Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pirate101 sneak peak & Pumpkid #2

You can log into Pirate101!! (Sneak peak) here's the link to it

  1.  Login to now and download the game installer early -- note that you will not be able to update and launch the game until 2:00 pm US Central on October 4th 2012.
  2. 2. Login between 2:00 and 8:00 pm US Central Time on October 4th and play as much as you want for free!
  3. 3. At 8:00 pm US Central, we will take our servers offline and return the game to a state where only Closed Beta players have access.
  4. 4. Uninstall Pirate101 until our official launch date on October 15th.
  5. 5. If you want to keep playing in the Closed Beta or during the one week Head Start beginning October 8th, see our pre-sale bundle page for more information.

I played P101 today and it was amazing! So fun, Love it! Its like one of the best games I ever played, The combats were amazing and I love the companions & pets :)
                                      Screen shots I took in the game

Gandry & uh forgot his name, DARN!

Handsome pirate!

Poor guy in the back

First companion!


We was about to die, So I just thought of taking a quick picture xD


My Pirate! (Shy companion) 

First time lol 

My companion strikes!

Shotuing my name XD
Beast pet! 
Last photo before P101 sneak peak goes Dx
I had LOADS of fun on P101, It was like one of the best games so awesome I didn't want to stop playing. Can't wait for Monday! 

                                                       #2 Piggle gone

"Spooky stuff with all these ghost roaming in shopping district" I said
"Well its Halloween what do you inspect? To be elfs roaming?" Jack Hallow said
The commons & Ravenwood is piled up with wizards in orange & black some wearing costume, Looks like Wizardcity is ready for halloween. "We should get some costumes too, Well I should, You're fine with that pumpkin on your head" David said as he laughed
"Well you don't have enough for it" I teased.
"I don't need any money for it" David said as he started to grin.
"He must be up to something bad" I said to Oscar
"I might just steal....I mean get a Zombie Piggle too" David said trying to spook out Oscar
"Not going to touch him, Manly at night, Its dangerous and you shouldn't steal you should EARN the money" I said thankfully & greatful
"The sun going down might want to go inside"
David said in a teasing tone
"Whatever" I said.
 In my mind I was worried about Oscar will David really steal him? We known each other forever, Maybe I should not let him go outside at night anymore. Later that night I couldn't sleep all going through my mind was "Is Oscar still out there?" "Will Oscar pick David over me?" The thoughts of Oscar was going through my mind like those ghost souls roaming through the shopping district "I need some sleep" I said to myself and turned over to the window where I can see the ghosts & banshees and loads of more

"Oscar! Oscar" I shouted hoping he would come
"That thief David!" I said angrily
I walked over to David dorm and knocked on his door
"Where is he?"
"Where is what?"
"Oscar! You thief he haven't come back yet and I know you have to have him and look you are all ready in a halloween costume you probably  stole that like you stole Oscar" I said in a solemn tone
"What?" David said in a confusing tone
"If I can't find Oscar, I will come back and tell the guards! You nasty thief" I said, Never thought of saying it to one of my longest knowing friends. Couldn't find Oscar no where, Not in Darkcave, Or hunted cave, Or Sunkin city, Barely got out of that.
"Jack, Please, Oscar is missing I am pretty sure David took him like he always did" I said couldn't control anything that might pop out of my mouth
"Did you check everything thats halloween kind?" Jack said
"Yes, I even risked my life going into Sunkin city!" Jack was silent, Curious about Oscar.
"Maybe he is just sleeping right now, You know party all night sleep in the morning"
"Never heard that saying" I said as I just walked away. 2 hours and still no sign of Oscar, Looked everywhere in wizard city, Everywhere! But then I see David walking out of the shopping district dye shop in orange & black colored robe.
"Ok, I looked everywhere, You have to have him!" I said breathing heavily
"Ok, Look pumpkin boy, You been in Ravenwood for 3 years! You should exactly know every location a Piggle know" David said trying to leave the conversation
"Tell me, Tell me how you got all this money, The outfit, and that staff!" I said hoping to find the answer
"I have to go" David said as he runs away.
"What happen with you and David?" Bob said snooping in
"Oscar is gone, I know David as him, He said he'll getting a Zombie Piggle" I said as I took a deep breathe and took a sit on the fountain where Bob always stand at.
"He might be a sneaky thief but he think you're a great friend maybe he didn't touch Oscar" Bob said
"You're right!" I said

"Jack, Jack!" I said trying to get his attention
"Yes?" He replied
"Tonight, I am going out, To look for Oscar, He have to be here!" I said bravely
"Are you dumb? Thats dangerous you could get seriously hurt badly" Jack said
"I swear you should of been death" Jack said snickering
"But you are kind & sometimes have a good heart"  Jack said patting my back
"I think I am going now gotta get ready to hunt for Oscar" I said and headed to my dorm.
It was cold & windy but most of all it was spooky and noisy with the sounds the ghost makes and when the banshees get upset you might want to close your ears GOOD. "Oscar, Oscar" I whispered
"Where are you" I whispered again turning to my right and noticed David's house
His lights was on at 12 PM. Clump clump I knocked on David door I heard a bunch of rumbling like he was trying to move stuff
"PumpKid? What are you doing here?" He said

                  Wait till tomorrow for more Pumpkid! Only on AOTS

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