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The Warrior "A pirate, a judge and an abduction" S5

Dorugh, Boris, Juhn Woun and other troopers goes out to old memories to get potions to cure sick patients with the "Green turned virus". Lord Derwitchi sends the rookies along with them but all died. Back on Cool Ranch, the gang killed three of Fin Dorsal's men (Drisk, Saber and Niko). Finally Fin Dorsal's heard about the news about his men dead from Sanchi's gang.

"He wanted me to leave Boris let him get devour by those dead...creatures..." Dorugh said
Dorugh were explaining what happened with Juhn to Sanchez. Dorugh didn't like Juhn's statements and started to worry about Derwitchi's reaction to the death of the three rookies. Meanwhile...for Sanchez, he was speechless.
"It was Lord Derwitchi's fault...right?" Sanchez said, looking out of the window.
"He said...I won't last long...because....I changed to...I don't know...what he said..." Dorugh said, trying to eat.
"Where is Boris?" Sanchez asked
"Somewhere...I have no clue, who's going to represent us...?" Dorugh asked, rubbing his bald head.
Suddenly, the door opened up and Chun started to cheer and congratulated Dorugh for returning home.
"The pirate of this place!" Wing Chun cheered.
"Have your wounds healed up?" Sanchez asked, lifting up his shirt.
The bullet hold, on his torso, was almost sealed up, but the door opened up again and it was Julia with her hair bundled up and with a nice dress.
"Many Bulson or Jarvis are blabbering about what happened everywhere! Geez!" Julia said.
"Nothing can go our way...can it..?" Sanchez said, falling on the bed.

Meanwhile, Lord Derwitchi and Juhn Woun were discussing the death of the three rookies, after the funeral. Sanchi, Boris and El Toro were the only ones of his crew that attended the funeral.
"We managed to get two bottle of potions...but that was it..." Juhn said, shaking the bottles.
"We lost three troops? Young ones, too! Dorugh will pay, this afternoon!" Lord Derwitchi said.
"Might just be a good idea to cancel this...I mean, is a judge even coming...? Plus, Dorugh is apart of Sanchi's crew" Juhn Woun said.
Juhn didn't approve of what Derwitchi was trying to do. He was trying to send Dorugh to prison for three years, but he also didn't approve of Dorugh's recent movements. Risked the objective and his life just for Boris.
"I do not care! Dorugh will become the next trooper that was an issue...Dez!" Lord Derwitchi said, slamming his fist on his desk.
"Dez...brilliant, brave and great trooper, he just had a nervous breakdown" Juhn said.
Derwitchi knew the whole story, he knew why Dez died, why he ran from him...but Juhn or anyone on Skull island knew.
Knock, knock! The door started to bang and Juhn opened it up. It was judge Harrison. With his paper works, soon they'll have to go down to the court.
"Shall we discuss what's going on?" Judge Harrison asked, placing his book on the table, "This trooper didn't really break any law here"
"That's a false statement!" Lord Derwitchi yelled, getting everyone's attention. "He killed three troopers...or made them die! I will not have this monster here!"
"Sir, with all respect...we have bigger things to worry about than this foolish decisions. Plus. Dorugh did more than most of the pirates here! He's a legend!" Juhn said, opening the door.
"No! Senator Carthy and senator Chun will represent him! We'll see soon!" Lord Derwitchi said.

Fin Dorsal was in his ship, sailing around Skull island's Skyway. Heading towards Skull island, after receiving the information about his men.
"What a boring trip!" Minow (one of his men) said, throwing darts. But he completely missed the target.
"Geez Miny! If you keep it up with darts, you'll manage to hit those troops in their legs and I'll hit them in their skulls" Hadecki said, drinking.
There were five men with Fin Dorsal. Minow, Hadecki, Casko, Den and Mark. All five of them are dangerous creatures. Their strong hatred reflected on the pirates.
"Also, I'll be the one digging your ginormous graves if you keep it up!" Minow said, flipping a table.
Minow got up on his feet and pulled out his knife and so did Hadecki, but Fin got in between them to stop the fight.
"Enough!" Fin said, "We're a group! Hadecki...if you keep insulting your own brothers, I'll take care of you...and Minow, get better aim!"
Casko and Mark started to chuckle. Den were flying the ship. Fin lifted his hand in the air to stop the laughter and they stopped laughing.
"Ahoy, captain...we have landed" Den said, docking the ship.
Two pirate guards ran towards Fin's ship and started to strike at the wall, trying to break it down. Fin opened up the door and the two stopped.
"Who are you?" Guard said
Fin grabbed on of the guard and picked him up with all his strength. The other guard started to yell. So Fin threw the other guard at him and knocked them both off he docks.
"Casko, be the look out" Fin said, loading his gun.
Casko didn't like to stay on the ship, but he didn't want to argue with his boss. Fin, Hadecki, Minow and Mark went out to seek revenge on Sanchi's group.
"Who are we looking for?" Mark said.
Fin didn't answer, he just passed the sheet to Mark and he started to read names, but mispronounced them.
"Sanchi? Sankez? El Torah...Wing Chong, Boaris and Dorough?" Mark said, "Bunch of strange names"
"Oh Mark, just shut it. Your reading will amaze me" Fin said.

