Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Warrior "Truth comes out" S5

Captain Avery sent Sanchez to Valencia to keep an eye on Kane and the rest. He meets with Colby and they start their objective, but Lifto figures out that Sanchez is located there and sends Rooke and loads of armadas there, already killing troops. Avery gave Sanchi an objective to spy on Derwitchi, but he goes away and Sanchi found his beeping contacting device. He pressed the button and blew up the bazaar and the warrior's temple. Questions are now being asked and lives are being lost.

Both Juhn and Sanchi ran towards the exploded temple. The temple were in billions of pieces and not one of them could believe it. Juhn nodded his head as he picks up a small piece of debris. Out of anger, he threw it on the ground.
"Can't believe it" Juhn said, "What are..."
Juhn stopped after hearing Julia screaming and running towards them. She jumped on Sanchi and started to hug and kiss him, she thought that Sanchi was in the explosion.
"Are you hurt?" Julia asked, "Are you?"
Sanchi smiled and kissed Julia on her lips, "I'm better now"
Wing Chun and limping Boris followed Julia behind and moments later, Emmanuel arrived too. They were all confuse, but the two warriors had a suspect to the explosion.
"Who could of done this?" Julia said, "Is someone trying to kill the warriors?"
"I hope not" Juhn said, rubbing his bald head.
"Someone did it, that's obvious" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi walked away from them and inside the left over of the temple. Looking at the burnt chairs and debris, he couldn't believe it. He had a feeling that Derwitchi did it, but others disagreed. Couple of warriors came to the scene, Bulson Budd, Jarvis Cobris, Lance Mo and Ron Subodai ran in the debris.
"Who did this?" Lance said, "Kane? Deacon? Rooke?"
Ron and Jarvis picked up pieces, looking for clues but it was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Bulson stood there, eating food.
"A threat?" Ron said, "Someone obviously want the warriors dead"
Questions started to fill up the area. Juhn managed to shut the crowd up by firing Emmanuel's gun.
"Don't you guys have missions to do?" He said, "Get onto it, everything will be fine"
The warriors all walked away, but Juhn grabbed Ron and whispered to him, "Stay here"
Juhn made sure that the other warriors left. Then he started to speak, "You guys don't worry about anything, tonight...Ron and I will confront Lord Derwitchi and make him over rule his self, it's about time we make a smart move"

"Get down, get down!" A trooper cried, getting shot.
Rooke and his army managed to land their ships. Over hundreds of armadas marched off the ship and Rooke led the way, but the Sanchez and the rest had an army, too. Shots were firing nonstop. From both sides, Sanchez and Colby were hiding behind large amounts of debris, firing and taking out armadas. Both sides lost lots of troops, already.
"Isn't this great?" Colby said, taking out an armada.
Rooke told all the armadas about Sanchez. He also told them not to touch him. He wants to kill him, his self. But, the odds were against them. Armadas started to lose more troops than the pirates, but was an even battle.
"I see Rooke" Sanchez said.
"His armor is really strong, it'll take millions of bullets to take him out" Colby said.
Then, Sanchez came up with a really good idea. He told Colby to go to the second ground, not the building. Colby listened to his commands and ran up to his spot.
"It's about time we meet again, Rooke" Sanchez said, pulling his weapon out.
Sanchez purposely went out in the open. HE started to shout Rooke's name and shot his armor. Rooke saw Sanchez smiling and he grinned. He pulled his axe out and walked towards him.

After Juhn and Ron left, Julia left too and Sanchi didn't know. He ran all around to look for Julia. He looked in their rooms, markets and nothing. Someone called his name and it sounded like someone he knew. It was Derwitchi.
"You heard that explosion?" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi slowly turned out and noticed Derwitchi in a awkward outfit. He shook his head and tried to walk away, but he called his name again. Sanchi stopped and Derwitchi got really close to him, right in his face. He stared Sanchi right in his eyes.
"Why'd you go in my office? You could of closed my door" Derwitchi said.
Sanchi looked away, "Looking for you"
Derwitchi started to laugh and patted Sanchi on his shoulder. Then, he became serious again. He started to walk and pushed Sanchi with him.
"So...did Juhn really tell you to spy on me?" Derwitchi said
"H-h-how did you know?" Sanchi said, looking away.
"You shouldn't really worry about me" Derwitchi said, "You should worry about the warriors...they're the new threat"
Sanchi looked back at Derwitchi and gave him a strange look. He knew that the warriors aren't bad, but he didn't know who to believe anymore. Their conversation quickly became serious.
"They don't care for anyone beside their selves" Derwitchi laughed, "The armadas care...the pirates care, too"
Sanchi started to walk away from Derwitchi, but he pulled him back. Derwitchi smiled and pulled something out. It was a sword. He started to wave the sword around and placed it under Sanchi's chin.
"Be apart of the new upcoming dynasty...I know you and your crew want something worthy and important" Derwitchi said, putting his sword up.
Sanchi backed up even more and ran away, leaving Derwitchi with a grin on his face. He walked back to his large office.

