Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Warrior AE "Outgoing" S5

Sanchi, Winslow, and Malik quickly goes back to Guerta to gather leftover supplies. Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick goes out to a far away bar for Nick's request for a break. With two different groups out, trouble awaits and caused Nick to give out on Sanchez and Tobias, throwing them in the hands of Sythe, who takes them on the T873. Nick cracks once again, giving lots of important information about Sanchi's crew to Sythe. Sanchi quickly sneaked on the T873, taking out the lower port filled with armadas. Now back at home, Julia starts to feel sick, keeping everything a secret.

Sythe was with Bane, discussing plans and decide who'd go out to Sanchi's home, given by Nick. Bane volunteered to go out with a few armadas with them. Although, their conversation quickly ended once Sythe heard an explosion and the ship started to shake from the bottom. Also, he noticed the cannons stopped firing.
"Stupid clockworks," Sythe said, "I'll go check this out, keep the anchors out and don't move the ship!"
Sythe picked up Iris, having a feeling there would be trouble. He marched down to the lower port, followed by a few armadas. He quickly kicked down the door and noticed there were no armadas in there. He also noticed the giant hole, assuming that was from all the noises.
"Sergeant," Sythe yelled, "What happened?"
Sergeant Abraham, an armada with more armor than regular armadas and has two swords. The armada sergeant of T873 came forward, "Yes?"
"Missing bunch of armadas," Sythe complained, "And there's a giant hole over there!"
Sergeant Abraham walked down, looking all around for any hints. There were no armadas in sight, "Maybe they took a break?"
Sythe laughed, "A break!?"
"I have no clue," Abraham said, "Didn't write any of their tags down."
Sythe became furious, thinking the sergeant was pathetic and should be executed on his mistake. The crane bounty hunter didn't want any risks or more failure, "Sergeant, can you take a look at that hole?"
Sergeant Abraham marched to the hole, moving the cannon away from it. He quickly bent over, placing his head in the Skyway. With his back facing Sythe and all his attention was on the hole, Sythe walked behind him, pointing Iris at the sergeant. Then, he shot an arrow into the back of Abraham. He felt the pain from the arrow and quickly turned around as the explosive arrow started to tick. Sythe quickly ran up to the sergeant, pushing him into the Skyway and watched he explode, causing bunch of his armor pieces to hit the ship.
"I'm the sergeant of this ship now," Sythe said, "Anyone who disagrees will be with Mr.Abraham!"
The armadas agreed with Sythe, all marching back up and hearing Sythe's commands echoed, "Find the ones who were down here and tell them to come back down here!"

"Kane's army is pretty clueless," Sythe said, entering back with Bane, "Just completely clueless!"
Bane still had the ship anchored, still not moving. He was leaning back in his seat just relaxing when Sythe entered without any knock, "Was that all the noises I heard?"
"If you aren't going to do a thing right now," Sythe said, "Then get Tobias and put him in that room with those two troggys!"
Before capturing Sanchez and Tobias, Bane captured lots of troggys, most of them in ships near the docks. Sythe wanted them for torture and to finish off a traitor, referring to Tobias.
"Will do," Bane said, getting up, "Hopefully them clueless clockworks can not screw up with the other troggys."

Another quiet went by back at their new home, only Julia, Erica, Randal, and Mario were there. Randal ran around, playing by his self while Mario confronted Erica.
"Erica," Mario called, "Still mad at me?"
She quickly heard his voice, rolling her eyes. She slowly turned around with one hip on her hip, "Should I?"
"Not really," Mario said, "You wanted me and started all of that after Danny's death."
Erica gave Mario an angry look, couldn't believe what he was saying. She quickly turned around without giving Mario an answer and she started to walk away. Mario quickly ran up to her, turning her around, "You knew I was lonely since those armadas killed my wife and you started talking to me when I never said a word about love to you!"
"I couldn't help it," Erica said, pushing Mario a few feet back, "I'm just a nurse back at Guerta who only talked to patients and that's only when they needed me...I helped Sanchez out when he needed it...I helped Winslow and I even helped Malik when he was stabbed not to long ago!"
"Now you're changing the subject," Mario said, getting closer to Erica, "I'm not mad that you dumped me, I'm ticked off you blamed me for something you started!"
Erica turned back around and started to walk away. Then, she noticed Julia far from them running further back in the jungle all alone. Erica stayed there and squinted, trying to see what she was doing. Once she couldn't see her, Erica walked away from Mario and towards Julia.