"Five minutes until court!" Judge Harrison shouted, going by their room.
Dorugh started to sweat, very nervous. Julia didn't really know what to say, but Chun did. Sanchez was just telling everyone that they could do it.
"We can do this" Wing Chun said, looking at his paperwork.
"What happen if we lose this case? I'll be behind that bars in the jungle...where troggies are lurking around!" Dorugh said, face palming.
"Look, you'll be fine! I'm going to get my stuff at my place, meet you guys down there" Chun said, shutting the door.
Dorugh started to gain more hope. He thought that Chun could help him, but without Chun...he'll be doomed and the crew wouldn't be able to go on.
"Chun's working hard for you...we need to go down there, now" Julia said.

"I see one" Fin said, "It's that one companion...Chun!"
Wing Chun was walking alone, while everyone was located at the old wooden court house. Waiting to see the case. This was a perfect time to take one of them and Fin knew that.
"What we going to do?" Mark said, "He's are right there"
"Shut it,'re giving me a headache" Fin said, dropping his binocular.
Fin started to walk down and walk towards Wing Chun. He started to call his name. Chun didn't pay attention, but he started to walk faster, he walked past the Bazaar, the fruit stand and the docks. He noticed that a sharktooth were still following him. So, he picked up the paste and so did Fin. He started to run towards his dorm. Looking back multiple times, he saw Fin on his trail.
"Why are you following me?" Chun cried, pulling his useless gun out.
Fin suddenly stopped and started to laugh. "Oh, come on...I'm just jogging around this that a crime?"
But Chun didn't believe that, "You're Fin Dorsal...why are you following me!"
Fin started to shake his head and walked towards Chun, with his hands raised up. He twitched his head to his other men and they started to run down without him knowing.
"Get...away from me!" Chun said.
Clank! Minow slammed a frying pan on Chun's head, knocking him out. Mark and Hadecki picked Chun's body up and threw him on their ship, but Fin stayed behind them for a second. He ripped Chun's shirt and wrote a letter on it and left it. "You killed three of our men, we're coming for two more now"

Sanchez and the rest entered the room and the chattering stopped. Then, judge Harrison caught everyone's attention. The whole entire room became silent as Derwitchi entered the room with Juhn. Dorugh, Julia and Sanchez was in front of the whole jury with Derwitchi and Juhn near them.
"Yesterday...Dorugh, Boris and Juhn went on a dangerous trip, with three troops...young ones" Judge Harrison said, "Come front, senator Julia and..."
The judge stopped when he noticed that Chun was absent. Sanchez looked at Derwitchi and he smiled at him.
"As you can see, senator Chun didn't show up" Lord Derwitchi said, standing up. "I can do this myself"
"That trooper over there got three rookies killed! Also, he tried to risk his own life and the objective for others..." Lord Derwitchi said.
"Dorugh, would you like to tell us anything?" Judge Harrison said.
Dorugh whispered into Julia's ears.
"One of the troops died on their own...and....uh...they found the potions and helped saved lots of lives!" Julia said.
Suddenly, the crowd started to talk and Harrison stopped them. Dorugh was out with replies.
"Judge, the troopers were young...I mean, come on! I am Lord Derwitchi! I helped us through tough times and I am not allowing weak troopers like him destroy us!" He said.
Many hours have been passed. Dorugh and Julia were silent for most of the time. Everyone were on Derwitchi's side and decisions were made.
"Commander Dorugh, I apologize...but, you're no longer part of the pirate army and you'll be behind bars for a few years, due to the three deaths of the rookies" Judge Harrison said.
Sanchi and his crew couldn't believe it. Even Juhn couldn't believe it.
"My lord....sir, we can't send him out like this...we could give him one more chance...we can make sure he doesn't kill or fail the objective again! We'll just need to keep a closer watch on him, it won't be difficult...he help kill Devullio and he helped Monquista and Cool Ranch and they joined us in this long lasting war...he's a valuable one" Juhn said, standing up.
The whole court room became silent. Sanchi, El, Boris and much more couldn't believe Juhn disagreeing with Derwitchi., but he step closer to Juhn and said to him: "One more chance and if he blows it...he'll be in that piss poor prison for a long time"
Sanchez got out of his seat and went outside to receive fresh air, but also check for Chun and wonder why he didn't show up. He walked in the dark towards Chun's house, but he stopped and saw half of Chun's shirt.
"Chun's?" He said to his self.
He looked at the little piece from Chun's shirt and flipped it over and saw the note and he suddenly he freaked it. He knew who it was,
"Fin!" Sanchez cried, "Sanchi!"

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