Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkid #5 "Grave stones"

                                 PumpKid #5

"Don't talk or move" I said, hearing Nightshade walking up
"What happen?" Bob asked
"Just shush! You're going to get us killed" I said hoping they'll shut him up
"What are we going to do?" Jack asked
"Do you know what shush..."
"We're going out the window and climb down from there"
"Are you even listening to..."
"Ok, It's settle, We're going out of the window quietly" David said, Ignoring every word I said.
Creeeeek, Creeeeeek, All I heard, Nightshade walking around, Like he's thinking.
"This is very dangerousand risky! What happen if one of us fall and make noises? Then we ALL are dead" I said trying to get it in their head.
"Do you hear that?"
"What you talking?"
"No....The creeking noise stopped!"
"Someone go check"
"Oscar, He's the smallest and he can run...Or fly" David suggested
"Yeah, But he's the youngest...In wizard years" I said
"Just do it!" Jack said
"Fine, Oscar go out and see if Nightshade gone if he is knock on the door ok? If he's here, Run" I said giving commands to Oscar.
Oscar went out, No kocking or no noises of his wings flapping.
"Oscar, Oscar!" I whispered
"You okay bud?" I said
"Here that? He's knocking, Come on" I said opening the door nervously and slowly \
"He's gone? How did he ran or even flew that fast" I said
"Good job Oscar" I added
"Who cares, Let's just get the heck out of here before he comes back with a army of undead" David said
"Yes, I got a job in shopping district ya know" Bob agreed.
"Ok, Fine but...We'll going to meet tonight and take down nightshade!" I said
"Maybe" Lawson said
"Yeah, We got a duty" Simon added
"Yeah, We been off our duty for 3 days now" Jared finished
"Well then, Try to come" I said.

We all left. Bob went to shopping district the guards went to Unicorn way and Jack went to the commons & David went to the area to train.
"Oscar? Do you hear that" I said, In the commons near the Library
"It sounds like someone hurt or even crying!" I said.
We went around the Library, In the back and found a girl crying
"Whats wrong?" I asked
"My best friend died" She said
"I don't know, I would do anything to see her, Also she has my amulet, I can't win anything without it...C-can you help?" She asked
"Oh thank you thank you, You're too kind, Her grave is in Darkcave..Wait I mean sunken.."
"Ok, Just stop talking we'll get your amulet and maybe some flowers too" I said
"Ok, In Darkcave, And...DANGIT!" I yelled
"She didn't tell us his name" I said
"Guess we're going have to dig all the graves, All 7 of them" I said getting out my shovel
"Ugh" Jack & David said
"Adam Hex, Playing with fire" David red the grave.
2 hours of digging one grave, But happily we're done.
"Um, Is this the amulet? This dirty, Old and weak fire cat amulet?" David said
"Must not be it" I said
"This is wrong, We're digging people graves and taking their belongings" Jack said
"Quiet" I said going to the next grave
"Elizabeth Swift, Ran with a sharp wand and tripped" I red the grave
"You dig this one, I don't want to see" David said, About to throw up
"Can this get any worse? It been  hours and we only dug up ONE GRAVE" Bob said
"Lets just do two more graves" I said.
2 hours and Elizabeth grave isn't all dug up.
"Al-Al-almost..." David said fainting
"DONE" I said 20 minutes later.
I closed my eyes to get the amulet, It was disgusting, But I needed to be helpful
"A storm bat amulet? What level was the lady?" David asked throwing the amulet down
"I don't know looked like level 5-20"
"You should of atleast asked what level she was" David said
"Sorry was in a rush" I said starting to work on the next grave
"This is the worse Halloween ever!" Jack complained
"Yeah" Bob agreed
"Guys I think this is the right grave" I said
"Dustin DragonGem, Coconuts are heavy" I red the grave
"Must on went on Vacation and a coconut took away his life, Maybe it was in Kroktopia or Wysteria! No Zarfaria" David said.
"Lets dig" I said
In less then 30 minutes with all teamwork, It was done
"Amulet, Shinny too"
"It's a Storm lord" I said

Tune in tomorrow for more Pumpkid!!

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