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P101 Head-start & Pumpkid #3

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                                   PumpKid #3

In my mind I was trying my best to make up a lie so David won't think I'm here to take Oscar. "Couldn't sleep, So I went on a walk and I noticed your dorm all light up, So you know just wanted to see what was up and if everything..."
"Everything is fine"
"Well you didn't let me finish, Oh yeah and..."
"I have to go, I going to bed"
"Sleep over lets have a sleep over" I said trying  to be positive and not rude
"It'll be amazing, We can study some spells, Have lots of fun" I said trying to convince him to let me in
"Maybe tom..."
"Oh great, Thanks!" I purposely interrupted and walked in
"Pumpkin, Please get out, I want to go asleep and this place isn't big for both of..."
"I'll sleep on the floor, Getting a sleeping bag" I said wishing he would shut up and let me go in
"I am serious, Leave now" He said solemnly
"Well then, I will if I get Oscar back" I said getting to the point
"I don't have your stupid pet, Now good night" He said slamming the door in my face. The door slamming noise was very loud and it attracted some banshees and ghost
"Oh no" I said looking at all the banshees that was getting close to me. But I heard food steps like slippers and a staff hit the ground kinda more like a cane but it was dark and I couldn't see a thing "Who is it?" I said sounding like I was talking to myself. It was all dark, Foggy and cold, No Banshees or Ghosts in sight & the mysterious voice was getting closer, I can just feel it. "Puuuuuuuuumpkiiiiiiiiiid" The mysterious voice echoed and it was getting louder "Oscar?" I said hoping it was him
"Come out now!" I demanded
Hoping this person would finally listen to me. Still no reply, "Come out or else" I said
"Ruuuuuuuuuuun, Ruuuuuuuuuuuun, Pumpkin boy" The mysterious voice said but I heard it perfectly like he was right next to me.
I can just feel him breathing hard like he was right next to me, I thought. I turned to my right slowly and nervously. "Ahhhhh! Help!" I cried, When he was right in front of my face with his staff, Ready to kill me.

"Pumpkid, Pumpkid!"
"What, What happen?" I said waking up in my dorm and Jack, Bob, Ambrose & David right in front of me
"I founded you outside, Sleeping or passed out" Jack said
"I saw something! It was calling my name and it was in front of my face, And and..."
"What did he looked like?" Ambrose interrupted
"I don't know" I said breathing deeply
"Any luck of finding Oscar?" I said hoping he's here in a moment like this
"Sadly, No" Jack said
"Oh" I said looking at David .

"David, Nice colors, May I ask, How did you got that wonderful outfit with that expensive colors?" I said
The room was silent and David wouldn't speak. "David?" Jack said
David bolted out of the room, Having a secret, Almost
"I worry about him" Jack said not even thinking about how he stole everything
"I think you need to rest and not go outside, E..."
"Ok" I interrupted
"I think it will be smart if I go out and look for Oscar" Jack suggested
"Because you know I'm Halloween" Jack said
"I can come too" Bob said
"Oh, Yay, Spooky Bob & Jack on a mission" I said joking around.
Been 3 hours, Stuck in my dorm, Resting, I just want to come out and go look for Oscar myself. Clump Clump the door banged "Door's open" I shouted
Coming in my dorm was two guards breathing deeply "Guards? What are you doing here and outside at this time?" I asked
"Bob & Jack was attacked and kidnapped!" One of the guards said
"What!?!?!" I said getting out of the bed
"We have to go rescue them and find out who's this" I stopped and pushed the guards out of my way and headed out
"Where are you going?" The guard said pulling me back
"Going to see if David here, Come" I said.
I was running fast trying not to get close to a banshee, The guards was slowing down and one of them stopped "Break, Too tired" A guard said "No time, Come on!" I said.
All of a sudden, The banshees and Ghost just went away and fog came "Oh no, Come on get up, Its here" I said.
Cling cling, The noises of the same person that attacked me last night was coming and getting closer "Ruuuuuuun, Ruuuuuuun"
"What was that?" A guard said
"Get up! Now quick" I said
Wooosh, A banshee popped out and grabbed a guard "Nooo!" the other guard screamed
"Come on get up get up!" I said
It was getting noisier & noisier, The mysterious voice laughter was the scariest "What is happening" A guard said
"Should haaaaaave came here" The mysterious voice echoed with laughter "Run kid run!" The guard said couldn't get up.
I started to run and I was far away from him, But I heard the guard cried and more laughter. I was going so fast trying to get into my dorm, But I wouldn't make it, My legs was killing me and if I ran anymore I could have a heart attack, I stopped looked around and I saw David's dorm 2 blocks down, His lights was on.
"David David!" I screamed heading to his dorm.
"David, David, Please open up" I cried finally reached his dorm, Banging his door
"PuuuuuuuuumpKiiiiid" The voices echoed.