Sanchi, Winslow, and Malik stayed near their ship, near the Terminal's own docks. They tried to discuss a rescue plan for Sanchez and Tobias. Although, Winslow and Malik was still wondering if Sanchez and Tobias was on this ship.
"I know they're here," Sanchi said, "I walked into a room and saw Tobias's Kali and Sanchez's pistols on a table!"
The three slowly walked off their ship, walking nearby one of their own ship, the one Sanchez had with Tobias and Nick. As they quietly sneaked around armadas, trouble quickly came. Sanchi was in front, Winslow and Malik behind him. Once Sanchi turned the corner, an engineer came out of nowhere and slammed his wrench on Sanchi's face. Sanchi quickly fell back and the engineer started to yell, "Enemies, I found them!"
Winslow motioned for the engineer to shut up but he didn't. He quickly ran towards the engineer and tackled him to the ground. Winslow flipped the engineer face up and tried to talk to him but the engineer managed to grab his wrench and bang it on Winslow's head, pushing Winslow off.
"Back up," Engineer said, "I've found the enemies!"
Malik pulled out his knife, running towards the engineer. The engineer kicked Malik's private area, placing his hand on Malik's chest and slamming him on the ground.
"Someone...I've found the..."
Sanchi quickly got up, coming behind the engineer. He grabbed the engineer's mouth and slammed him into a wall headfirst, knocking him out.
"Finally," Winslow said, slowly getting up, "That was painful!"
Winslow pulled out his knife and walked towards the engineer, preparing to kill him but Sanchi got between the two, "We don't have to kill him."
Malik laughed as he laid there on the ground, "He tried to kill us?"
"But he didn't," Sanchi said, "I want you two to go back to the ship and take this engineer too."
"Woah there," Winslow said, "You want him on our ship?"
"He's losing in," Malik said to his self, finally getting up.
Sanchi turned back around, pulling his sword out, "Nah, just doing the right thing."
He quickly ran straight ahead, looking for the rest of his crew. Malik and Winslow looked back down at the unconscious engineer. Malik shook his head and helped Winslow dragging his body back to the ship.

With the ship still stopped, Bane gathered three troggys and tied them up in a no-window room. The troggys were hungry for any meat, they even tried to get Bane.
"Get Tobias in here," Sythe said, "I want him to suffer for all his actions!"
Bane nodded his head as Sythe exited the room. Then, Bane closed the door and went to get Tobias. He slowly opened up the cell, quickly grabbing Tobias and throwing him out of the cell.
"Bane," Tobias said, "Where are you taking me?"
Bane smiled, wrapping a cloth around Tobias's eyes. Then, Bane escorted him into the room. Tobias knew danger was ahead, hearing the troggys growling and squeaking. Suddenly, Tobias could see it all as Bane took the cloth off.
"You can't do this," Tobias said, "You can't do this to me Bane!"
Bane laughed, wrapping a rope around Tobias's waist and then tying it onto something. He made sure the troggies were able to tear Tobias to pieces and made sure he wouldn't escape.
"You should of stayed with us," Bane said, "This is your consequence now!"
Bane quickly opened up the door. Then, he fired his small pistol at the ropes holding the troggys, causing the creatures to get loose. Hearing Tobias scream, Bane closed the door.
"No," Tobias cried, "You can't do this!"

