Friday, October 12, 2012

AOTS's Crew & ship in P101

So far Brave Blaze Silver is lvl 11!!!!! And I have to say for me it is difficult for me to level in P101. So far I previously have 6 Companions! Kobe Yojimbo level 7 bull Ronin (My first companion) Then Bonnie Anne level 6  Fox then Barnabus level 8 Sloth and Birgus Latro Level 9 Crab thug, And Ratbeard Rat officer and someone thats evil but has a heart, SCRATCH!!! Level 10 undead (Skeleton)

Group photo (2 minutes before Ratbeard joined)
Bonnie left front, Kobe back right, Barnabus right front & Scratch  back left
Sadly no Birgus


But that's not it, I also have pets, In my crew also!
Boots (Name going to be change soon)  Level 10 Orchid Chameleon 

Coco (First pet) level 10 skarakeet 
                                     Every Pirate, Always need a ship! 

I own a new ship I bought today call the "The Brave Fortune" Level 10 Pirate Frigate (Medium)

I love this ship, Not because its big (That's one reason) But because she's fast and trusty, When a ship attack me I can get away from it with this loads of fortune :)
Better view 

When you're in the spiral and you see these flag, Hop on the ship :)
I am always on the Gandry, One-Eyed Jack, Avery or Mordekai (If you would like to add me, Send me a TFC or comment) 
On the deck! 
I LOVE to do this!!! Just relax on my ship and watch! One of the things I love about P101!!