Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Warrior AE "Trouble awaits" S5

The crew decided to go back out for the second time to look for supplies, this time separating up in two different groups. Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick heads out far to a bar, something Nick wanted. Sanchi, Winslow, and Malik returns to Guerta, look for leftover supplies. Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick quickly developed trouble, bumping into Sythe and Bane. The three were close to escaping until Nick became terrified and turned on Sanchez and Tobias, throwing them into the hands of Sythe. Eventually, Bane captures Nick. Now, Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick are in the bounty hunter's hands as they're threw on one of the armada's best ship throughout the spiral, "T873" or "Terminal."

Sythe and Bane placed filthy sheets over their heads, blinding them for a few minutes. Bane quickly tied their hands together and pushed them into T873, where Sythe plans to take them back to Valencia to Kane.
T873 was one of Kane's most expensive ships in the armada's army. The ship was the length of three normal pirate ships with over thirty cannons. Lots of metal armor surrounded the enormous ship, giving it one of the best protection in the spiral. Also, there were over hundreds of armadas with the two bounty hunters, who were the leader of them. Bane quickly tossed Sanchi and Tobias in a small, cold, and dark cells. They separated them from Nick, knowing the heat between them.
"I can't believe this," Sanchez said, furious with trust, "We trusted Nick!"
"You trusted me," Tobias said, standing up and trying to find a way out.
Sanchez shrugged his shoulders, unable to see Tobias, "Well you saved me from getting sliced by that pirate."
"Trust me," Tobias said, "If you knew my past, you would kill me."
Sanchez quickly started to think about Tobias and reasons to trust them, even though he spied on them for a period of time. Sanchez wanted to find out more on Tobias but the cell doors opened up, revealing a shadow of a crane companion, which was Sythe. Him and other armadas walked inside the cell, grabbing Tobias by his arms and taking him out, to talk to him.
"Stay in here," Sythe said, "If you know what's good for you!"

Sythe pulled out a cloth and wrapped it around Tobias's eyes, so he wouldn't see anything valuable. Then, he heard a door opening and they sat him down on an uncomfortable chair, tying him up on the chair. Finally, he could see but he was in another room. The room was a tad bigger than the cell and it had more light. There were a huge brown table between Tobias and Sythe.
"What's up assassin," Sythe said, tapping on the table, "Haven't seen ya in a long time."
"Don't call me that Sythe," Tobias said, "It's Tobias now!"
Sythe started to laugh, standing up. Then, he started to clap his hands as he walked towards Tobias. Suddenly, he stopped the laughter and the clapping, few feet from Tobias and he started to stare at him. Sythe nodded his shoulders, calling him Tobias. Then, Sythe slapped Tobias in the face, causing the chair, with him, to fall to the ground, "Don't you dare tell me what to do you traitor!"
Sythe started to kick Tobias in his stomach repeatedly, taking his anger out on the tied up victim. Then, he stopped after about seven hard kicks and he pulled the chair with Tobias tied on it off the ground, wiping the dust off Tobias's shoulders.
"Once Kane developed that bounty hunter team," Tobias said, "He tried to get rid of me because I shared the same master with Sanchi!"
Sythe ignored Tobias's cries, walking back to his chair. Sythe slowly took a seat, bending over and picking up something under the table. Then he laid the weapon the table, revealing a familiar weapon to Tobias.
"Iris," Tobias said, staring at Sythe's weapon, "You still have it."
Iris was Sythe's weapon, which was one of the best weapons owned by any bounty hunters. The crossbow with arrows that's attached to small explosives, Iris was a dangerous weapon.
"She wants to look at you," Sythe said, patting the crossbow like it was an animal, "She's hungry for blood."
"Listen to me Sythe," Tobias said, "Kane isn't anything but trouble!"
Sythe laughed, playing with his weapon, "Is that so?"
"Sanchi and his crew are good people," Tobias said, "They can help us create an army and rule over the armadas!"
Sythe started to laugh, knowing his dream of ruling over the armadas would never happen. Sadly, Sythe knew his job was about business and catching bounties; including the most expensive ones such as Sanchi's crew, "I don't think so!"
"Come on Sythe," Tobias said, trying to get out of the chair, "Lemme talk to Leonardo or Olsen!"
"Once you left without any notice... Kane blamed Olsen and made Leonardo execute him," Sythe said, "Then he killed Leonardo because he..disrespected him."
Perfect example, Tobias thought in his head on why Kane cannot be trusted but Sythe and Bane was in it for the bounties. Tobias knew he couldn't convince Sythe anymore. Suddenly, Sythe whistled and bunch of armadas came in the room, untying Tobias and escorting him back into his cell. Tobias's voice quickly started to echo and Sythe heard him, "Dooon't do this!"

