Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkid #10

                     PumpKid #10
"Is it really Bob's cloths pieces?" I said
"Sadly yes" He said
I knew something was up, Really if one of my partners pieces of cloths are laying on the ground, There's a knocked out Banshee and a gigantic hole in my dorm, This Halloween is ruin.
"I think Bob wasn't kidnapped, I think he was rescued" Jack said, One of the smartest things he said in awhile, He wasn't so smart & not so good with ideas, But that one sentence he said helped me, It made me not so worry anymore and had some belief and confidence in myself.
"Ok, If Bob is still alive he could be anywhere, But we need to get down to the case and find him, find out about this saver & put nightshade flames out" Other words, Find & find & destroy.
It been 30 minutes and no clues or signs...Till now when we found, Boot prints into the dirt, It all led up into a gigantic cave, Glowing like there was a candle or a fire inside of it.
"Are we going in there?" Jack asked, Like if I even know that answer
"Is it safe?" I said, Knowing that answer...
"Stay close" Jack said, Going in
Jack, Oscar & I went in and the smell was known, Smells like someone I know
"DAVID!" I yelled, Forgetting all about David and not answering
"Oh no we'll have to turn back & look for him" Jack said, Sarcastically
But he didn't care, He just kept on going in, I couldn't leave him alone, So I decided to come in too, With Oscar, My sidekick of course.
It smelled like David for sure, A mixture of a dead person & A potion.
We walked in, It was dark, But when we entered the room, There was pots, Potions, Tools & Medicine supplies
"Look!" I said, Pointing at Bob, In a corner, Knocked out with potions that was empty
"Looks like this kidnapper was a killer too" Jack said.
We waited a couple of hours for this kidnapper and every 5 minutes we checked on Bob and manly did some snooping around, Any clues on to find out who this person is, It seems like this whole Halloween been a mystery & teamwork & sometimes split up, But we always end up together, Like a family, Mostly Oscar and I, We known each other for like forever, Jack & Bob, I meet 3 years ago. I known David for a long period of time, Longer then Oscar.
All the memories of us was going though my head, Thinking all about them, Until Jack panicked
"I hear footsteps! And a horse!" Jack panicked
We had no idea what to do, We was shocked & afraid to see what he'll do to us when he see us trust passing.
"Hide somewhere" I said, Going to his desk and under it

He walked in. All I heard was heavy breathing like he was attack or running hard. He dropped his stuff, As I heard it hit the ground,
"Ugh" He said, Looking at Bob, As I can tell by taking a quick peek
He walked to Bob, Holding a potion, And I knew it could kill him, So I got him quietly & steady, Right when he got to Bob, I jumped on his back, My arms wrapped around his neck
"Ah, Who are you? A kidnapper?" He said, Trying to throw me off
"Leave my friend alone!" I said, Losing my grip
"I'm trying to save him!" He said, Throwing me off
"Who are you! A pumpkin in Jack Beanstock?" He said
"I am Pumpkid & that skeleton...Ish fellow is my friend...And my slave" I said bombastically
He stopped breathing for a minute and lifted me off of the ground, Lending a hand
"Treat him with respect" He said
"Or I'll take care of you" He said solemnly
"Sir, I respect your territory, Don't think I don't, But why would you kidnap my friend and poison him with a potion?" I said
"The potion will keep him steady, Painless" He said
His voice was deep, But I still couldn't see his face ever since he entered, He blew out all the candles, Surprise he didn't trip on anything
"Can you light up some candles?" I asked diplomaticly
He did what I asked for, Light some candles so I could find out who he is, But right when he turned around, I knew I was in for a surprise

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