Tuesday, October 2, 2012

News & Reminders

P101: Hey Wizards/Pirates! Pirate101 heardstart starts the 8th of October!!!

Party! Also don't forget to come to Anthony's & Alex's Birthday party on October 6th, Meet us in the life tower realm Vampire at 3 PM and Blaze DragonHorn & other people will come and pick you up!

AOTS event: Don't forget to enter AOTS's chosen one contest (Go to the last post) and enter! 1v1 to be #1, 16 lucky wizards will be pick and battle to become AOTS president & win 5,000 crowns! Starts soon so go to the last post on AOTS and enter, 2 weeks left! For more information contact at bdragonhorn@yahoo.com or on twitter at @Official_AOTS

P101 give away: IGN is giving away 10 Pirate101 bundles that include 60k crowns to enter, Leave a Pirate theme Haiku on IGN's site!! http://www.ign.com/blogs/jinxcellent/2012/10/02/giveaway-pirate101/

Digby the Lonely Wizard: Digby series was delay do to some of the cast not feeling well :(, But Digby isn't cancel hopefully it'll start on the 13th of October.

Anthony B-day: Make sure to say happy Birthday to Anthony DeathBane, He deserves it and his bday is tomorrow.

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