Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Warrior AE "Watch your back" S5

After watching Sanchi's crew escaping from the armadas, Kane quickly became furious. Then, Leonardo disrespected Kane and his orders, causing the armada leader to execute one of the best bounty hunters, leaving two left. Sanchez and Nick both designed a plan to go out and grab a few drinks from bars, completely disguised, Tobias eventually joined the two. Sanchi, Winslow, and Malik decided to go out to Guerta to search for old supplies from before. Malik catches Erica already trying to get with Mario, making his opinion on Erica worse, causing him to yell at the two. Now, Sythe and Bane continued to look all around Skull island for their bounty, coming near Sanchez's path.

Sanchez, Nick, and Tobias started their way to a small island with a bar called, Poterics. Sanchez decided to fly their new armada's ship, leaving Nick in the back sleeping and Tobias playing with his Kali stick. Sanchez kept looking back, keeping an eye on the two he really didn't know much about. After the sixth time of Sanchez looking back, Nick quickly called him out, "Something back here you should tell us about?"
"No," Sanchez said, "Making sure you two are okay."
"I am," Nick said, "Don't know so much about this guy."
Nick was referring to Tobias, pointing at him, completely zoned out and was focus on cleaning his Kali knife. Sanchez knew he could trust Tobias now on near-death situations, knowing he can handle it, but he doesn't know much on Nick's situations, "He has a name and it's Tobias."
Nick quickly got off the floor and sat next to Sanchez, who was flying the ship. Nick wouldn't to make sure Tobias wouldn't hear their conversation, "How can you trust that man?"
Sanchez laughed, "He could of left me behind and let me die but he didn't."
"Yeah but Malik told me that he worked with Kane," Nick said, "Isn't that dangerous?"
Sanchez remembered when Tobias and Kane encountered each other, remembering Kane setting another bounty, placing it on Tobias, "For now...we can trust him."
Finally, they made it to Poterics which made Nick excited. Meanwhile, Tobias didn't care much about the bar and he preferred not drinking there but he knew it wasn't up to him. Sanchez quickly wrapped a bandanna around his face, covering his nose and mouth. He also placed a large cowboy-like hat on his head.
"This isn't smart," Tobias said, "We're doing this just for a couple bottles?"

Sanchi flew close to the island with his old home on it. She flew the ship behind Guerta, making sure no armadas going by would spot them here. Then, Sanchi stepped off the ship, looking around and remembering lots of unforgotten memories. The walls, fallen all around the place and some of the homes were completely destroyed. The town hall (Douglass's home) were even destroyed with the small hospital and their old home. Memories, Sanchi thought, all gone with their homes.
"It's okay," Winslow said, placing his hand on Sanchi's back, "We tried to keep this place up...just don't let the guilt kill you."
"I just can't," Sanchi said, "Wish I could of done more."
Sanchi, Winslow, and Malik jumped over bunch of fallen debris and slowly walked inside Guerta, looking at the fallen homes and armada's bodies everywhere. They felt like they won the battle only because they made it out but Sanchi knew the ones who didn't make it would disagree about the victory. The three started to walk near the town hall where they were a standing house up.
"I think Geno lived in here," Malik said, "I know he didn't make it."
Sanchi quickly kicked down the door, giving them an entrance inside the house. Winslow was first to go inside Geno's house, glancing around his small living room.
"I'll check upstairs," Malik said, "Y'all can check down here."
Malik slowly walked up the steps, looking around for any threats. Sanchi walked into Geno's kitchen, noticing the busted windows and glass everywhere. Sanchi walked to his kitchen table, looking at the happy-like drawings. Happy? Sanchi laughed at the drawings only because he felt like they shouldn't of been joyful-like drawings. He quickly crumbled up the drawing and threw it on the ground.
"Pathetic," Sanchi said to his self as he threw the papers off the table, "All of it!"
Malik looked in the guest room, completely empty but really clean, Malik knew the room wasn't touched in a long time. Then, he went into Geno's room, slowly opening up the door, "Hello?"
Malik looked inside the room which was a complete mess and nightmare. He noticed the busted window from a bullet and blood on the wall, near the bed. Malik slowly walked towards the blood on the wall. Once he got there, he quickly looked way and placed his hands over his eyes. He looked back again, looking at Geno's deceased body, with a bullet in his head.

Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick slowly entered the bar, looking at a few drunken pirates around tables and vomit on the floor. They were loudly greeted by the bartender, "Take a set ye gentlemen!"
Nick was first to take a seat, requesting two shots glass filled with some strong alcohol. Then, he chugged both of them and asked for another one, which amazed Sanchez and Tobias.
"Calm down," Sanchez said, "We don't want you drunk here!"
The bartender noticed Sanchez snapping at Nick, "Make yourself a home and take off that ugly hat and bandanna!"
"Not drinking," Sanchez said, looking at from the bartender.
Sanchez glanced at Tobias, sitting next to Nick but not drinking at all. Tobias kept looking around the bar, making sure trouble wasn't near. Meanwhile, Sanchez felt safe and thought no one would messed with them. Suddenly, the doors opened up and two familiar bounty hunters came in. Both, Tobias and Sanchez noticed Sythe and Bane.
"Charles," Bane yelled, putting two fingers up, "We want them fast!"
The two bounty hunters walked past Sanchez and Tobias, not paying attention to the two disguised ones. Sythe and Bane quickly took a seat next to Nick who didn't know these were bounty hunters.
"That fellow is going to get us in some trouble," Tobias whispered to Sanchez, "We need to go fast."
Suddenly, Nick placed two shot glass down and called for Sanchez, saying his name out loud. Sythe and Bane quickly glanced at Nick. Sanchez and Tobias both jumped up, rushing to Nick, ready to leave.
"We're leaving," Sanchez whispered, "Now."
Sythe pushed his stool out in front of them, causing Sanchez to stop. Then, Sythe got up and looked at Sanchez eye-to-eye. The pelican bounty hunter smiled and purposely bumped into Sanchez, causing him to drop his hat, giving away his identity.
"Ha," Sythe said, pulling out with crossbow, "Found ya!"
Sanchez quickly dodged the bow, nearly hitting them. Then, he ran into Sythe and pushed him into Bane, causing the two to fall to the ground. Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick quickly ran from them, taking the back way out of the bar.
"Make sure they don't reach their ships," Sythe said, following Sanchez, "Watch out Bane!"

