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The Warrior S5 premier "Research"

Sanchi and his crew stayed at Cooper's Roost to help them with armadas' problems. Encountering Devullio many times, Sanchi managed to take out Devullio. Now, finally back home, Warrior Juhn Woun, Boris, Dorugh and a three more pirate troops goes out to where the green turned virus occur to find a cure for patients who's on the edge to death.

"We're honor for you guys to risk everything with those infected brainless monsters to find a cure" Derwitchi said, shaking Boris's hand.
"Juhn always been that way and the other two helped destroy Devullio" Captain Avery said.
Lord Derwitchi and captain Avery were honoring Sanchi's crew, but only two of them showed up with Juhn. Sanchez's trust with Derwitchi declined ever since the death of Dez. So did Dorugh, but he had to go out...he didn't want to leave Boris alone with them.
"It's time to go, boys" Juhn Woun, "This mission...will be difficult and it'll be hard to predict for who'd make it out"
Juhn, Dorugh, Boris and three pirate troops (Jack, Nick and Jordan) went out on their ship and began the trip.

Boris was on the deck, looking over his paper work and thought about the scientists there, but Dorugh came out with one of the troops (Nick). Dorugh looked over Boris's shoulders and Boris knew. He gently closed his folder filled with sheets.
"You know, You're only 20 and you saved me not long ago...I know I keep repeating this, but I just have to let everyone know...without you, I'd be in those mad scientists' bellies" Dorugh said, placing his hand on Boris's shoulders.
"Thank you" Boris said, "It's going to be a weird feeling going back there"
"I heard stories alright" Nick said.
Nick wasn't far apart from Boris's age. Both were young and experience, but someway...Derwitchi thought overwise and sent three new pirates with them.
"This is my first time, you know" Nick said, trying to start a conversation.
"It's most of our first times" Jack said, entering with Jordan. "Well at least us three"
Jack wasn't really fit into this trip. He was also experience and wasn't in the best shape. Meanwhile Jordan's cockiness and age deceived him too.
"I'll become a better troop than this bald dude" Jordan said, laughing at Dorugh.
Suddenly, the ship stopped and Juhn yelled for them to get off the ship. They're here.
"Ready?" Juhn said.
First ones off the ship, Dorugh and Boris knew the burnt down Laboratory. Boris definitely didn't want to talk or think about it. But he also knew about the dead filled hospital...where he met his future crew.
"I don't see any of these "greenies"?" Jack said, placing his gun back.
"Most of them were in that Laboratory. Rest are in that hospital...good luck for all of us" Dorugh said.
"I don't need any luck" Jordan said, started to walk. "Y'all ready?"
Juhn and Dorugh looked at each other with a mean look and started to walk behind the rookies.
"Some put chains on this door" Jack said, pulling his gun out, "Let me take them off"
Juhn, Boris and Dorugh didn't listen to Jack or paid attention to him. But they should of.
"Back up Jordan and Nick" Jack said, shooting the chain.
Suddenly, after hearing the shot, Juhn and the rest eyes widen and ran towards the rookies, with their weapons out. "Rookies!"

Three infected pirates came out, limping and going for Jack. He tried to reload his weapon, but one of them bit into him arm, infecting him. Meanwhile, the two other troops started to panic.
"Jack! You been bit!" Jordan cried.
Juhn and Dorugh came into the area and cleared out the ongoing infected ones (zombie pirates). Not using a gun, Dorugh and Juhn handled it while the rest watched.
"Am I going to be fine?" Jack said, revealing his green bit.
His arm was covered with blood with green in it. There was no way to stop him into turning and Juhn knew that.
"Well" Juhn said, raising his sword.
Juhn tried to take Jack out of his misery, but Nick stopped him, " can't kill him...he's a pirate"
"We need to hurry this up and get in there and take out the ones who doesn't know about our coming...he's infected and..." Juhn stopped.
Boom! Jack fell to the ground and revealed Dorugh with his gun up. Only bad mistake was using his gun.
"That shot is going to alarm more, we need to go inside" Boris said, bring his flashlight out.

The remaining five went inside the infected hospital. Where it all started, the disease and the innocent lives taking away. The room was dark and quiet, but they still heard footsteps.
"Where are we going?" Dorugh whispered, checking his sides.
"Anywhere, patient's rooms will be the best for medicine and a chance to destroy this" Boris said.
They quietly ran up stairs and took out a couple of infected pirates. Juhn led the way with Dorugh behind him, Juhn using his sword and Dorugh using a knife.
"Dorugh and I will look around for more cures" Juhn said, signaling Dorugh to come.

