Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Dusty town with clockworks" S4

Deacon sent an army to Cooper's Roost, for their supplies. Not aware of Sanchi's present. Sanchi and Shiruku go out on a hunt for the great masked hero, EL TORO! After finding and beating El Toro, he agreed to join their crew. Then, Shiruku lost her temper and stabbed Sanchi and she ran off, leaving them behind.

Kept running...and running...and running until she sees nothing behind her. Sanchi and El Toro walked back to Cooper's Roost and Shiruku was officially alone. Not knowing her past, her only objective was to kill Devullio.
"Once I kill Devullio" Shiruku said, "I'm coming for you, Sanchi!"
Shiruku was running for hours, talking to herself. She couldn't find a single house or town, so she kept on roaming around.
"I can't believe this!" Shiruku said, dropping to her knees.
Shiruku started to cry. She was lost and she's good as dead.
"M'am?" Young farmer called, "Are you lost?"
The farmer noticed Shiruku had a limp and one of her knife was covered in blood.
"Yes...yes...I am!" Shiruku said
Shiruku was sweaty and breathing hard. She was dehydrated and the farmer knew it from a long shot, "Do you need some water?" he asked
Suddenly, Shiruku's vision became black and she passed out on the farmer. So, he dragged Shiruku back to his house.

Deacon gathered most of the citizens around the town in a line. His plan was to go into every single house and steal useful belongings with the help from Drogic. Deacon placed three elite snipers on buildings. Five armada officers with him and two marksman with him, too.
"What is going on?" Nurse Quinn said, hiding on the ground.
"Deacon" Dorugh said, "There are some of those new armadas, elite snipers on nearby buildings. They are clearing out everyone's building...they're close to this building"
Dorugh can see the elite snipers on the building, aiming their gun at Nurse's building, then he fired a shot at the windows.
"Chun, Boris, three stay here...okay?" Dorugh said
Dorugh started to run, but Julia yelled his name and caught his attention. Julia had tears coming from her eyes, she was scared and worried.
"W...where's..Sanchi?" Julia said
Dorugh doesn't know where Sanchi or Shiruku was, but he didn't want to let Julia worry, "He's safe"
"Sir, we haven't check the hospital" Elite sniper armada said, aiming their gun at the building.
Deacon sent two Marksman armada to looking around the hospital. They heard the two armadas marching their way.
"They're coming!" Boris cried, "What are we going to do?"
Boris, Julia and Chun was hiding on the floor, avoiding the window and Nurse Quinn was hiding under a bed, not making a peep.
"Oh no...this...this for us" Chun started to panic
Julia suddenly, picked up a bat, located under of Nurse Quinn's desk (Where Chun started to hide there). Her idea was simple. She'd hide behind the door, sitting down. Once the two enter, she'll strike them both and take their weapons.
"I think this is the building" Marksman two said, opening the door
The room was dark...and the first thing they saw was Chun lying on the bed, acting normal. Also, the marksman was still unaware about Julia's present.
"We found someone!" Marksman one said, "Put your hands up!"
Chun placed his hands in the air, still nervous. He was patiently waiting for Julia to attack.
"Looks like a companion!" the armada said
Boom! Julia struck marksman one head off with the bat. Quickly, the other one turned around and Julia heard footsteps behind her.
"Well...I don't believe it" Deacon said, "It's miss senator Carthy!"
Deacon had his gun on Julia's back. Deacon also knew about Boris and Nurse Quinn hiding.
"Where's my good friends, Sanchi and Sanchez?" Deacon said

"Shhh!" Sanchez said, "Armadas are coming by"
Sanchez, Dorugh and deputy Randal was trapped. If they move from their spot, the snipers will see them, but there was three marksmen walking by.
"We're gonna need a plan" Dorugh said, "Every conflict has a plan"
The marksmen were walking towards their's position. Sanchez knew that gunshots were warned the snipers and Deacon. He also started to hear the armadas talking to the other commander, Drogic.
"Deacon told us to look for a group name Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Dez and some pathetic deputy" Drogic said, looking around
Drogic then triggered Dorugh's mind and everybody's else. Deputy Randal was discourage about them calling him pathetic, but that wasn't the real case.
"I have an idea" Sanchez said, picking up two rocks
"What kind of plan involve rocks?" Dorugh joked.
Sanchez developed a plan to get the armadas away from their position. If Sanchez throw rocks away from their position, Drogic will send his troops to the position.
"Here goes nothing" Sanchez said
Sanchez threw both of the rocks away from their position. Quickly, Drogic started to panic and ran to the location and the armadas followed behind.
"Okay...what now?" Deputy Randal said, looking around the corner.
Sanchez had a couple of rounds left in his gun, Randal and Dorugh both did too. Next stage is to take out the snipers at the same time. In a rush, Dorugh and Sanchez both ran to different spots. Having an angle at the elite snipers. To inform them, Sanchez threw a rock at a old gas tank, making a loud noise and they all pulled their trigger.
"Got'em!" Sanchez said
"Good plan" Dorugh said, "Now what about Deacon and the others?"
"We need to go save our crew" Sanchez said
Sanchez saw Deacon holding all the citizens hostage...even his crew and Nurse Quinn. Sanchez, Dorugh and Deputy Randal climbed on the roof of the hospital and had a view of them.

