," Boris said, "Maybe we do."
Pete smiled, looking at Boris, "I like the youngster!"
The two strangers wanted to talk and Malik let them. Dalton explained to them about their home, not far from here. Dalton added that their place had good protection and strong pirates around. Guerta, Boris thought in his head, similar to Guerta.
"Well," Boris said, "We're not gonna come with y'all."
Dalton laughed, "Are ye dumb?"
"Maybe," Malik said, getting in Dalton's face, "You two don't seem pirates I would like to trust!"
The two pirates stared at them, with no face expression. Then, Dalton pushed Malik to the ground and pulled their weapons out before Boris or Julia could aim at them. Dalton aimed at Malik's head as he stared at Boris, "Drop your guns!"
Slowly, Boris dropped his weapon and Julia did too.
"That's what me like," Pete said, "Now, let the misses come with us!"
Boris quickly stepped in front of Pete, "No chance!"
"Well, well," Dalton said, "Got a toughy right here!"
Dalton quickly pushed Boris to the ground. Then, Dalton walked towards a terrified Julia. She had her hands up as Dalton got close to her.
"We're gonna be a good match," Dalton said, giving Julia a look, "Good couple!"
Quickly, Malik kicked the gun out of Pete's hand, sliding next to Boris. Without any hesitation, Boris grabbed the gun and fired two shots into Pete, killing him. Boris and Malik quickly got back up as Dalton grabbed Julia, pointing the gun at her head.
"You don't need her," Malik said, placing his hands up, "Take me...please!"
Boris looked at Malik. He remembered when he said the same thing similar. He remembered how Dorugh reacted and what he told him. Suddenly, Malik looked like an old version of his self, Boris thought.
"Please," Malik said, "Take me!"
Bang! Suddenly, someone slammed their gun on Dalton's head which knocked him out. It was Danny. He stared at everyone, looking around. He smiled, "Three of them I took care of."
"Thank you," Julia said, "You need to come back...with us!"
Danny laughed, "Fine."
Before Malik thanked Danny, Boris quickly stopped him, "Your goal is to keep yourself alive while helping others stay alive...what you said before...reminded me of my old self, proof I've changed."
Boris, Julia, Danny, and Malik quickly returned home. On the way back, Danny explained to them what happened to the other two strangers, which made Julia think. Threats, she thought.
"Welcome," Mary greeted, "Glad you guys are safe!"
"For now," Boris said, walking past everyone.

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