Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interview with Kelsey Fireheart!

Me: Hey Kelsey to get started. You have a site called Stars of the spiral, Tell us about the amazing site.

Kelsey: Hello. Stars of the Spiral is an informative site all about Kingsisle's great games; Wizard101 & Pirate101. We hope to make the gaming experience a bit easier when they need the help. And mostly to have FUN!

Me: The site is really fun!

Me:  Ok, How is Pirate101 going? Any favorite companions or pets?

Kelsey: My favorite companion is the Weasel Gambler. I love the way he throws his cards at the enemy. It's very original! My favorite pet would be the Blue-Ringed Walktopus. It's just so cute! 

Me: Good choice! Ok, What do you LOVE about Pirate101? 

Kelsey: Exciting and you just want to keep going and become the best ship fighter in the spiral!

Me: Whats your favorite world in Pirate101?

Kelsey : Mooshu no question. The beauty of the world is just breathtaking. It is the best world I've seen so far in both games. I hope they continue crafting amazing worlds like Mooshu. I am happiest there, it's incredibly peaceful and it's even hard for me to stop taking pictures there.

Me: I am a picture person XD, Ok, What class do you recommend for all Pirates in the skyways? 

Kelsey: Everyone is different. But I notice a lot of people like Swashbuckler. It seems to be a very well rounded class. Its easy to start with.

Me: Great answer! Now to rap things up, Tell us about Fearless Kristen Eastwick!

Kelsey: Fearless Kristen Eastwick is a dashing swashbuckler who loves fighting ships, collecting loot and gaining new members for her crew as well as pets. She wants to get to El Dorado and uncover the mystery there.. and the loot!

Me: Thank you so much Kelsey! Happy sailing!

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