Suddenly, Sanchi heard a group of armadas marching nearby. He quickly climbed on top of a crate, removed a piece of the ceiling, and climbed up to hide. He had a little crack of light, looking at the armadas marching by. He noticed a few of them holding troggys like it was a pet. Few of the armadas there weren't clockworks but old pirate troopers, noticed them with no gear on.
"Make sure they don't bite ye," Pirate said, "They're dangerous!"
Sanchi slowly jumped down, right behind the pirates. Then, he ran up to the group. He didn't aim for the pirates but he aimed for the ropes that were holding the troggys. Sanchi quickly sliced all ropes that were holding the five dangerous troggys together.
"Hey behind you," Pirate screamed as he was bit by a troggy, "Ahhh!"
As the troggys attacked the pirates, one of the pirates noticed the one who caused all this. The pirate tried to run at Sanchi but it was too late, a troggy quickly tackled the pirate. As Sanchi continued to run from the scene, he heard the pirate's screaming for help.
"Wa-wa-wait a..a.. second," An armada said, "Did-did you he-he-hear some..."
Bam! Sanchi ran by the two armadas, slicing their clockwork heads off. Sanchi was trying to look for the cell that contained his crew. He ran by bunches of cells, most of them were empty. Then, he heard yelling from one of the cells. Sanchi ran towards the door and pulled out the keys he got from an armada to unlock the door, "Sanchez?"
Suddenly, Sanchez jumped up in relief. He ran up to hug Sanchi, "You actually came back for us!"
"Quiet down a little," Sanchi said, "Where's the other two?"
"I know where Tobias is," Sanchez said, "Follow me!"
Before they ran off, Sanchi stopped Sanchez, handing him his two pistols and Tobias's Kali stick.

Back at home, Erica noticed Julia was running off without any notice. She thought that was strange of her so Erica slowly followed Julia, leaving Mario behind. As she continued to follow Julia, she heard Julia whispering to herself and heard crying.
"This can't be happening," Julia said to herself, throwing up, "Oh man!"
Erica ran up to Julia's vomit, noticing it was clear. Then, she continued to follow Julia until she stopped, falling on her knees in pain. She slowly looked up to the sky, tears falling down from her face. Erica knew something was wrong with her.
"Julia," Erica said, walking up from behind, "Are you okay?"
Julia quickly wiped her tears away and got back up, acting like everything was fine, "Of course!"
Suddenly as Erica approached her, Julia started to vomit again. Erica quickly ran up to her, helping her out, "I know something is wrong!"
"I do too," Julia cried, holding her stomach, "I been feeling this way for a long time!"
Erica was a great nurse. She was Guerta's nurse since it was formed. She enjoyed helping people and knew Julia needed help. She knew Julia was sick and she knew it had to be from the bad water, "Have you been drinking from these rivers?"
Julia nodded her head, "Yes..."
"We gotta get the rest to come back soon and get you some medication," Erica said, "Maybe Madame Vadima can help you..."
"Sanchi and the rest can't know," Julia interrupted, "They would freak out and make it a big deal...just me and you!"
Erica nodded her head, giving sympathy to Julia, "Once they return, we'll go out at night when they're all asleep."

"This is stupid," Malik complained, keep an eye on their hostage, "Why would Sanchi even want this scum alive?"
Winslow laughed, leaning in his chair and sipping out of a dirty shot glass, "Maybe it's a hostage trade plan?"
Malik got out of his seat, getting close to the engineer who woke up. He stared at the hostage straight into his eyes, trying to study him. Then, Malik started to laugh and teased the hostage, "No way they would trade anyone for this guy!"
Malik continued to tease and laugh at the individual, which angered him. Suddenly, Malik got even more closer to tease him. Then, the hostage headbutted Malik and quickly jumped up. Winslow got up and threw his shot glass at the engineer, hitting him in his head. Meanwhile the hostage was distracted by the pain from the glass, Malik got up and jumped on the hostage's back and stared to punch him in his sides.
"You're not an animal Malik," Winslow said, "Get off him!"
The engineer quickly ran backwards into a wall, slamming Malik into the wall over and over. Then, the engineer slammed Malik on the ground, knocking him out. Winslow quickly pulled out his knife and ran at the individual. The engineer dodged Winslow's hits, grabbing Winslow and threw him into the walls, knocking him out too.
"It was ye mistake," The engineer said to the two unconscious ones, "Ye don't even know meh!"
He left Malik and Winslow there. Then, he took Winslow's knives and a pistol. The engineer quickly opened up the door with their weapons, planning to inform Sythe about the enemies on the ship.

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