Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Warrior "The talk" S5

2 long days on the Tangled jungles. Boris's left leg gets stuck and Sanchi sliced his leg off, saving him from the troggys. Sanchi, Sanchez, Boris and Emmanuel camped at a fire and encountered Fin Dorsal. Troggys then filled up the area and killed Fin's men. Julia, Juhn and El Toro managed to find Sanchi and the rest and brought them home. Now, finally back home, questions are started to be asked at Skull island and Kane, Deacon, Rooke and Lifto talks about the pirates and plan on an attack.

Emmanuel were by Boris's bed, sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Boris were lying down on a bed, knocked out..but he had a peg leg, which didn't take long. Emmanuel were staring at Boris and started to think about his past, with his family and friends getting killed, he wanted to go back to old times.
"I'm sorry about this...all of this" Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel looked at his gun. His gun reflected his face and he noticed he had tears down his face. He threw his gun to the floor and got out of the chair. He went towards the door and looked back, staring at Boris and he quietly said, "I'm doing this for you"

Kane arrived at Valencia. First thing he did, he sat down on his throne, looking out of the window. He heard the door opening and it was Deacon and Rooke arriving with someone. They threw the stranger to the ground and Kane got up to look at him.
"He's a warrior, found him" Deacon said, "What should we do with him?"
Kane stared at the warrior, all beaten up the warrior looked at him. Kane removed the cloth from his mouth, waiting for him to talk.
"His name is William...he were with Jarvis Cobris"  Rooke said, "You know our feelings on warriors"
Kane nodded his head and bowed down, waiting for him to talk. Kane wanted to hear if he's guilty or...worth killing.
"Life isn't always perfect" Kane said to him, "When you think you're in a safe're really not"
Warrior William looked at Kane and shook his head. He understood Kane's statement, but he didn't want to go out like this.
"You have my tied up...are you afraid of what I can bring?" William asked, "Juhn trained me for many years"
Kane smiled and patted William on his back. He got back up and signal them to take him out. Kane walked back to his throne and heard a gunshot.
"Guards will get his body out" Rooke said, "Lifto will be arriving soon... I don't know if he'll approve you sitting on his old master's throne.
Lifto's old master help trained him. But, one night after they finished their arguing, his master were found dead in his bed. Others believed that he were killed by Lifto.

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