"Please...let us go.." Nurse Quinn said, "You guys just take everything"
"M'am...I changed the plan" Deacon said, pulling his gun out
Deacon suddenly aimed at one of Cooper's Roost's folks. With a smile, Deacon pulled the trigger and killed the innocent man. Everyone started to panic. To end their panicking, Deacon shot two others. Then he aimed his gun at Boris.
"Woah! Deacon...please!" Chun said, "What's your plan?"
"I want Cooper's Roost land for a base in this war" Deacon said
Deacon again, shot another one, but it wasn't Boris, "Every minute that I don't see your crew, someone will die!"
"You're just a heartless, crazy man!" Julia said, "Devullio can easily take you on!"
Deacon started to laugh at Julia's statement, but he was surprise that Julia knew who he was. Deacon picked Julia up and threw her to the ground, near Drogic. Deacon wanted Drogic to take Julia out, but first he wanted to talk to them about Devullio.
"This is really pathetic" Deacon said, "Your crew is hiding here? With no devices or anything?"
"Just leave us alone!" Boris said, "Please...sir...I'm begging you"
Deacon than, faced Boris with a smile, "You must be Boris...the only scientist left"
Boom! Deacon punched Boris in his nose, causing his nose to bleed. Deacon doesn't like when someone disrespect him or talk out.
"Anyway...princess" Deacon said, "You know Devullio? Hmm...Kane's trying to find him"
Julia didn't talk back to Deacon. She was really scared when Drogic pointed his gun at her.
"Not gonna talk?" Deacon said, "Drogic...kill missy over here"
"I'm going to go contact Kane" Deacon said, walking towards his ship, "Kill her!"
Deacon got on his ship to contact Kane. Drogic aimed at Julia. Chun, Boris and everyone else closed their eyes in fear. Then they heard a gunshot.
"" Chun said, eyes closed.
Chun opened his eyes and saw Drogic falling to the ground. Another shot fired, killing a marksman and more shots fired. Chun looked up and saw Sanchez, Dorugh and Randal with the elite armadas' snipers, killing the marksman. Chun started to cheer, then everyone opened their eyes up and saw the three men coming off the hospital's roof.
"Woo! That's what I am talking about!" Boris cheered.
Deacon saw Sanchez and his men were gone. He was angry but impress.
"You won this one!" Deacon said
Suddenly, Sanchez started to fire at Deacon but he missed his shots and Deacon got away, again and that made Sanchez mad.
"Not mad" Sanchi said, walking behind Sanchez.
Julia quickly got up and tackled Sanchi, kissing and praising him. Meanwhile Sanchez was staring at the great masked hero.
" El Toro" Deputy Randal said, "You're here?"
"Indeed!" El Toro yelled
El Toro placed his hand on Sanchez's shoulder and dropped a rose on him, smiling.
"Your friend defeated me! I am here to help you guys out!" El Toro said
Sanchez was happy with El Toro's present, but he noticed that Shiruku wasn't with them.
"Where's Shiruku?" Sanchez said
Sanchi turned around and Sanchez saw blood around his shoulder.
"She attacked me" Sanchi said, "She ran away"
"You know something...this guy looks like a blue ninja" El Toro said, pointing at Sanchi.

Shiruku finally woke up, but she was inside, away from the sun. She looked around the room and found a man rocking his chair with food.
"Oh, you're awake...I am Jared" Jared said, "Want something to eat?"
Shiruku had some yum yums. While eating, she saw smoke on another island. She placed her food on the ground and looked.
"What's that smoke?" Shiruku said
"Oh, someone crashed their ship couple days ago" Jared said
Shiruku knew who it was...Devullio and she knew she'll have to go there and kill him.

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