Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Troggy mania #2

Breaking news: This is just in! A troggy who a fellow Pirate captured has broke out of his cage. He's in the HELPFUL area on AOTS P101, Find him, Find him! Capture him before 9 PM Central time.

Troggy talk-Companions.
In the skyway, We all know the evil..crazy..weird..blue/white/yellow/black/red Troggies. But some Troggies in the skyway are actually good! Like for example the Red lvl 26 Buccaneer Troggy "Ek-Ek" that Privateers MIGHT receive.. There is also another one, His name is "Eep Opp Orkoah-ah" A Green Troggy High chief. Kinda like Eep Op Ork Ah ah. But that's not the only companions you can earn! You can also earn A blue Troggy (The image showed) Called Ek-Ek & another White Troggy, Buccaneer *No name* And those Troggy companions have nice stats & good abilities! I've to agree that Troggies are amazing & powerful, Maybe not in Skull Mnt but any other place, They're helpful & amazing! 
I started a Privateer class because of what I heard about Privateer Companions can earn TWO Troggy companions. I was amaze & relief, I can finally get a Troggy companion without defeating one 25 times.
Most Troggy companions I see are manly Buccaneers or Witchdoctors (Such as Ek Ek & Eep Opp Orkoah-ah) 
Hope you enjoy this talk/article, Come back tomorrow for more Troggy Mania! :) Now go catch them crazy Troggy that is in Adventures of the spiral, For Cap'n Blaze! Tune in tomorrow for More Troggy discussion/Talk & remember...Next time when you see a Troggy licking his eyes, Remember this. They're somewhat helpful. Cya in the spiral! 

Licking his eyes he likes to do

                        Eep Opp Orkoah-ah

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