Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkid #14 Affected

"We need to go" Scratch said, Nervously
All the zombies was standing there, About to attack, A couple of ghouls & 2 banshees, Getting ready to attack.
"We need to warn them, Ravenwood or"
"No! We'll fight" Scratch said proudly
"Why would you want to do that?" I asked
"Go get Your pals & 3 guards" He demanded
I ran to get Jack, Bob & Oscar, David and Jared, Lawson and Simon and I came back to Scratch, Nothing bad happened..Yet
"Got them, What now?" I ask
"Holy!" Simon said, Looking at the zombies, Ghouls and banshees
"What is going on?" Lawson asked
"We need to get Ambrose" Jared said
"We're going to die!" Jack said
"Zombies? Why zombies!" Bob said
"Eh eh!" Oscar said
"Silent!" Scratch said
I can just we wasn't ready, All of them was afraid and think we're going to die. I think only I & Scratch has hope in our self.
"We need  to turn back or something" Jack said
"Its okay! We have armor and weapons, What do they have?"
"Affections!" Jack said
"Loads of them" Bob said
"Scary too!" David said
"Shovels" Lawson, Jared & Simon said
"We can win guys" I said
I think only Scratch & I can win without them, But wasn't so sure and I know how these zombies came, Him, The one that got away, Tried to kill us and now he makes a army? Oh when I get him he's dead. I thought.
"Young fools!" A ghoul spoke
"Surrender and let us take over Ravenwood or Halloween will be your last!" He threaten, But that only scared Jack & Bob and maybe David
"That was your last warning" He said and then he stepped down, Pointed his shover in the air and cried "ATTAAAAACK!" And we knew it was war
All of the zombies come running toward us and We just stood, Scratch hop on his horse and said "I'll meet you there" Leaving us behind, Now I know we're doom
"Guys get on the roof, Don't let them bite you" I said
"Its 35 to well 9!" Jack cried
"Get on the roof!" I yelled and they did what I said
Bam! The zombies ran into the house, Breaking in but luckily no one lived in that house
"They're going to tear the house down" Jack said
"No they're not! get your sword...Wands out" I said
Zoom! I summon fire elves and they took down 3 zombies but sadly they also took them down.
David helped too, Casting storm bats which did do any good, They kept missing and then got destroyed
"I am storm, This is useless" David said, Jumped off
"What are you doing?" I said
"Fighting them with my sword" He said
Slam! Boom! Bow! David got 6 zombies down, But then it got out of control
"David behind you!" I cried, 7 zombies coming up behind him
"What?" He said turning around
"Ah!" He cried as the zombies got him, He was gone
"Nooo!" I cried
"Have to go save him" I said but one of the guards stopped me
"Its okay when this madness over we can hopefully revive him back" Simon said, Cheering me up or trying too
We so far took care of 9 zombies but they took care of David, I knew we was in for a surprise

"We'll get him Prince" Scratch said, Going, Slicing zombies till he gets to the top where Nightshade & the person who stole the potions were at
"Sir, He's coming up"
"I noticed" Nightshade said
"Nightshade! I command you to give you up and take your army now!" Scratch said
Nightshade just looked at the stranger and started to laugh
"Fool, There are 35 of us 1 of you" Nightshade laughed
"When we capture you, You're so out" Scratch said, Running up the hill and that's when the duel came
"Nightshade your rampage ends...Here!" Scratch said, Pulling out a sword and a life wand
"Get him Aztaca" Nightshade said
"Oh so that's what his name" Scratch joked
"Imma show you a joke" He said, Pulling out 4 blades
"Oh you know what happen when you pulled out those blades" Scratch said
"What? Knocking you off?" He laughed
Aztaca threw one blade and Scratch caught it
"All you got?" Scratch said, Throwing the blade
But there was something Scratch didn't know about the blades, It was like a boomerang, So it turned and Bam! Hit Scratch in his back, But luckily he had armor one and it didn't hurt as much it was suppose too.
"Fool!" Aztaca said, Laughing
"Oh I don't like you" Scratch said, Slapping Aztaca as hard as he can and it knocked him off the hit, Rolling all the way to the town where Us & zombies were
"Hmm, That was easy" Scratch said proudly
But Nightshade got behind him and Bam! He got his staff and knocked Scratch out
"Ravenwood is doom" Nightshade said

"Look!" Jack said, Noticing Aztaca
"He's down, And looks like the zombies want him" I said
Half of the zombies crawled or eight walked to Aztaca and in my heart I felt like to help him but with all the things he put us through, Another side said not to.
"Leave him" Jack said
But I didn't listen I jumped down and attacked the zombies to save him, I knew it was wrong but I couldn't let someone else get hurt
I took down 4 zombies and almost got bit, But I was glad I rescued him but there was way too many zombies, So I took another way with a criminal on my right shoulder, I knew I was doom
"We have to save him" Bob said
"We can't he made his choice, He's a goner" Jack said
"Guess it's only me, Oscar & you" Bob said, But he said it at the wrong time
The zombies got on the roof of the house, Attack Them.
"Oh no, We're doom"
"Spoke too soon"
Oscar & Bob managed to escaped but no luck for Jack.
"Ahhh!" Jack said, Getting mauled by zombies
"Its ok Jack, We'll come back, We'll get the potion and saved you and David" Bob cried
It was all madness, I knew about Jack, Scratch & David, Now its only up to Bob, Oscar & I

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