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The Warrior AE "Deep" S3

Sanchi, Courtney, Douglass, Sanchez, Boris, Julia, Winslow, Malik, Bonnie, and Julia goes out of Guerta to start their objectives. Malik, Julia, and Boris goes out to find Danny where they encountered two pirates, Pete and Dalton. Sanchez, Douglass, and Courtney goes out to look for young boy, Randal. Although, their plan goes wrong when Douglass chases after troggys which almost got him killed. Pete and Dalton managed to get Malik's weapon and eventually Boris's weapon, too. Luckily, Danny came to the rescue again and the crew managed to take out the two pirates. Now, they managed to find Danny but Sanchez's group was still unsuccessful on finding Randal. Sanchi, Winslow, and Bonnie goes out to look for other pirates.

"I'm sorry," Sanchez said, grabbing Douglass's shoulder, "They could of bit you and you'd catch a terrible disease that'll kill you!"
Douglass slammed his bag on the ground, causing his ammo and supplies to fall out, "I was fine!"
Sanchez laughed, "If me and Courtney wasn't here.."
Douglass left all his supplies and ammo on the ground and he kept walking. Quickly, Courtney picked up everything that fell out of his bag, including notes filled with his plans and ropes. Quietly, she opened up his note pad, revealing his plan.
"Sanchez," Courtney whispered, handing him Douglass's notes.
He made sure Douglass wasn't paying any attention to them. Which was a good opportunity for Sanchez to read his plans. He slowly opened up Douglass's pad, reading his plans.
"I don't believe it," Sanchez said to his self, looking at Douglass, "He's going....insane?"

Sanchi, Bonnie, and Winslow went North, farther away from Guerta. Their objective was to see if there were others and to know if they were threats, Sanchi remembered. When it became silent, Sanchi made a conversation with the two but only Winslow responded back.
"I hope Randal is okay," Winslow said, "I also hope there wouldn't be any threats."
Randal didn't go in Sanchi's mind. Although, there were other things racing through his mind which made Sanchi worry even more. He remembered all the threats him and his crew dealt with. Deaths, Sanchi remembered...too many to count. Sadly, Sanchi stopped counting when Emmanuel died. Luckily, Winslow snapped Sanchi back into reality, again.
"We lost enough," Winslow said, "I think."
Sanchi shook his head, "You'll never understand it."
"I have," Winslow said, "Lost so many that I fell into Al's trap."
Sanchi still knew that Winslow haven't went through what he went through. Deaths, lost, betrayal, Sanchi remembered, "Betrayal."
Finally, Bonnie spoke without looking at Sanchi or Winslow, "I done bad things, really bad things that I'll never forget."
Suddenly, Sanchi stopped. He stared at Bonnie, trying to think of the stuff she did, "What else bad things you done?"
Bonnie remembered what she told everyone, her story. Although, she didn't mention when she met Arthur and others living on the same island as Guerta. She knew she would have to tell them, "I never finished my story..."
Suddenly, she stopped, hearing other voices. Sanchi quickly pulled out his sword as Winslow pulled out two of his knifes. Bonnie followed by pulling her sniper out, aiming around the area.
"I know ye folks," Voice echoed, "I know all three of ye!"
Sanchi tried to follow the voice but he couldn't. Although, Sanchi knew he was nearby that he could see them, "Who are you?"
The stranger laughed, "You're the leader."
"Good guess," Sanchi said, trying to look for him.
"I know the one other, the idiot who were talking to his self and fell off a waterfall," Stranger said, "I know the foxy companion, Bonnie!"
Bonnie? Sanchi thought, did he say...Bonnie? Sanchi and Winslow stared at Bonnie. Sanchi slowly approached Bonnie, "What was the end of your story?"