Julia stayed outside of the house, not wanting to associate with Erica or Mario. Also, she was cooking some food for just her and Randal. She completely lost respect for Erica and didn't want to do anything for her, even though she was the crew's medic.
"Randal," Julia said, "Dinner is almost ready!"
Erica looked out of the window, watching Julia cooking a meal just for two. She quickly walked outside to talk to Julia, trying to get get friendly with Julia.
"Hey Julia," Erica said, "Need help with anything?"
Julia ignored Erica, continuing to fix Randal's meal. She started to talk to Randal as Erica listened to the two. Then, Erica tried to talk to Julia again, "Are you mad at me?"
"What you are doing is pathetic," Julia said, "All my respect for you is gone."
Randal thought what Julia said wasn't right, thinking everyone was family, "That wasn't nice m'am!"
Julia poured Randal's dinner into a metal can and handed it to him, "Go eat inside and let us talk this out."
Once Randal ran inside and closed the door, Julia started to explain more to Erica, "Danny pretty much got you away from the danger and death!"
"I know..." Erica said, "But..."
Julia quickly interrupted, "No, what you did with Mario just disgusted me and I don't even want you here!"
Erica nodded her head, slowly backing up from Julia. She wanted Julia to like her because they weren't a lot of ladies here. Then, she decided to end it with Mario, "I just needed someone to help me feel better and Mario was the only one there for me!"
Julia laughed, "Because you like him!"
"No," Erica said, "Because he's pretty much the only one who likes me!"
Erica quickly started to explain more. She felt like Mario was the only one who liked her or even talked to her before Danny's death. Malik only talked to her when she fixed him up with his injury and Malik didn't say thanks, she explained. She didn't feel like she was part of the crew, which Julia thought that was false. Julia knew everyone here is family and she never knew Erica didn't know that.
"I understand and I'm sorry," Julia said, "You're just as important as me or Sanchez, we love you and you're part of this crew since Guerta!"
Erica broke into tears, started to miss Danny and felt bad for everything she did. Julia quickly got close to her, hugging her and making her feel better, "Everything will be just fine."

Sanchez, Tobias, and Nick continued to run from the two bounty hunters and a few armadas, firing at them. Sythe was close to them, firing explosive arrows out of his crossbow, nearly hitting Tobias. Suddenly, Nick started to worry more and more, soon to show what Sanchez wanted to see. The three ran behind a tree, almost out of breath.
"We're going to die," Nick said, "We need to do something!"
Sanchez and Tobias didn't know what to do, which made Nick have no other choice, he thought. While they turned their backs on Nick, he pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Sanchez's head, "Give me the map."
Sanchez turned around, facing betrayal. Nick demanded for the two to put their hands up, both Sanchez and Tobias did.
"You need to calm down," Tobias said, "You shouldn't do this!"
"Give me the map," Nick said, "And hand me your weapons!"
Sanchez unbuckled his gun holder, causing both of his pistols to hit the ground. Tobias slowly pulled his stick out and placed it on the ground, thinking of what to do but Sanchez told him not to do anything stupid. Sanchez and Tobias kicked their weapons and the map in front of Nick. Suddenly, Sythe and other armada's noises grew louder, knowing they were nearby.
"Now," Nick said, "Both of you run out there in front of the rest...or else!"
"Nick," Sanchez said, "Don't..."
Nick quickly loaded his pistol, shutting them up. Sanchez knew they didn't have another choice. Both Sanchez and Tobias jumped out of cover. Sythe's voice quickly echoed around, "We got them!"
Sythe aimed his crossbow, looking around the area and made sure the other one wasn't there. Then, Sythe kicked Sanchez and Tobias to the ground, tying their hands up. Also, Sythe found Sanchez's guns and Tobias's Kali. Sythe laughed, "Well well...isn't this rich?"

Nick heard the Sythe's voices, which caused him to run away from them and towards his ship. He felt victorious and he thought since he had the map, Sanchez and Tobias wouldn't be able to find him. Nick quickly ran towards his ship with a smile. Although, he forgot there were two bounty hunters...not one.
"Don't move," Bane said, aiming at Nick, "Got one of them!"
Nick dropped his weapon and raised his hands up for Bane. Then, Nick tried to explain to Bane what he did and tried to convince him that to let him go, "I pretty much gave you guys Sanchez!"
Bane still didn't let him go, pushing him to the ground. Then, Bane reached into Nick's pocket, taking out his map. Nick still continued to talk which annoyed Bane. Bane quickly knocked Nick in the back of the head, leaving him unconscious and he threw his body on the ship, waiting for Sythe to come back with the other two.

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