Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkid #8

                                                               PumpKid #8 Seek for Pumpkid

"Pumpk...." David stopped
"Your head, There's no pumpkin" Bob said
"You're not even pumpkid anymore" Jack said
My reached to put my hands on my head to feel, But I didn't feel no pumpkin, Just hair.
"Wow, That what you look like" David said, Completely forgetting about the old witch
I had enough of the discussion, I pushed them out of my way and took care of this witch
"Give me the amulet back!" I said
"Young Wizard, You're getting nothing out of me!" She said as she teleports away
"No, She got away" I said with anger
"Its okay" David said, Still staring at my face.
I ran outside to the Pumpkin patch this witch had, Cut a big hole, Big as my own head and but it on my head, Then I cut holes where my eyes are to see.
"Why do you have a pumpkin on your head to start with?" David asked, Walking outside
"I feel like it" I said, Not giving or caring for the reason
"Only weirdo put pumpkin on their head" David said
"Hey!" Jack said as he enters outside with Bob & Oscar.
"We have that banshee witch & Nightshade still in the spiral" I said, Forgetting about the other discussion
"Yes, True" Jack said
"They could be anywhere" Bob said
"We know where Nightshade is but what about the banshee?" David said
"Yes true" I said
I never had a mess up Halloween, Even with all the evil spirits that roam the spiral, But I have to say this Halloween is the worse, Hopefully Christmas & Thanksgiving will be better then this one.
We searched for any evidence of this Banshee lady and so far we are out of luck
"This is dumb" Bob said
"Idea" Jack said
Hopefully its a good idea, Jack was kind & adventurous but his ideas was weak & sad. Hopefully this one will turn out great.
"We should split up" Jack said
"But I'm not done" Jack said looking at David
"Pumpki.." Jack stopped
I know they'll never will forget my mask coming off, I don't even think they'll ever call me pumpkid or pumpkin boy.
"Pumpkid & Oscar, You go to Ravenwood"
"David you go to shopping district"
"Bob, You go to Golem Court"
"And I'll go to Olde town"
"Also, I forgot, Oscar you go to the Commons" Jack said
Unbelievable, Jack never came up with a brillant idea since forever, I was truely amaze & proud, For the moment.
"Hey Pumpkid boy, I got Ravenwood, You handle the shopping district, Got it?" David said
"Sure" I said, Easier job for me.
We started to split up, We cannot let this witch go away.
"Why do you want to go to Ravenwood?" Bob asked, As Jack left
"You'll see and be proud too" David said
David always have sneaky plans, Even if it involves stealing or hurting, He'll do it.
"Hope David doing ok" I said to Oscar, Feeling kinda weird talking to my own pet.

October was about to end, Halloween is about to arrive, Seeing some wizards excited, Some locking doors for protection. It was odd and I felt a little worried what's in stores for this Halloween.
"Ambrose" David said, Not on duty
"May I have a Ravenwood dorm key?" He asked
"The key that access all the dorms?" Ambrose asked
"Yes sir" David said
"No sir" Ambrose replied
"I do not trust a single wizard in the whole spiral to have these keys, And I know what you like to do" Ambrose said
Right when Ambrose walked away, David had a grin on his mouth and headed to his desk, Opening every single thing on his desk
"Bingo!" David said holding up the keys.
Ambrose was approaching his desk.
"Oh no he's coming" David said piling everything he had into his holders and ran out.
David approach a dorm, Number 122 and got the keys and opened it up
"Complete" David said as he walks inside the dorm.
"Where is it, Where is it?" David said, Searching through a pile of junk
"Ok, Maybe she over here" Jack said, Walking into the Bazaar
"Hello, Would you like to buy anything?"
"No sir" Jack said, Shutting the door
"Where would a banshee be at?" Jack thought
"Found it!" David said, Bringing out Pumpkid ID...

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