"Ever killed one of these?" Boris said.
"No" Both were Nick and Jordan's response.
Boris unlocked the worn out door and opened it widely. There were three of infected pirates in there. With their green eyes showing in the dark and their loud movement. He wanted the two rookies to handle them.
Jordan didn't want to use a knife. Instead he used his gun and wracked one many times until it fell to the ground, than he stomped the infected one's head in. Nick just pulled his knife out and ran towards the remaining two. Meanwhile, Boris looked down the stairs and saw 20 or more of them walking up.
"Come in here, quick!" Boris said, shutting the door.
"What's going on?" Nick said, "If there's a few more, we can handle them"
Boris didn't want to argue. He told the two rookies to lean on the door and make sure none of them would enter or infect anyone. Boris quickly ran towards cabinets and started looking through them. Throwing empty bottles on the ground, Boris couldn't find any Eskizem (Cleans the blood stream from any ongoing virus).
"This place is useless" Boris said, slamming the cabinets' doors.
Almost out of time, Boris ran to the side door (to the other room) and opened it, but it was filled with more zombie pirates. Plus, his flashlight gave his position away. He quickly ran back in and shut the door and put all his strength on the door, but more and more of them were piling around both doors.
"What are we going to do?" Nick said, "There's no many of them for just three of us"
"We could jump out of the window" Jordan said, pointing at the window.
Boris quickly respond, "No! That'd be an awful idea... for many reasons. If you'd run towards the window, these infected pirates would storm in and it's a long fall! We're on the third floor!"
There were only about 11 zombie pirates piling up at Boris's door, but there were over 20 of them around Nick and Jordan. Boris was having a rough time handling the situation. Meanwhile, the two rookies want to make a run for it and leave Boris for them to eat.
"Dorugh!" Boris cried, "Help us!"

Dorugh and Juhn were wandering around the hallways, going through empty rooms to look for some Eskizem, but were out of luck.
"We should of got some troops who knows what they're doing...not three rookies" Dorugh said.
"I don't know what Derwitchi was thinking" Juhn said.
Suddenly, they heard doors banging and they stopped for a few seconds, but they thought it was just a few infected ones trying to get loose.
"Why do you care so much about Boris..? Or Sanchi, Chun and Sanchez?" Juhn asked, "You should only worry about your objectives and understand that you'll lose ones that you care about"
"You don't understand, sir...what they all done for me...I'd risk my life for Boris, Sanchi or anyone in my crew" Dorugh said.
Juhn didn't approve of what Dorugh were saying: "That'll get you killed"
But their conversation stopped. They started to hear screaming and banging. Dorugh started to run towards that direction but Juhn stopped him.
"We have an objective and they do too! If they're doing it right, then it's their faults and their lives...not ours" Juhn said, grabbing Dorugh's arm.
But Dorugh disagreed. He pushed Juhn away from him and ran towards the chaos and Juhn were furious.

"They're about to bust this door open!" Jordan cried, "We need to get out!"
Both doors were about to bust open, but Boris still maintain his side, but Nick couldn't and wouldn't.
"We're going to die like this!" Nick said, moving away from the door.
"Don't!" Boris said.
The zombie pirates got into the room and devoured Jordan as he held his position, but it wasn't enough. Boris just stood there, trying to hold his in.
"Dorugh!" Boris cried.
Dorugh kept running towards the noise, Juhn was following him and tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen.
"Help!" Nick said, getting overrun.
They piled on Nick and it was just Boris. He quickly picked up his knife and opened his door up. Taking out two of them, he wasn't ready for this.
"Boris!" Dorugh cried, bringing the attention towards him.
Bang! He took out three, four, five and more. Juhn started to help, too. Dorugh kept shooting and Juhn kept slicing them. Boris ran into another room and encountered one infected pirate. He shot his weapon multiple times and missed, but than he pulled out his knife and stabbed the pirate zombie and pushed his body into a cabinet and bottles started to fall out.
"No way" Boris said, picking up a bottle of Eskizem.
Dorugh and Juhn took the last of infected pirates. Breathing hard, Juhn pushed Dorugh to the ground and started to yell, "You disobeyed my orders! You could of gotten yourself killed!"
Dorugh got back on his feet and looked Juhn into his eyes, "I'd die for Boris and I'll be proud of that"
"I found it, Eskizem...two bottles" Boris said, handing it to Juhn.
Dorugh looked at the bottles and grinned at Juhn, "I told you, we've found it...with the person I saved help"
He walked out of the room and towards the ship, ready to go but also furious at Juhn's statements and Derwitchi's choices on the rookies.

Thanks for everyone who kept on reading until Season five! There are new things in this season. There are longer ones and much more intense. This is also the last season for this, but a new one with the same crew.

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