"Young wizard" Ambrose said waking me up
"Two Guards are gone" I cried
"He got him and almost me"
"You have to tell me about him" Ambrose said
"He was in front of my face, But, It was foggy and dark" I said
"A banshee swooped up one of the guards and the other one couldn't get up, Like he was stuck" I said
"He kidnapped Jack, Bob & two guards" I finished
"You'll stay in this dorm, Till we find this kidnapper, He is after you, I will send 3 guards over at night to guard your dorm and make sure this person it gone" Ambrose said.
I think this Halloween is mess up, I might of even lost my best friend Oscar, Bob & Jack. "I need rest" I said to myself covering up myself with a blanket.
"Youuuuuuuu arrrrrrrrre next! I will fiiiind you"
"Come out! I don't care who you are, I will get you and destroy you"
"You're friends will die, In the next 96 hours"
"Let them go!"
"Pumpkin boy, Pumpkin boy, Pumpkin boy!"
"Ahhhhh!" I screamed and woked up and in front of me was the 3 guards and I looked out the window and it was dark.
"You okay kid?" A guard said
"I had a nightmare, They are going to destroy my friends that he kidnapped in 96 hours!" I said getting up
"No, Sit down you can't leave" One of the guard said
"Okay....So, Whats your names?" I said trying not to be bored
"My name is Simon"
"My name is Lawson"
"My name is Jared" All 3 of the guards introduced Their self.
"Why do you have a pumpkin on your head? You like Halloween that much?" Simon joked
"Will we find my friends in 96 hours?" I asked hoping for a answer
"I don't know, Hopefully, If we catch him" Jared said.
"Don't say that, You're going to make the kid cry" Lawson whispered to Jared.
I just walked up to the window and just looked out, Hoping to find some answers. I imagine my life without Oscar, Jack & Bob, My only best friends, Beside David, I don't know if we're even friends.
"You heard that?" Lawson said hearing whispering noises like I heard when I was attacked
"Oh no he's here" I said getting into my bed
"Go hide kid, Boys, Come with me, Going to check" Jared said.
Been 10 minutes and nothing, I see Simon out of the window looking around, Very scared. "Anything boys?" Lawson shout out.
"No, Wait wait whats that?" Jared
"Ahhhh! Help me!"
"He's getting attacked!"
"Help me, Help me!"
Oh no! I thought in my mind, This is the end of me, He's going to kill or kidnap me. It was all silent, No noises and Lawson & Simon come running in shutting & locking the door.
"What happen? Where is the other guard" I asked
"He came, He-He took Jared, I don't know if he kidnapped him or what" Simon said
"I think, This person or whatever what it is wants YOU" Lawson said laying on the bed
"What should we do?" I asked
"Nothing, He's powerful, Fast and Halloween is his things with these ghosts roaming around" Simon said closing the curtains.
It was silent, Scary for Simon & Lawson, Losing one of their's friends, But I know we can get him back and the rest this kidnapper kidnapped, I can't just let them lose someone, I don't give up.

Tune in tomorrow for more Pumpkid! 
Who is Pumpkid?!?!?
In every story it gives you a hint!
1 hint: Twizards

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