Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Old times" S4

With the death of Moresco, weeks ago, Sanchi goes back to Waponi Wu to visit the great Volcano to dump Moresco's stuff and his own sword in the volcano, something Moresco would want, but has trouble with Wumba Chumba and Ratbeard. Meanwhile, Sanchez and Wing Chun tries to go back to their old camp to see if Bonnie is still there.

"Wumbi furi hso!" Chumba said (Warrior you must go!)
"The great Wumba Chumba wants ye to leave!" Ratbeard said, "Now"
Wumba Chumba was a Buccaneer platypus creature. Three times a year, water moles praise Wumba on the great volcano on Waponi Wu. Sanchi wasn't worried about Wumba, but Ratbeard.
"You don't understand, I just need to get rid of this stuff, to honor my best friend, please!" Sanchi said
Both of them were on different sides of the volcano. Wumba was sitting on his throne, meanwhile Ratbeard in Sanchi's face, ready to duel Sanchi.
"I don't care" Ratbeard said, "Leave right now...or else.." 
Suddenly, hundreds of water moles came up and ran around Wumba Chumba. Getting prepare for their ceremony. Sanchi knew he'll need to think of something. He knew that Ratbeard was his chosen one to guard the volcano with him.
"Wumba, Wumba, Wumba! WEO CYTO GARI!" Water moles started to repeat, (Wumba, wumba, wumba! We praise glory)

"Sanchez" Chun asked, picking up his bags, "What happen if Bonnie is not there?"
Sanchez didn't know how to explain to Chun about this or be any clearer, but at the same time...Sanchez was afraid that Chun could be right and they'll never see their long lasting friend ever again.
"I just got to know" Sanchez said
Suddenly, Sanchez saw many troggies running past them in a crowd. Quickly Sanchez stopped as the troggies run past him. Than he remembered the spot where Sanchi rescued them.
"Follow me" Sanchez said
Sanchez ran and Chun followed. Sanchez ran tree by tree, looking at it and looking for something on it and Chun noticed.
"What are you trying to do?" Chun asked
"Remember when Sanchi saved us?" Sanchez said, "I remembered bullets from armadas hitting a tree"
Sanchez kept going tree to tree, feeling it for a bullet and looking for it, too. Sanchez went to fifty trees, finally Chun found a the tree.
"Is this it?" Chun asked, "I see the bullet wedged into that tree"
Sanchez got really close to the tree and started to pick at it, trying to get the bullet out of it.
"It's a bullet...who cares..?" Chun said
"Got it" Sanchez said
The bullet was dull from being in the tree for a long time, but Sanchez still wanted to keep it. He was pleased. He placed the bullet in his bag, noticing smoke above the trees. He thought of his camp cooking something, but Chun stopped before he could think.
"Wait a minute..." Chun said, "I know why you cherish this moment"
"What?" Sanchez said, "What are you talking about?"
"When Sanchi gave Bonnie the bag of coins, she gave you a kiss! That's why you're looking for her" Chun teased, "Someone's in love"
"Shut up and follow me" Sanchez said, running towards the camp fire.

"Loo foey! Loo foey!" Water moles repeated (All might, all mighty!)
The water moles was running around the great volcano, praising and dancing, but Ratbeard and Wumba was both caught off guard and Sanchi thought of a dangerous plan.
"All hail Wumba Chumba!" Ratbeard yelled
Sanchi ran towards Ratbeard and yank his sword out of his hand. Thinking quick, Sanchi got behind Ratbeard and placed the sword on his neck and they all stopped.
"Woah, buddy...bad mistake!" Ratbeard said
Wumba was getting tired of Sanchi. He stood up and walked off his throne with his staff.
"Dueba cerlio! core do yui windock?" Wumba yelled, (Bad decission! What do you seek?)
"He's asking ye, what do ye want with this volcano?" Ratbeard said, trying to get loose
Sanchi also noticed, as the sun goes away, the water moles finally stopped and ran off. Leaving the situation, leaving just them.
"His ceremony is over, Ratbeard! Why can't I use it now?" Sanchi said.
"Ye not worthy enough! Only the great Wumba and I can use it for our own personal needs!" Ratbeard said, trying to get loose.
Than, Sanchi threw Ratbeard to the ground, challenging him for a duel to become the great Wumba's apprentice and ruler of the volcano too.
"Stupid warrior!" Ratbeard said
Ratbeard quickly pulled a dirty move. He spit in Sanchi's face, kicked him to retrieve his sword. Sanchi had a chance to get his sword, but he didn't want to. Quickly to end it, Ratbeard started to swing his sword, but he kept missing...again, but Wumba was enjoying this showdown.
"Luory!" Wumba said, (MORE!)
"Ye have some moves, scumbag!" Ratbeard cried
Ratbeard jumped in mid air, kicking Sanchi in his face with his peg leg, than slamming Sanchi to the ground. Running towards him with his sword, Sanchi quickly dodged his move again and kicked Ratbeard in his face and he backed up, wiping the blood off his face.
"I don't have a weapon and you still can't defeat me?" Sanchi said, mocking him
Ratbeard tried one last move on Sanchi. He ran behind Sanchi, jumping up with his sword, but again Sanchi stopped him and took his sword. Ratbeard was there, lying on the ground and Sanchi had his sword.
"Suchon bucho Wumbi!" Wumba said, (Kill him, Warrior!)

