Friday, March 27, 2015

The Warrior Season four premier "Can't look back"

After weeks on Socrus, dealing with the "Green turned virus" and Devullio the crew cannot look back on the past and must carry on, to help the pirates defeat the armadas. After losing Gus, Moresco and Anthony, Sanchi and the rest don't see them moving on.

Bodies. Bodies everywhere on Socrus, Sanchez (who was really bruised from Devullio) was looking all around for Devullio's body, but he knew he was the only one who escaped, but he also didn't see Shiruku's body.
"Anything?" Dorugh said
"" Sanchez said
"We must go...they escaped..but good news...we took out his whole entire army" Dorugh said
Sanchez and Dorugh returned back. Sanchez also noticed that Julia and Sanchi went back up to the abandoned hospital to search for survivors, but there was none. Dez placed a large blanket over Anthony's body and patted Anthony's head. Boris and Chun went on the ship to find some food, due to the debris destroying 97% of their food and patients and Juhn and Jarvis are picking up the dead bodies and placing them on top of one and another for a fire. It's was just a mess, Sanchez thought.
"Everyone is doing something productive" Dorugh mentioned, "For now, atleast"
Sanchez nodded his head and walked towards Anthony's body. As he bends over to pick his body up. Dorugh stopped him, "Don't bury him..please"
"Why?" Sanchez said
"I know this area, in Skull Island. Where I first met Anthony and he pretty much saved my life. Let me bury him, please" Dorugh said

"What's in here?" Julia said, Moving debris out of her path
"Our room and Moresco's room, too" Sanchi said
Julia started coughing, due to all the debris and dust. Sanchi convinced her to go down stairs and back to Sanchez and the rest, while he looks for something.
"You'll pay for this, Devullio" Sanchi said
After alot of work, removing fallen debris out of his way, he managed to get to their desk and started going through papers. Sanchi was trying to looking for his paperwork. He kept on flipping papers and throwing them until he found something Moresco wrote. He quickly fell to the ground, near the window to get light and he started to read, "I don't mind waking up to people coughing or throwing up. Not a bit. I don't mind hearing my master yell when something goes wrong. Use to it, but I know something is up when I see tears falling from his eyes and he's worry. I know, me is useless and I understand master didn't talk to me much, me just hope soon, I can go on a mission with my crew and make my master proud. Even if it involves me dying, I will sacrifice anything to keep the crew alive, and myself knows...that'll it happen soon. I just want my master to smile at me."
Sanchi quickly flipped to the next page on his desk and saw pictures that Moresco drew. It was Sanchi and Moresco together with the whole crew, everyone satisfied and on the corner of the page it says, "My dream"
Sanchi couldn't ready anymore and he dropped the notebook and he started to cry, he pulled out his sword and he saw Anthony's blood on his sword from Devullio.
"No!" Sanchi said, throwing the sword
"Sanchi!" Julia called, "We are leaving Socrus. Come down with everything you want to take back"
Sanchi wiped his tears away. He picked up all of Moresco's writings and his bracelet. He also picked up his sword and wiped the blood off and ran towards the ship.

"Ready to go?" Boris said
Juhn quickly lit a stick on fire and threw it on the bodies and flames started to burst out.
"Memoriesss" Jarvis said, "Terrible onesss"
It was just Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh, Julia, Dez, Boris, Juhn, Chun and Jarvis only ones who survived the battle of Socrus. They all took their only ship. Boris was taking everyone back. Jarvis and Chun went to rest.
"What are you going to do?" Sanchez said, "Your sword still has a blood on it, not much though"
Sanchi looked at Sanchez's bruised face and then looked back at his sword. Staring at his reflection and looking at the blood, he knew what he's have to do.
"Going to Waponi Wu, Volcano island" Sanchi said
"You really think Chumba Wumba is okay with that? Plus all the lava fish and..."
"I know what I'm doing" Sanchi said
After a long weeks on Socrus, everyone's nightmares finally ended and Boris docked the ships at Skull Island. Quickly, Captain Avery, Ron Subodai and others ran out to greet Sanchi and everyone else, but they were in for a surprise.
" look nasty?" Ron said, touching his face
"Oh my...where's the others?" Captain Avery said, afraid to hear their response
No one didn't want to answer the question and it gave Avery a hint. Captain Avery patted Sanchez on his back and told everyone to go lie down, but then Dorugh and Dez came out holding Anthony's body. Avery or Ron didn't want to know.
"They all look roughed up" Ron said
Then, Sanchi, Julia, Juhn, Chun, Boris and Jarvis came out of the ship. Sanchi quickly walked by, not responding to Avery.
"How many died from the virus?" Julia said
"Poor Senator Dexter Pittsor didn't make it, guards took him out as he was turning" Avery said, "Others died too, lots of them"
"Is Lord Derwitchi still alive?" Juhn asked
Lord Derwitchi walked outside as he noticed their ship. He quickly shook everyone's hands, including Boris.
"Great to see everyone back" Lord Derwitchi said, "Did you catch Devullio?"
"No...he actually killed two of our own, Moresco died from the infected ones and that monster killed Anthony on Socrus!" Chun said, walking away in tears
Lord Derwitchi looked at Chun walking away and he looked back at Juhn and Juhn nodded his head, "Socrus will just be a nightmare in our heads"

Late afternoon, Sanchi and everyone else was resting. Dorugh quickly lifted Anthony's body up, grabbed a shovel and got on their ship. Dorugh was taking the ship to the back of Scrimshaw, where Anthony first met Dorugh. As memories started to go through his mind, tears started to fall out of his eyes.
"I'll never forget you, Anthony" Dorugh said, wiping his tears away
Once he made it to Scrimshaw, he quickly got off the ship with Anthony's body and a shovel, he ran past pirates. He didn't care what people thought.
"Remember this?" Dorugh said
There were other stones here too, Dorugh's brother, wife and son. Dorugh placed Anthony down and started to dig right next to his wife's stone. As he was digging, he started to think about his life before this war, before Kane and before Devullio. He knew that life will never go back to normal.
"I'll miss you" Dorugh said, dropping Anthony in the hole
Dorugh started to pile Anthony's body with dirt with the shovel. It took a very long time, but Dorugh didn't care. Then, he quickly tilted his body on the shovel which is deep in the ground and started to cry even more. He then fell to the ground, in tears and just laid there.

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