Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkid The final chapter

"They won't wiiiin" Nightshade said to his self
"His army is useeeeeless!" He said again
Now, I was in a old house with a bunch of zombies on me with a knocked out guy, Which was the one that got me in this mess, I didn't know what to do with him, Leave him here or take him with us. But one thing I Know was not going to turn back now, I need this potion to save Ravenwood and my friends. This is my chance to become a wizard who everyone look up to.
Everything was getting better, I was safe and no sign or signal that  Bob & Oscar was attacked. But when I heard a big "Sigh" I knew it all fell apart.
"W-w-why are you saving me?" He woke up and said
I didn't know how to respond to that, So I was silent. Till he yelled at me to tell him
"Because I had too! I am not a man that leaves people behind" I said
"This is all your fault, If I can I would leave you behind for what all the things you caused" I said
I knew we had to leave this house, The zombies was getting in somehow.
"We need to leave" I said, Trying to find a way out
But there was none, The door which was covered with zombies and the ladder to the attic, Well who knows what up there, But I wasn't risking anything so I came up with a good idea
"You go in the attic" I said
"Why me?" He asked
"Because you caused this!" I said
"Isn't jail enough?" He moaned and climb up
"Anything up there?" I asked but no reply yet
Kaboom! The zombies broke in and I had to go up the ladder, I didn't care whats up there or anything better then a zombie eating me.
"Thank you for replying, I..." I stopped
In front of my eyes was a weapon shack, Axe Pickaxes, Wands, Legendary wands, Noobie wands and swords
"We gonna need this" He said
"We're not going to make it" Bob said, Slaying down zombies trying to get to a shelter
"Oscar you can fly, Leave me behind there is way too many" Bob said
But Oscar wouldn't do it, He stayed
"Guess we're done for" Bob said
Zombies was getting closer & closer to them, Till I came in
Swoop, Bam! Slicing zombies with new weapons here
"Take this" I said, Throwing a wand at Bob
"Wait up, We need some" Lawson with the two other knights came
"You're alive?" I said, So relief its not just us
"Of course, We hid in a cave, Slaying some zombies!" Jared said
I handed all three of the knights a sword and a shield just in case it gets outta control
"Lets fight'em & then Nightshade" I said
"We took care of 6 zombies in 2 minutes, I think we had some hope
"Who is this guy?" Lawson asked, Pointing at the stranger
"I don't know his name, He the one who caused this mess" I said
"Oh wasn't he?" Lawson said, Going to him and pushing him over
"No no what are you doing" I said, Backing him up
"He's the one who made this mess!" Lawson said, Running me over once again
And and a relief/Bad 2 zombies tumbled over him, Taking him down
"Nooo!" Simon said, Slicing the zombies
"He's affected now, Leave him" Jared said and we all ran into the nearest or highest shelter
We found this short house but it had a gate, We can lock the zombies out, But I knew we was out of time
"Fools!" Nightshade said, Heading toward us

"Nightshade is coming" Bob said and I knew this was my chance
I walked out of the house, Just to Nighthsade who was 3 miles from us
"What are you doing?" Bob asked
"Ending this once and for all" I said
And when I was so close to get there, A zombie bit my foot
"Ahh. No!" I cried and took care of the zombie
Now I was limping, Trying to get to Nightshade when I noticed all 21 still alive zombies was coming to me
"He's not going to make it, I have to help him" The stranger said and he ran out of the gate
"Lala!" He screamed, Banging on metal to attract the zombies and it worked!
All 21 or I should say 20 went toward him and only a red ghoul didn't
"I don't want to hurt you, Young boy!" He said
"Well bad day for you" I said swinging my sword at his face
But he reflected my sword away with my shovel, Knocked it out of my hand.
"Your life is over" He said, Pounding me with the shovel, Knocking me down a hill, Rolling
"You messed with the wrong ghoul" He said, Going to finish me off
I knew I didn't have much time left, The bite was getting affected, I can feel the blood or bacteria coming up
I noticed my wand on the right side of me, I crawled toward and luckily grabbed it.
"No, You messed with the wrong Wiz...Pumpkin!" I said and blasted him with a rage of fire elves and that was the end of him.
"Come on zombies, Come on" He said, Still banging on metal
It was working perfectly till a zombie came behind him and bit his leg
"Ahh!" He cried and fell down
And it got worst, 11 zombies tumbled on him and he was gone.
"No" Simon shouted, Seeing 9 zombies barging in
And now it was only I, Oscar & Bob...For now
I cannot believe this was happening, I thought looking over where they were at, Oscar and Bob on the roof and the zombies trying to get up, I thought hopefully they were safe but me not so much.
I probably have exactly 8 minutes left, But luckily I made it.
"You ruined my whole entire plan!" Nightshade said, Striking me with a Death fairy, And it did worked, Hurt me bad
"Your rampage is over" I said, Bringing my wand out
But then my legs for weak & weaker and I fell down
"I don't even need to fight you, You're all ready affected you're too weak!" Nightshade laughed
I didn't know what to do but just lay there and give up. Till I looked far from Nightshade's right and saw Scratch, Moving, He's alive!
So I crawled quietly to him and then I was close Nightshade stepped on my hand and sling me back to the stop I was at.
5 minutes I thought 5 minutes to live I thought once again.
But I looked one more time and Scratch got up and he noticed me and ducked back down, Acting dead
"Take off your Pumpkin" He whispered
"Use it and throw it at the potions where Nightshade is at, It'll spill all over him, Destroying him into bits" He said and I did what was told
I slung the Pumpkin so hard and it did it! It knocked down the potions all over Nightshade, Sizzling on him smokes was coming and Nightshade got angry
"Stupid boy, I'll show you your end" He said, Walking to me with his sharp-end staff
And boom!
The room was all silent, I was alive and in Scratch just standing up, With a sword and Nightshade on the ground, Disappearing away.
"You did it, We won" I said but not noticing I was dying with 2 minutes left
"Lemme get the potions" He said
"Why? I am dying" I said
"Here-Here drink this" He said, Passing the potion toward me
I took a huge sip of that potion and no pain and I looked down to my ankle, There was no zombie bite! I was sure we won.

2 hours later we cleaned up the zombie bodies and brought Jack, The stranger, Lawson, Simon, Jared & David back to life.
I noticed the stranger/stealer sitting there
"Good job, That's how you fight" I said proudly
"What do you mean?" He said
"You took away your life for me, You're the real hero" I said and patted his back and walked toward David
"Well we did it, Halloween over" David said to me
"Yes it is" I said proudly
And he noticed
"You don't have your pumpkin on anymore" He said
"Yes I know" I said
And Jack, Scratch, Oscar and Bob came up to me
And I knew it was over, And I brought out my Identity card
"Whats this?" They all said
"Every Wizard gets it" I said
"Who is Edward Lifegem?" Jack said
And now that's how it all ends, Halloween over & I feel better then ever to finally let ravenwood, Know who I was...Edward Lifegem, Life wizard who's attend Ravenwood magical arts.

                              The End

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