Sanchez was still running, Chun chasing him behind. With his hat and tools falling off, Chun still managed to keep up with Sanchez, but Sanchez was determine to see Bonnie again.
"Sanchez, wait up!" Chun said, noticing the mud
Sanchez looked back after hearing Chun yelling his name and he reached the mud. Bam! Sanchez slipped and yell in the mud, but he made it to his old camp.
"" Chun stopped, noticing people looking at them
Sanchez got up and ran to the people. Sanchez with mud everywhere on his body, greeted the people and at the same time looking around for Bonnie.
"That's our old tent!" Sanchez said, running towards it
With excitement, Sanchez ran inside feeling the cold and hard dirt floor, but didn't see Bonnie.
"Sanchez?" Old lady said, "My boy, Sanchez!"
The lady was named Megan. She struggled to get up with her bony and fragile legs and greeted Sanchez. Even with the mud all over him, she still hugged him.
"Megan! Oh, I missed you!" Sanchez said, hugging back
Chun didn't go to greet Megan, instead he roamed around the camp to see others, too. Bragging about his missions and how important he is to other companions, but Sanchez stayed and talked to Megan, but first he had to get clean.
"It's over here" Megan said
Sanchez noticed the river was filthy and dirty. Sanchez decided just to take his shirt off and deal with the mud. Megan understood and led him to a log. They both sat down and started talking.
"How is everything?" Megan said, "Minus the mud, you look very handsome"
"Everything is great! How's everyone in the camp?" Sanchez asked
"Most of them died by bathing in that river or some died by the troggies. Minus all the deaths, we've been okay" Megan said
Sanchez saw Megan coughing and struggling to even move. He knew that she could be dying soon and it made him think about the camp. How poor it is and how boring it was for them too.
"I must leave soon, so I just have to ask you" Sanchez said, "Have you seen Bonnie Anne?"
"Bonnie? Oh bless her heart!" Megan said, "Once you guys left to go on your adventure, she left too!"
Sanchez's eyes started to water up, "Ok, thanks. I have to go"
Sanchez quickly left Megan. He saw Chun with other companions and he told him that it's time to go.
"Did you find Bonnie?" Chun asked
With tears in his eyes, he placed his arm on Chun's long shoulders, "It's just us, now"

"Please, you win" Ratbeard said, "Just do what you have to do"
"Leave" Sanchi said, "Get out of my sight, now!"
Ratbeard quickly ran away from Sanchi. Wumba walked off the volcano to give Sanchi his time on the volcano and he gathered Moresco's stuff.
"You're always be in my heart, buddy" Sanchi said, holding his stuff
Sanchi dropped all of Moresco's writings, belongings and his chest plate. He also dropped his sword in the lava too.
"Goodbye, bud" Sanchi said, walking off the volcano
Sanchi walked off the volcano with his head down, passing Wumba and many water moles.
"Glad to have you back" Julia said
"Same" Sanchez said, "I can't believe this is happening"
"We all been through this pain" Julia said, "Once Dez returns from Derwitchi's office, we can eat"

Dez was close to Derwitchi's office. Dez also noticed that his door was open too and he heard Derwitchi talking with someone.
"Might be important" Dez said
But Dez heard something he didn't want to hear.
"Soon, our plan will go through, Kane. All the warriors will fall!" Derwitchi said
Than, Dez fell to the ground and Derwitchi quickly hid his device.
"Help! Get this trooper, now!" Derwitchi cried
Dez quickly got back up and ran from Derwitchi and he was still yelling.

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