After talking to Tobias, Sythe quickly left the room once Tobias was gone and he went to discuss plans with Bane, who was steering the ship.
"Tobias is the same coward," Sythe said, opening up the door, "He brought up our plan on building on own army."
Bane laughed, "Pathetic!"
Sythe looked out of the window, noticing they were still in Skull island Skyway. Also, they knew they had a long time before they get back to Kane. Then, he heard the cries of Nick, located in a small room behind Bane and Sythe. Sythe quickly kicked the door hard, shutting Nick up.
"I'll talk to him soon," Sythe said, "Iris will come with me."
"Don't you dare blow anything up on this ship," Bane said, taking his eyes of his path, "Kane will kill both of us if you do!"

Unable to see anything, Sanchez still tried to get his hands untied, scraping his tied up hands on the hard wall. Then, the door opened up and Tobias was thrown in the room.
"Sythe is the same jerk," Tobias said, "We gotta find a way out!"
Sanchez continued to scrap his tied up hands on the wall, trying to get the ropes off him and set him free. Tobias just stayed on the ground, patiently waiting for Sanchez to get loose. Suddenly, the door opened up again and couple of armadas entered the room and took Sanchez.
"Son of an empty treasure chest," Tobias said to his self.

The three armadas quickly led Sanchez to the room where Sythe was in. They opened the door up and tossed Sanchez in the room. Then, the armadas picked Sanchez up and tied him down in a chair. The armadas quickly marched out of the room, leaving Sythe and Sanchez in the room alone.
"Sanchez," Sythe said, "Comfortable?"
Sanchez knew he couldn't convince Sythe on letting them go, hooked on the bounties. Sythe knew what he was capable of which Sanchez didn't like. He knew he'd have to act weak in front of Sythe to trick him and break out. Sanchez quickly started to tear up and shake, "P-p-p-please let me go...please!"
Sythe laughed, thinking Sanchez was pathetic, "Scared, huh?"
"T-t-t-these ropes are-are-are too-too tight," Sanchez cried, moving around in the chair, "Too tight!"
Sythe slowly got up, placing Iris on the table. Then, he walked around the table and to Sanchez's chair. Sythe got loser, next to Sanchez's hands and loosen them up for him. Sythe quickly got up, close to Sanchez's head and at this moment, Sanchez knew he'd have to do something. Suddenly, Sanchez quickly headbutted Sythe, causing the bounty hunter to fall back. Then Sanchez flipped the chair back, breaking the chair.
"I warned you," Sanchez said, picking up a sharp piece from the chair, "I warned you!"
Sanchez swung the piece at Sythe but the bounty hunter dodged his moves, kicking Sanchez on the table. Then Sythe ran to the other end of the table, grabbing Iris. With Sythe screaming, the three armadas became alerted, opening up the door to the room. Meanwhile, Sythe fired Iris, sending out two explosive arrows. Luckily, Sanchez jumped out of the way and caused the explosive arrows to hit the armadas, blowing them up in pieces.
"Iris is hungry," Sythe yelled, "She's coming for you!"
Sanchez quickly crawled under the table, making his way to Sythe. Once he was close he jumped up, trying to stab Sythe but someone fired a shot at Sanchez, blowing up Sanchez's sharp stick. It was Bane, who threw the three large anchors out to stop the ship.
"Don't move," Bane said, aiming at Sanchez's head, "Or I'll end you fast!"
Sanchez turned around, looking at Bane. Then he turned back around, trying to see Sythe but he ran up to Sanchez and knocked him out with Iris.
"Take him back to the room," Sythe said, placing Iris on the table, "Don't forget to tie him up!"