"Douglass," Sanchez called, "You left your ropes, snacks...and your notes!"
He quickly turned around and snatched his notes out of Sanchez's plan. He opened up his notes, looking through each pages checking for any missing. Then, he noticed dirty fingerprints on one of his pages. Dirty fingerprints that weren't there before. Douglass looked up, seeing Sanchez's filthy hands. Douglass quickly closed his notes, "So you know?"
"Advice," Sanchez said, "I think you should get rid of those troggys you're keeping in Guerta!"
Douglass laughed, "Why would I do that?"
"Because those creatures are dangerous," Courtney said, "Plus, they almost killed you!"
Douglass thought about the four troggys in his shed. Douglass thought he could handle them because he already caught two new ones yesterday but Sanchez thought about residents in Guerta.
Sanchez tried to show Douglass the right meaning, "What about others living in Guerta?"
"If they bite any of them," Sanchez said, "They could get infected and more will die!"
"Your crew can defend," Douglass said, "IF they get out but they won't!"
Sanchez laughed, "We can't always be saving you guys!"
"Well," Douglass said, "Isn't that why you're here?"
Sanchez looked at Douglass. He knew that him and everyone else was here to help Guerta. Also, Sanchez wanted to help this place for Chun. He remembered and knew it was what Chun wanted, to help out Guerta.
"Well," Sanchez said, "Does Sanchi know?"
Douglass nodded his head, "He helped me capture two of them..."
Sanchez didn't like that Sanchi helped him out with his plan. Sanchez remembered Douglass's plan like it was glued to his head, troggy army? Also, Sanchez was surprise that Sanchi agreed on helping him, "Stupid."
Douglass started to walk to look for Randal. Courtney whispered so Sanchez would hear her, "Your crew need to handle this."
"We will," Sanchez said, following Douglass.

"I-I-I..." Bonnie stopped, "Don't...recognize his voice?"
Sanchi thought they were surrounded, not just one around them. Sanchi looked around the bushes and in the trees, nothing. Bonnie stayed close to Sanchi while Winslow was couple feet away, trying to look for the threats, "Why don't you little boys come out?"
Suddenly, Winslow heard laughter, "Boys?"
Sanchi snapped his fingers, trying to grab Winslow's attention. He wanted Winslow to be close to each other but Winslow thought otherwise, he kept walking farther away from them.
"Advise you to stay back," Voice echoed, "Waterfall man."
Winslow knew the voice grew louder. Suddenly, he stopped and looked around. Couple leaves came off a tree. Winslow quickly noticed that branches were moving, "I got you!"
Winslow pulled out a small rusty pistol out of his holder and fired shots into a tree. Then, he saw a men falling out of the tree with a bullet in his stomach. Sanchi and Bonnie quickly ran towards the scene, "Bonnie, go look around to see if there's more!"
Bonnie quietly walked around the area. Meanwhile, Sanchi and Winslow had plans talking to the stranger. First, Sanchi wanted to find out the pirate's name.
"Mel," he said, "I need some medical attention!"
Sanchi laughed, "Why would you dare to mess with us?"
Mel rolled his eyes, "No idea that you were this crazy!"
Sanchi dropped lower, looking at Mel straight in his eyes. Then, Sanchi picked up his sword and placed the blade on his neck, threatening him, "Do you have a camp?"
"Maybe," Mel said, "Why do you care?"
Sanchi laughed, "We don't take kindly to threats!"
Mel lost enough blood that he couldn't even move. He could hardly see and Sanchi knew it was no use to patch him up. Sanchi knew Mel wasn't going to make it. He also knew that Mel was unaware about his condition. Sanchi knew he had to figure about Mel's camp, "Just tell us!"
Mel slowly opened up his eyes, "Arthur..."
Before Sanchi could find out more information, Mel died. Now, Sanchi and Winslow slowly walked away from him, calling for Bonnie's name. Another day of nothing, Sanchi thought. Although, he had a feeling they were getting closer to something important.

Julia's crew started to head back to Guerta with Danny with them. So far, they were the only ones who completed their objective. Also, Danny knew a lot about the new threats, he called them.
"We better leave Guerta," Danny said, "We can take Courtney but we need to leave!"
Boris quickly stopped Danny from overreacting, "Danny!"
"Witchdoctors," Danny laughed, "Buccaneers, I saw all kinds!"
"He's losing it," Julia said, trying to wipe all the dirt off him.
Suddenly, Danny started to scream, "I was nearby...heard them making bets, practicing shooting, describing us!"
Before Danny could say anymore, he fell to the ground. He was exhausted, Boris knew. Danny haven't had a sip of water or eaten anything for a few days. Malik and Boris quickly carried him, placing him on a tree, causing him to lean on it.
"Buddy," Malik said, "Are you losing it?"
Boris remembered what happened to Dorugh when he was bit by a troggy. He remembered the suffering that occurred and the delusion. He quickly checked for any bites on Danny's body and found nothing, "I don't think he is."
"I saw the leader," Danny said, "Big man with a tattoo on his arm...long beard, too!"
Julia started to worry, "Do you know his name?"
Danny slowly got up before answering any questions. He looked out far, squinting his eyes. Finally, Danny spoke, "Arthur...his name is Arthur."

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