Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior "For one, for all" S4

After Deputy Randal informs the crew a new problem, Sanchi, Sanchez, El Toro, Boris and Dorugh goes out to take care of Ralph and three of Fin Dorsal's men for stealing ammo crates. Boris and Dorugh goes out to Ralph and the three Sharktooh and pulled them to Sanchez and the Sanchi, resulting in killing Ralph and Fin Dorsal's men. Ready to go home, Julia and Chun went out get berries, but Chun was shot by Devullio and his new army.

Bullets started to fire all around the area. Trying to hit Julia but not one bullet hit her as she pulled Chun behind shelter. Chun was still alive. He was still breathing. Luckily, Julia knew what she was doing, she ripped he sleeve off and wrapped it around Chun's chest, stopping the bleeding.
"Sanchi! Help!" Julia cried, putting pressure on Chun's wound.
"Did you kill the senator, yet?" Deacon asked, looking around the area.
Deacon, Dirk and Devullio had an army. Over twenty armadas was with them.
"We should send out a couple of armadas to check" Dirk suggested.
Devullio agreed and sent out four armadas. The four armadas started to march towards Julia's location and she knew. She heard them marching towards her and she quickly started to search for a weapon. But Chun left his weapon back at the town. She couldn't find anything to use.
"Sheriff!" Sanchi cried, "Where are you!".
Sanchi ran all around the town, looking for Randal after hearing many gunshots. He searched in Quinn's hospital, he looked in the bars and bumped into Randal.
"I heard gunshots" Sanchi yelled, "My Julia and Sanchez's companion is missing...I also heard screaming!"
"What? Where!" Deputy Randal said, pulling his pistols out.
Sweat all over Sanchi's face, he signaled for Randal to follow him and he did. He ran by Sanchez and the rest and he cried for Sanchez to run with him and he did. 
"Sanchi!" Sanchez cried.
He heard the gunshots too, but he thought it was just Randal or someone firing at targets. He was wrong. After running for a couple of minutes, both Randal and Sanchez slowed down, but Sanchi was still going and saw four armadas marching towards Julia and Chun.
"Baby!" Sanchi yelled, pulling his sword out.
Tears flowing from her eyes, she was still relief that help arrived, "Chun...he...shot!"
Quickly, deputy Randal and Sanchez took out the four armadas, but they heard more gunshots. Bullets hitting their location. Sanchi managed to get a glance and he saw who it was clearly. Devullio and Deacon.
"Julia and I will carry two stay behind us and shoot...let's go!" Sanchi yelled.
Julia and Sanchi quickly picked Chun up and started to walk towards the town. Meanwhile, Randal and Sanchez started to fire their weapons.
"It's that one guy!" Randal cried, "Devullio!"
Boom, boom! Dirk started to fire with a sniper, but he missed. "I can't get a good shot on them"
Randal and Sanchez took out a couple of armadas, but Devullio motioned them to stop. "It's okay, we'll get them"
Deacon watched Sanchez and Randal running back to the town, "You better hope, Devullio...this is your last chance" 

Blood all over Sanchi's robe and Julia's shirt. Randal led them to Nurse Quinn's place and placed him on a bed. Where El Toro and deputy Randal arrived there, too with other citizens. Questioning Randal and freaking out.
"What's going on!" Boris said, "Who's here?"
Everyone started to ask questions, but none of them responded back. Instead, they all saw Devullio with Deacon and Dirk marching with twenty armadas behind them.
"Everyone get inside and hide" Sanchi said, "Quinn, m'am... help Chun and El Toro will stay back"
Quickly, Nurse Quinn entered the room after hearing Sanchez's screaming for help. Her brown eyes widen as she saw blood all over Sanchi's shirt, Sanchez's watery eyes and Chun's lying there.
"Help him, please....he's my companion!" Sanchez said, freaking out.
Nurse Quinn nodded her head and ran to her desk and pulled out medical equipment.
"Deacon...and...others, I really couldn't see the rest" Sanchez panicked, "They're trying to wipe us out".
Julia's first reaction was to reach for her device to contact Avery and Juhn, but luckily Sanchi stopped her. Knowing the consequences.
"They don't need to know, we can handle this!" Sanchi said, giving Julia a serious look.
Smack! Quickly the door opened. Dorugh and Boris ran in with multiple weapons.
"Armadas are here! I saw snipers and loads of marksman, if my calculations are right, I say about 20 or more!" Boris said, dropping the weapons.
Dorugh was first to notice that Randal was silent and he was first to call him out on it, "Hey bud! You're the freaking deputy, can't you do something for your own town?"
Dorugh, out of anger, got into Randal's face and started to question him even more. He wanted to know what to do about this, he was freaking out the most.
"Those clockworks are coming down, we need to do something fast!" El Toro said
"Indeed, they're marching down to us as we speak!" Boris said, "I'm pretty useless in his situation, but I'll try"
Sanchi designed a plan. Boris and Julia would have to stay back with Nurse Quinn and unconscious Chun. Sanchi, Sanchez, Randal, Dorugh and Boris would go out and fight off the crowd, but he was underestimating Boris's talent.
"I can't go" Randal said, "I'm not ready for this...I'm not".
Dorugh gave Randal a disgusting look and started to chuckle, "Are you kidding me? This is your town! You're a deputy...I...can't even..."
Sanchi didn't want to hurt Randal's feelings, but he knew he was a grown man and the oldest one, but Sanchi developed another job for him. "Go out there and warn every town folk here"