After finding out nothing from Sanchez or Tobias, Sythe decided it was time to talk to Nick, the one who gave up his crew. Bane tied him hands up behind the chair and placed him in a new room, due to Iris exploding pieces of the other room. Sythe slowly entered the room, walking around Nick, whistling.
"Nicolas," Sythe said, "If I can call you that!"
"Look man," Nick said nervously, "I gave you Sanchez and that other man...just let me go!"
"The one you described as other man has and name and it's traitor," Sythe said, "Which puts you in the same boat as that man!"
Nick started to sweat, becoming even more nervous when Sythe brought out Iris, playing with the arrows. He wanted out of here and to safety, not caring about Sanchez or Tobias. Nick even tried to negotiate a plan but Sythe was too careless to listen.
"I don't need any deals from you," Sythe said, placing Iris down, "I just want information!"
Nick knew what information Sythe wanted. He closed his eyes for a few moments to think about his decision. He rather protect his self, even though it involves putting others at risk, "I'll tell you anything!"
Sythe rose out of his seat with a huge smile and he started to clap his hands, "That's right!"\
"Bane took the map with our's in my bag," Nick said, "Everyone is there."
"Continue," Sythe said, sitting closer to him, "Go on."
Sythe wanted more. He wanted to know how many were there, supplies, and if they were capable to cause trouble. Nick quickly answered his questions, betraying the ones who saved him, "about seven or eight but the leader and two others went back to what was left of Guerta to gather their leftover supplies...they should still be there."
"Good," Sythe said, "We won't waste our times going on Guerta but when we pass it we'll fire cannons at it then we'll to their home."
"Just let me go," Nick said, "I gave you as much information I have!"
Sythe nodded his head. Then he walked out of the room, locking it and leaving Nick in there. Nick quickly started to yell for Sythe to come back but he never did.

In the leftover homes, Sanchi and the rest managed to gather lots of supplies that'd last them for about three more weeks. Sanchi carried two giant bags of rice, heading towards the ship. Malik had dozens of cans, dropping them but picking them up. Winslow was behind everyone, holding jugs of water and yum yums.
"We'll search for more in a few weeks," Sanchi said, "Let's just focus on returning home."
Winslow laughed, looking all around on what was left of Guerta, "This was home."
As they continued to walk towards their ship, the T873 came by and started to fire cannons after cannons at Guerta, where they were still in. T873 was equipped with over eleven cannons, all controlled by armadas. Sanchi quickly dropped the bags and got behind cover, "Get down!"
Boom! Over a dozen of cannons were fired into Smith's house, causing it to fall down and nearly landing on Malik. T873 fired even more, blowing up most of the leftover houses and Sanchi quickly had enough of it.
"Get on our ship with the supplies and follow this ship," Sanchi said, running to the T873, "I'll take care of the issue!"
"Wait Sanchi," Malik said, "Are you crazy?"
Sanchi looked back and smiled, running towards the T873. He quickly ran into the ship's blindspot, jumping on the side of the ship where most of the cannons were. Sanchi were dangling off the ship, slowly moving towards one of the cannons that were still firing. In just a few seconds, Sanchi was dangling off the T873 with a cannon above his head.
"Keep firing," An armada shouted, unaware of Sanchi under his cannon.
Sanchi were still holding onto his life on the ship's metal handlebars. Then when the cannon started to fire, Sanchi quickly pushed the cannon up, firing a cannon ball into the ship, taking out that armada and causing dust to fill up the room which blinded the armadas of Sanchi. He didn't care for the clockworks, which made it easier to take the remaining five of them out. With the armadas blinded by the dust, Sanchi ran behind two of them, quickly slicing them in half. The remaining three noticed Sanchi's presence but all they had was swords. Two armadas ran at Sanchi, swinging their sharp swords, failing to take down Sanchi who quickly took them out.
"Take this," The last armada shouted, knocking Sanchi's sword away.
The armada swung this sword but missed Sanchi as he dropped to the ground. Then, Sanchi punched the armada a few times, causing it to drop his sword. Sanchi quickly ran the armada into the walls twice. Sanchi kicked one of the cannons off the ship, leaving a hole inside the lower port. Finally, Sanchi pushed the armada off the ship and into the Skyway. He quickly ran to one of the cannons and fired a ball into the armada, directly hitting it and destroying it.
"Someone probably heard all that," Sanchi said to his self, "Need to move fast!"
Sanchi ran to the other end of the ship, where some of the engineers were. He quickly tied the rope of his ship to the T873, helping Winslow and Malik entering the ship.
"I ran past a small room and saw Tobias's Kali," Sanchi said, "They have him, Sanchez, and Nick!"
"We're going to have to sneak our way towards them," Winslow said, "Too many armadas on this ship and not to mention those bounty hunters."
They tried to began their search for their crew but two engineers came out, talking to each other. Luckily, Sanchi and the rest managed to hide from them.
"This isn't going to be an easy rescue mission," Sanchi said, "Definitely not!"

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