Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkid #7

                             Pumpkid #7 Lady with meals 

"Okay, Think we're here" David said holding up the map.
We collected some tools, And Jack & Bob.
"So, Lets go in and demand the amulet back" Bob suggested
"Not a good idea" I said
"We have to do this professional" David said
Finally David said something smart & right
"So lets sneak up on this old bat and defeat her!" David said
"I like Bob idea" I said
"Well, I'm kinda on the edge for David's idea now" Bob said
"Yes, Me too, She tricked us and might destroy us" Jack said
It felt like that I was with three idiots, Having no clue what they're doing.
"How bout we just..." I stopped as I heard the door open
"Hide hide!" I said, Diving into a bush
We was all hiding in some awkward spot, But Oscar standing still looking at the house, Looking at the smoking food next to the window.
"Don't be a idiot Oscar" I said to myself
And right when I said that, He headed to the food.
"IDIOT!" I shouted out by accident
Swoosh! She swooped up Oscar and dashed inside of the house
"She has Oscar! And cookies" I said coming out of the bush
I walked up to the door and knocked politely, Ignoring what just happen to Oscar
"Yes?" She said, So nicely & politely
"M'am you have my...." I stopped and took a long glance at the pumpkin pie, Pumpkin cookies, Wizard hat shape cookies
"That look food" I burst out
"You want some" She offered as she opens her door
"Just a little" I said walking in
And right when I walked in she shut the door quick and locked it.
"Just for safety reasons" She said when I glanced at her.
"What is pumpkid doing?" Jack said, Coming out of her pumpkin patch
"I don't know? And why are you in a pumpkin patch?" He asked
"Doesn't matter, But we have to save him! He's in a crazy banshee/human house!" Jack panicked

"Climb the roof" Jack suggested
"Oh, Thats good!" David said
"Yes, And get the amulet, Oscar, Pumpkid and..."
"FOOD!" David burst out
"Yes! That is good" Bob said
"But you know it is going to be hard carrying all that food and it might hurt my back" Jack said
"What are we doing? Lets go guys!"
"What is that noise?" I said hearing moving on the roof
"Rats, We have lots of them, They're friendly" She said holding tight on that amulet, Secretly
"I can go check" I suggested
"No, No its good" She said.
And all of a sudden, The roof broke, Falling from it was a Scarecrow, Skeleton and a wizard in a halloween outfit.
"Who are these people?" She said bringing out her broom
"Freeze miss, Or I should say Banshee!" David said
"She not a banshee she's too nice and a good cook" I said, But I was wrong.
The room was glowing with green light, Maybe could of blinded one of us.
"What is happening?" Bob cried
And the light was gone and all was there was us, The amazing food and a green banshee standing, Laughing
"Awww man" I said
She tackled David and started to scratch him
"Get off of him you old bat!" Bob said
She stopped for seconds and jumped on Bob and scracth once again
"No, Bad bad!" I said trying to pull her off"
I made a bad mistake because right when I pulled her off, She attacked me
She was clawing, Taring pieces of my pumpkin off of my face
"Help help!" I cried
And 5 seconds later, It was over, Everyone in silent, Even the banshee, And David shouted out
"Pumpkid...Your pumpkin is gone!"

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