The armadas made it to the town and they started to fire at the folks, killing three of them. During the slaughter, Devullio started to cheer and laugh.
"Look for Sanchi and his crew" Devullio instructed everyone.
Houses were already down and innocent folks dead. Deacon or Devullio didn't even care. They sent Dirk and a group of armadas to houses, looking for Sanchi's crew, but had no luck, but they didn't look on the roofs of nearby houses.

"They're killing these town folks" Dorugh said, "This is unacceptable".
With weapons, Sanchi and the rest was ready for action. On top of a roof, Sanchez could easily see their targets and they started to attack.
Boom! Gunshots started to fire, hitting and taking out four marksmen, but Boris didn't fire a single shot. Instead he hid behind every and started to create a plan.
"We're being attack!" Dirk panicked.
But Devullio knew and quickly got in cover. He ordered for his men to fire at the first front house on the roof and they started to fire.
"Get down!"  Sanchez said and that's when he noticed Boris.
Boris noticed Sanchez's look and stopped Sanchez, "I got a plan, I need dynamite...I have a great plan.."
Sanchez knew that his first plan was successful and wanted to try it. He was out of options and they jumped off and ran, looking for dynamite and they knew where to go.

"What is going on?" Deacon said, firing his weapon at an innocent folk.
"They're becoming tricky...I'll give them some props" Devullio said.
But Deacon knew where to find the rest, he ordered Devullio and the rest to fire at Sanchi, while he goes to look for Julia.

"Randal?" El Toro whispered.
Randal was hiding, all crunched up and nervous. He didn't want to move, but El tried his best to persuade him.
"You cannot hide in a crisis like this" El said, "These folks need you"
Deputy Randal didn't reply, instead he just shook his head side to side. Disappointed in his self he didn't even want to talk.
"Look, we can do this" El said, "You've got the best fight in this town, get up and we can save your town"
Randal looked down at his town pistols and saw his own reflection and he finally got up and pulled out his guns. "Let's go"
Started to run, El and Randal went to every door and helped the people get behind cover and hide. In just five minutes they completed 11 houses.
But they started to hear gunshots and they were getting louder by the minute. Without thinking, Randal ran towards the noise and peaked out. It was Dirk and his men marching towards them.
"Oh no, they're here...they're here!" Randal said
El calmed Randal down and took a peak and he was right. Seven armadas were marching towards them and the majestic companion figured out another idea.
"Listen, go out there" El Toro said, "Trust me, I'll protect you"
Without any arguing, Randal went out. and Dirk and his men were aiming their guns at him, while El runs around to get behind them.
"Well, we found the deputy" Dirk laughed, "You're very stupid for coming out".
Randal raised his hands up and started to sweat. Ready for El to come out, he started to lose hope.
"You've caught me" Randal said.
Whoosh, El jumped out and ran towards the armadas. He sliced two of them and grabbed one of them and threw him into two of them. Dirk turned around as his last armada were shot in the head by Randal.
"What the...what's going on?" Dirk said
Dirk tried to run, but Randal aimed and shot him in his leg. Right when he hit the ground, he started to crawl.
"You're still trying" El Toro said, getting out his sword.
"Woah, woah! Chill out...please...don't..."
El Toro stuck his sword through Dirk's back, "Now, let's keep going!"

