Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkid #13

                      PumpKid #13 Stolen
We planned everything out, With a little of acting & betray for Nightshade, But something interrupted it.
"Naaaaa" Prince, Scratch's mount (Horse) cried
"Prince? That's an pain screech, I have to go check up on him"
And that's where the pain & struggle begins.
"Guys, Get out of here" Scratch cried
Right when I ran outside, It was terrible, Prince has a big scar across his side, Scratch on the floor, Looking through bags, They stole the important items from the bag!
"They stole that potion!"
"What potion?" Jack said, Finally coming outside
The potion that can awaken certain things that's dead!
"What? Why would you make a potion that can make zombies!" I asked
"It might come in handle" Scratch panicked
"Who would steal stuff anyway?" I asked, But right when I turned to left, I saw someone, Running with a bag, That was glowing green
"Look over there" I said, Pointing at the stranger
"Those are my potions!" Scratch said, Jumping on his horse
"Wait" I said
"Lemme come" I said
I love to ride and defeat danger so you know I'm ready
"Its kinda danger...."
"Just shut up and scoot" I demanded
He didn't say anything and did what I asked
So there's us, Riding on a ghostly horse vs a man well on his feet, But then it became complicated, The stranger, Noticed us chasing him so he took a right and climb on someone's house, Guessing he's jumping on the roofs to get rid of us, But it didn't help
Flop, Flop the noises was made every time the man jumped, Roof to roof
"Stop!" Scratched screamed
He just look at us and smiled, Face was covered but not like David, More like a hoody on.
"That's your last warning, Stop moving" Scratch said, Slowing down
He was still moving, Getting faster & faster, I doubt he was getting out of breath.
It been 11 minutes, Still on his tails and it was getting annoying for him of course, So he reached in his pocket and pulled out blades, Guess he thought if we wasn't going to leave or give up he was going to kill us.
Swoop! One of the blades went flying into the air, But Scratch caught it, Fast, Not the sharp end of course.
"This isn't going to help you" Scratch said, Throwing it back, But he jumped over it
"Stop running, We won't do anything if you give the potions you stole, Back!" Scratch said
But he didn't listen and kept on going, He slowed down a little, Just to pulled out another blade
Bam! He threw that blade swiftly and like a perfect plan, It hit Scratch right off the horse
"No!"  I cried but it didn't worried me when he yelled
"I'm fine, Keep on going, I'll catch up"
So...It was me on a horse that I've no idea to control vs a fast running stranger with sharp blades
"You're not going to win, Pumpkin boy! May I can make some pumpkin pie out of you" He taunted
"Just watch" I said
"Nope" He said, Pulling out another blade and threw it
The blade was peddling through the air, I knew it wasn't going to hit me, I thought when it passed by my head but then I thought in my mind, It was just like a boomerang and I looked back where the Blade was and WHOP it got me, In the head...Pumpkin
"Who's laughing now" He said
It only slice just a little scratch on my nose, Luckily I had the pumpkin on
"Its all good" I laughed

But then it hit me, Take the blade out and throw it at his legs, I was always good at accuracy, But still no one doesn't trust me with guns or better yet high wands!
"Look" I said, Chucking the blade
It was soaring through the air and bam! It bladed through his legs, Knocking him down, And I thought
"Wow I did it! I saved us" Until then
"Warned ya" I said, Picking him up
"Now, Shall we see who you are? Wait why would I ask you!" I joked
I couldn't believe what I saw, Domba Fireblade, A well known fire wizard/lizard from Kroktopia
"Can't believe this?" I said
But my luck change, He grab the blade and strike my knee
"Ah!" I cried and fell down, Off the house
"Your luck changed!" He said, Limping away
"Pumpkid! What happen" Scratch cried, Finally arriving
"I hit him with his own blade in his ankle, I grabbed him to see his identity and he grab the blade and stab me with it in my knee" I saw painfully
"Its not bad, Its just a medium cut" He said
I looked down, In sadness and saw a potion on the ground
"Right there" I saw, Pointing at the ground
"No, Look at that" Scratch said, Pointing at 36 zombies, About to attack
And we knew it was war time.

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