Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "Deep in the mines" S4

Shiruku goes out to hunt for Devullio to end him once and for all. Sanchez goes out of his way to search for Shiruku after finding out what happen between Sanchi and Shiruku. Finding a ship, Sanchi gets knocked out by Shiruku. Devullio is found by a group of individuals and he is placed in their homes. Going out for a night, Shiruku gets a rifle and tried to execute Devullio, but Devullio got to Shiruku first and killed her.

Sanchez managed to get Shiruku's body away from Devullio and Dirk without knowing. He wrapped her with an old blanket. He landed on Cooper's Roost, but he left Shiruku's body on the ship and set the ship on fire.
"So, what's your deal with roses?" Boris asked, finding a rose on El Toro's hat
El Toro took the rose from Boris's hand and placed it in his mouth and bit down on it, "I never searched for roses, they search for me"
"Ok, makes no sense" Boris said
Boris, Dorugh and Chun was asking El Toro questions. Meanwhile, Sanchi was with Julia kissing and hugging each other.
"So glad we get to spend some time" Julia said, "And back at Skull island, I forgot to mention...I like your new sword"
Once Sanchi got rid of his old sword couple days ago, he went to a nearby market and bought a new one, with blue handle. Sanchi knew that this sword was right for him and his fresh start.
"Thank you, my love" Sanchi said, kissing Julia
After El Toro answered Boris's questions, he went to sit alone and started to write information down. Dorugh noticed Boris went away from them and was sitting alone, so he went to give Boris some company.
"I haven't thanked you enough" Dorugh said, patting Boris's back
Boris shook his head after Dorugh stopped talking. He was too busy writing on his pad.
"When I was met you...back at the lab, I wouldn't even guessed that you were a scientist" Dorugh said, trying to peek at Boris's writings
"Well, my dad was a scientist" Boris said
"Was?" Dorugh said, "What happened to him?"
Boris placed his pad down and Dorugh stared at his brown eyes, he noticed his eyes were getting watery.
"...Those monsters...killed him...and ate him for dinner like it was nothing!" Boris said, "I'm glad all of them are dead!"
Dorugh patted Boris on his head and walked away, noticing that Sanchez finally arrived back, he also noticed that Sanchez had a depress look on his face.
"Glad, to see you back" Dorugh said, "Where's Shiruku?"
Sanchez didn't answer Dorugh's question. He just gave Sanchi a look and walked away, "I'm going to nap"
No one didn't want to bother Sanchez. So they stayed near a fountain on Cooper's Roost, spending time until Deputy Randal started yelling for their attention.
"Hello, farmer" Deputy Randal joked, "You guys willing to do something for me?"
"What's the job, sheriff?" Sanchi said
"Well...near here there's a gold mine...abandoned one" Deputy Randal said, "Group of individuals kidnapped three kids...These men had been a problem for awhile...we just couldn't catch them...are you guys willing to help? Our town will pay you guys well"
"You got it, sheriff" Sanchi said, smiling.

Before they started to head off to the mines. Boris stopped to talk to Sanchez. Sanchez said he was going to sleep, but he just laid on the bed.
"You okay?" Boris said
"Why are we here?" Sanchez said, "It's foolish...Devullio is gonna find out where we are eventually and Deacon knows where we are, too! They're gonna come back"
Boris didn't start to worry about the armadas. He never stopped worrying about anything, but he needed to confess something to Sanchez.
"I have a feeling that I won't be here for long" Boris said, "At nights...I kept having dreams that I'll get executed"
Sanchez didn't know what to say to Boris's statement, "You'll be fine...I promise"
"I would like to believe that" Boris said, leaving the room
The crew couldn't afford to lose anymore and Sanchez knew that. He couldn't bare another hard funeral or just living the body. He went through Sanchi's master, Gus, Moresco, Dez and now Shiruku. No one else can handle it.

Deputy Randal led Sanchi, Dorugh, El Toro and Boris to the criminals. Leaving Sanchez, Chun and Julia back at the town. Sanchi started to wonder about Cooper's Roost's reinforcements.
"So, explain to me" Sanchi said, "Why can't you just get others to help?"
"Isn't your crew known for this?" Deputy Randal said, "Plus, we aren't so's just me"
Finally, Deputy Randal reached the gold mine. Looking at all the flipped over mine carts and the tracks, somewhat useful. The goldmine is underground. With tracks going miles with lava under the tracks, but there was a spot where there was no lava...where the criminals were located.
"Do you know anything about these individual criminals?" Boris asked, looking around for dynamite
"Nope" Deputy Randal said, "Good luck, fellas"
Once Deputy Randal gave the crew information. He quickly ran back to the town.
"This cave...looks scary" Boris said
Sanchi took a look down the goldmine. He noticed the lava giving the tracks light. Sanchi wouldn't ever ride this in a mine.
"Well...Boris you stay up here.." Sanchi said, "El and Dorugh...come with me"

Sanchi, El Toro and Dorugh walked down under the ground. Noticing the tracks wasn't very steady.
"How did they get over here?" El Toro said, "This looks impossible!"
Sanchi bend over and felt the tracks. Sanchi knew and had a feeling that the criminals took a different way to get to their location.
"These criminals want a pouch of coins for each of them" Dorugh said, "Let's give it to them and get out of here"
They started to hear laughter from the criminals. Sanchi also heard one of them talking to another one name Dirk. He tried to get a good view but they were too far. Only luck they had so far was the echos from the criminals in the cave. Then, Sanchi thought of a perfect way to get there.
"Guys, is there a mine cart up there?" Sanchi said, smiling
"You guys are back up?" Boris said, behind a rock
"A mine cart and what are you looking for?" El Toro said
Sanchi managed to find a mine cart that wasn't flipped over or messed up. To get to the criminals, he'll need a strong person to push the cart down. He knew Boris couldn't do it, so he looked at Dorugh.
"Please no" Dorugh said
"Come on, we need to get there!" Sanchi said
Dorugh finally agreed to their plan. Sanchi and El Toro both hopped on the cart and Dorugh and Boris was behind them, ready to push.
"Let's go!" El Toro shouted
Dorugh and Boris both gave a big push and the mine cart went down the tracks, but it wasn't so easy.
"Uh... Sammy...look behind us" El Toro said
Sanchi looked behind and noticed behind the cart that was going down tracks was falling off and going into the lava.
"We're gonna need a plan" El Toro said
El Toro glanced up to look for a way to get off the cart and tracks. Then El Toro noticed that they were gonna have to jump on the small flat form on the side.
"On the count of three" El Toro said, "One...two...three!"
Quickly, El and Sanchi both jumped off the cart and they landed on the small flat form and Sanchi can finally see the kids. There were three of the kids and the four criminals wearing black masks, covering the identity.
"Here we are" El Toro said

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