Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkid #6

Pumpkid #6 "In the meadows" 

"Is a Stormlord amulet valuable?" I asked hoping for a yes
"Of course" David said snatching the amulet out of my hand
"This is it...It have to be it!" I said heading toward the sobbing lady
"M'am, Here it is" I said getting out the amulet
"Finally, Now we can start having fun" David whispered to Bob
"Um" She stopped sobbing and looked
"Woo, We're done!" David shouted
"This isn't the right amulet"
"Thanks for jinking it!" Bob said
"What do you mean? We dug up every single grave in Dark cave!!! The only graves" I yelled
"I said his grave was in Nightshade" She said
"There's a place called Nightshade?"
"Yes" She said throwing down the amulet
"Well, We tried" Bob said walking away
"No, Sorry M'am, We'll be on our way to Nightshade and um dig up more graves"
"Grave? A ghoul stole it from him and killed him..."
"Wait you told us..."
"Oh, Noooo" She said and started to cry
"Oh why us!" I said to myself
"M'am, We're going to...Get it" I said running away
We made it into Nightshade, But she didn't tell us all of it.
"We have to go into sunken city!" I cried
"No way, Just no way going into that death trap" Bob said, Leaving
"David...Jack, Oscar you up for this?" I asked hoping for yes
"No way, I lost a lot of cousin & uncles in there!" Jack said, Leaving too
"I'll go" David said, Right when I looked at him.
"Good, Two amigos" I said forgetting Oscar
We entered Sunken city and it was spooky, Cold & dark, Banshees and ghouls roaming around like October nights.
"Alright, Graves right? Or..." He stopped and looked straight in a foggy sounding area
"What's that?" David asked
"Hoping its the graves" I said and walked quietly and slow, With Oscar behind me
"Don't" David said, Not following
"Stay here" I said
"Don't risk it for some sobbing old lady" David said
"C'mon, Pumpkid" He said tempting me to walk away
"Stay here" I said
"Why" David signed
It was getting darker, Foggier & colder every time I take a step, Looked like Oscar all ready fled, But can't see him with all the fog.
"Oscar! David" I yelled
No reply, So I yelled again
"Oscar, David"
Nothing and I tried one more time but this time different
"Idiots!" I yelled
"What!" David yelled
"Checking" I said
"13 more days till Halloween" I said to myself
"Can't wait to see what bad luck I have in coming, Maybe a scarecrow...Or a wraith or....." I stopped, Hearing footsteps
"David? Oscar?" I said turning around slowly and scared out of my mind
BOOM, a looking banshee or maybe a ghoul came popping out and tackled me
"HELP HELP" I cried
"Do you hear that Oscar? Its pumpkid! Lets go come on" David said speeding into the fog
"Where are you?" David cried, Can't see anything
"I don't know, Its all fogged up" I cried
This monster was scratching, screaming and panicking, Like it was actually scared of me more then I was scared of her, Even though I would hide and not attack and try to kick someone butt of course.
"Get off" I pushed it off and started to run, But then it dived to my legs
"Who are you!" I asked, On the ground with it on my legs, Clawing them
It didn't say anything, Just kept on screaming & clawing
"C'mon, Where are you!" David said looking around confusingly
"By time you get here, I'll be her lunch!" I cried 
And with luck I saw Oscar diving in the fight, Biting this thing legs
"Oscar, Thank you"
"Oscar with you? Aww man" David said
But my lucked changed, Out coming out of a bush was a baby banshee, Almost like a pet or a minion. She tackled Oscar off of it and he or she tackled me again and started to claw.
I was in a fight with a panicking monster and Oscar was being tremble by a baby blue banshee
"I found you!" David said
"Is that a banshee? A ugly one" David said
Right when David said that comment she stopped... & hurdle David and tackled him down, At this point I didn't know what to do, But just laugh
"Help!" David cried

I tried to pull her off but her claws was thick and sticking to David
"This isn't working" David said
"Wait!" I said looking at her neck was a shining blue amulet dangerling everywhere
"She has the amulet" I said snatching it off
"Got it" I said greatfully

"That is mine!" The banshee said, But right when she tried to tackle me, I ducked all the way to the floor
"FAIL!" I teased
But I spoke too soon, She tackled me once again
"This time You're dead" She said
"DAVID!" I cried
"Any last words?" She ask, putting her hand with sharp claws on it
"Yes, Its goodbye" David said running to us with a big wooden stick
Bam David hit as hard as he can with a wooden stick right in the banshee face. She passed out
"Oscar" I said snatching the stick from David and wracked the banshee off of him.
"You're making a mistake, Don't..." She stopped right when David finished her off
"Taken care off, Now lets go back and give it to her and our day is over"
"Yeah" I said
"Oh my, What happen? All scratched up" the lady asked
"Nothing just here" I said, So glad this day is over
"Thank you!" She laughed as she runs away
"That was weird" David said laying down.
We was relaxing, All glad we're done till Jack comes running in
"Boys, Please do not tell me you gave her that amulet" He said, Trying to catch his breath
"Fine, We won't tell you" David said, Snickering
"That was a wizard amulet, That changes wizards that was once evil into their regular form! She was a banshee" Jack said
"Oh this is a joke!" I said
"Oh well I wish, She was a scam, She can destroy us you know" Jack said
"We need to get Bob to help us, four of us ain't going to help" I said

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