Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PumpKid Introduction

Starting out in Ravenwood on October is kinda spooky to me, With everyone putting pumpkins up & spooky decorations up, But I still love Halloween and this is my first year for Halloween in Ravenwood. I have a name but everyone calls me "PumpKid" Because I always wear a pumpkin on my head. I am a life wizard, Living in a small dorm in Ravenwood but I am not a inside person, I like to go outside a lot and tries to PvP, 2v2, My team mate just think of me as a person who just heals and don't attack and that what our enemies think too. Jack the scarecrow in the commons is one of my good friends and he inspects good deeds from me and I inspect the same from him, Also Oscar, my pet zombie Piggle, He's really fun and he's not so scared of October and he can talk but its really hard to understand him and sometimes if he been good enough I let him go outside at night .

October 3rd 28 more days till Halloween, Really excited, But I hope this Halloween will be good instead of bad. Every nights, Manly in October, Some of us have to stay in the dorms because of the ghost & Banshees come out at night and roam around. I like to look out my window and look at the banshees & ghost roaming around making noises creepy and loudly. It spooks out some of the wizards & guards, But it doesn't scare or worry me a bit sometimes it good to hide up in a tree and listen to their scretches and in dark cave you wouldn't last a day in there with Lord Nightshade. He's pretty spooky and somewhat annoying.

Nightshade is a perfect place for souls & banshees & zombies, vampires & even some of us wizards that love halloween to just hang and party but sadly they will try to fight us and sometimes they win but I never in counter one and I'll never will. Molinda Wu is my life teacher and she doesn't like me, She really want me to take off the pumpkin off my head but I can't do it and sometimes I don't focus, But that Death teacher in Nightshade thinks I should of been life.

PumpKid in his knight outfit that he wears once every 3 weeks 
Oscar, Pumpkid's daring pet!
PumpKid stories will be coming everyday throughout October and everytime you see a bold word in the story it gives you a hint who pumpkid is (This wizard is from twitter) and on October 30st you get to guess who Pumpkid is and on the 31st Pumpkin take off the pumpkin.

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