"I don't see Deacon or any leader...?" Dorugh cried, ducking down.
Sanchi tried his best to look around for a leader, but he couldn't find Deacon.
"I don't..."
Boom! explosion occurred, causing the whole house to fall down. Sanchi quickly pushed Dorugh off the building as he jumped off, to aviod the heavy debris.
Dust and debris everywhere. Their enemies doesn't even know if they're dead.
"Dorugh! Are you okay?" Sanchi said, coughing.
Dorugh pushed the debris off of him and called out, "Yes! Over here"
But luck wasn't on their sides. No weapons, beside Sanchi's sword and their only option was to run, but Devullio saw them escaping and he smiled.
"Looking for Sanchez and that kid" Devullio said, "I've found my target"
Sanchi and Dorugh kept running and running until they thought they were out of any range and finally stopped. Exhausted, Dorugh fell to the ground.
"We got away" Dorugh said, "Finally"
But Sanchi had a feeling that it wasn't close to true. It was too easy and too early to let his guard down. He started to look around the area, leaving Dorugh back to rest.
Boom, Sanchi saw the bullet hit the wall behind him and he clearly saw their leader...but he couldn't believe it. It was Devullio.
"You...YOU should be dead!" Sanchi said, "The mine...the explosions"
"Didn't try hard enough to kill me...that's why Anthony is dead! That's why Shiruku is gone and senator Chun is almost dead!" Devullio teased.
With a serious look, he pulled out his sword and pointed it at him. Devullio was ready for a rematch and pulled out his long sword and pointed at Sanchi, signaling for him to come first.
"This is a huge mistake for you!" Sanchi said, running towards Devullio.
Bam! Sanchi swung his sword at Devullio and he was ready for combat too. He dodged Sanchi's hit and caused his sword to hit the wall, but Sanchi tried again and again.
"I know more than you!" Devullio said, "I've killed three of your crew already! I did more than Deacon...Kane! Rooke and even Bishop! I have accomplish more than Willis and went farther then Juhn Woun...I am no match for you! I can easily defeat El Toro with one hand!"
With Devullio's attempt a fail, Sanchi backed up and was amazed at his words.
"You're nothing and that's how it'll always be!" Sanchi said.
But Devullio got Sanchi with these words, "That's why Deacon is coming to Julia"
Quickly, Sanchi pushed Devullio to the ground and ran straight to the hospital building.

"This is it" Boris said, finding loads of gunpowder, "I can making something out of this!"
"Make it quick" Sanchez said, looking around the area.
Boris started to construct his plan and was close to done, but he hollered for Sanchez.
"Listen, I need someone to attract all the armadas to the specific location...are you up for it..?" Boris said.
Sanchez shook his head with a serious look, "I can handle this"
"Great, that's go" Boris said.
Boris started to run with his objects and Sanchez followed behind. Running pass many houses, and unaware armadas.
"Where is your great location?" Sanchez said, but Boris stopped.
Empty wooden building. With no extra time, Boris placed the dynamite inside the building and busted a open spot at the end of the building.
"Okay, let's go" Boris said, leaving the area with a switch.
Sanchez ran towards the armada and raised his gun with courage, "Here's one for the crew"
Boom! Sanchez took an armada out and all the attention attracted to him, "Freeze!"
Sanchez started to run from them and they started to follow. Without looking back, he kept on running and all the armadas were right behind him and he noticed the building. He ran inside and slammed the door. In a matter of a few seconds the door went down and the room started to fill up with armadas and Sanchez was gone.
"Where is that pirate?" An armada said.
"Goodbye you scrap of..."
Boom! The whole building went into flames. All of Deacon's army gone and gave Sanchez an another reason to trust Boris.
"His plan actually worked...Dorugh was right" Sanchez said, walking by armadas' pieces.
Sanchez ran up to Boris's location. Excited and ready to pat him on the back, Sanchez started yelling his name. "Science boy! did it!"
Boris smiled, but he didn't like his compliments. He was just doing his job, he thought. He wanted to be apart of the crew. Finally, he accomplished it.
"Let's head back to check on Chun" Boris said, picking up his bag.

Dorugh, Randal, Sanchez and Boris started to walk back, but Sanchi kept running. Nervously, he kept going until he couldn't proceed any longer...but that was never the case. Seeing the hospital in his view, than he just started yelling Julia's name.
"Julia! Are you there?" Sanchi cried out.
Finally he made it there, but he knew something was up. The windows were shattered and so was the door. Taking a deep breath, he went in.
"No!" Sanchi said, entering the room.
Bullet shells were everywhere. Quinn's desk was flipped over and even worst...Julia wasn't there. He started to panic and flipped over everything. Chun was still on the bed and Quinn started to call for help.
Sanchi followed her crying for help. He rushed into her office and there she was. On the floor with tears running down her face, but still no sign for Julia.
"Sanchi" Quinn cried, "Armadas...they took was Deacon!"
His hazel eyes started to widen. His heart started to beat even faster and his fist balled up. "W-w-when?"
Suddenly, Sanchez and the rest entered the room. Sanchez checked on Chun and the rest went inside Nurse Quinn's office. Everyone started to ask questions and Sanchi explained. Devullio and Deacon kidnapped Julia.
"What are we going to do about this?" Dorugh asked, loading his weapon.
Sanchi didn't answer. Instead, he took a glance out of the window and saw his ship flying away...than, he turned around with a serious look on his face.
"We're going to Valencia and rescue Julia" Sanchi said, punching the window.

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