Rooke walked by gunshots from other pirates and Sanchez just stood there, awaiting for Rooke to come. He smiled and Sanchez grinned back. One pirate troop ran in front of Rooke and he slammed his axe on his body, killing him in front of Sanchez. Meanwhile, Sanchez took out an armada in his path.
"This isn't even a match up!" Rooke said, "What do you have over me?"
Sanchez pulled out his gun and cheered, "Nothing, that's the point"
Rooke stopped and placed his axe (Devullio's old axe) on the ground. He cracked his knuckles with a grin on his mouth. Rooke was 6'7 and weighed over 250 pounds, while Sanchez were just 5'10 and 150 pounds. He knew this would be too easy.
"Bare hands, I want a challenge" Rooke said.
He ran towards Sanchez and threw a punch and Sanchez managed to dodge it. Resulting in him hitting his fist into a metal building. He grabbed his fist in pain, but he threw another punch with his other hand. His punch nailed Sanchez in his stomach and made him collapse on the ground. He tried to get back up, but Rooke grabbed him by his shirt and threw him into his Sanchez's ship.
"This is just too easy!" Rooke said.
Colby was watching the fight, ready for Sanchez to perform the plan. He clearly saw all the explosive cans inside the ship, through a window, "Come on before you get wrecked!"
Sanchez, with blood all over his face, threw a punch but Rooke grabbed his fist. He squeezed Sanchez's fist and started to hear cracking noises, then he slammed him to the hard ground. Stepping on his stomach, Rooke started to have some fun. He picked up the weak target again, holding him up by his neck, Rooke started to squeeze hard. In defense, Sanchez grabbed Rooke's stomach armor and pulled it off and slapped it across Rooke's face. Causing him to drop Sanchez. The big armada stood there, laughing. He slowly picked up his armor.
"Come at me" Sanchez said, walking towards his ship.
Sanchez raised his hand up to signal Colby to be prepare. Sanchez ran towards his ship, but Rooke easily grabbed his foot and pulled him back. Luckily, Sanchez kicked him in his face, causing him to let go. Sanchez ran inside the ship and threw a glass jar at Rooke.
"Are you trying to leave?" Rooke said, getting on the ship.
Sanchez quickly broke the window open and went through. He started to yell "fire!". Sanchez shot his shelf and caused lots of items to fall on the window.
"IS that all you got?" Rooke said.
Sanchez quickly jumped off the ship after hearing Colby's gun firing.
"Yeah!" Sanchez said.
Boom! The whole entire ship exploded while Rooke was in it. Pieces of the ship went all around Sanchez, but Rooke's burned mask fell in front of Sanchez. He picked up the masked. He grinned and threw it, "Wasn't that bad"

Meanwhile, at Skull island it was night. Sanchi were in his room, looking out of his window. He started to worry about the warriors' faith. Julia tried to comfort him and get him to go to bed, but he argued and she gave up. She went to bed alone. He gently placed his hand on the window.

Juhn Woun and Ron Subodai both started to walk towards Derwitchi's office, with their weapons. They were ready to face him after Sanchi told them about Derwitchi's weapon. Juhn wasn't afraid, but Ron had goose bumps and didn't want to do this. They were getting close to his office, seeing his open door. Juhn walked inside his office without knocking. Derwitchi was in a middle of a call, but he turned his device off.
"Juhn...Ron, how are you?" Lord Derwitchi said, sitting in his chair.
None of them answered, instead they pulled their swords out and pointed it at Derwitchi. They gave him scary looks, but Derwitchi didn't buy it.
"What's going on?" Derwitchi asked.
"You are going to be locked up" Ron said, "You're evil and we know it!"
Derwitchi smiled and stood up, "What about a case? You don't know everything!"
"Everyone are already going against you...our council...everyone" Juhn said.
Lord Derwitchi understood and placed his hands under his robe and walked slowly towards them. Ron pulled out hand cuffs. Juhn noticed that Derwitchi was moving his hands around his robe, like he was trying to grab something. He turned around for Ron to place the hand cuffs. Ron placed his sword down and bend over to put the hand cuffs on him. Derwitchi started to smile.
"Wait, Ron!" Juhn cried.
Derwitchi pulled his sword out and chopped Ron's head off, dropping him to the ground. Juhn's eyes widen and he backed up. Derwitchi looked at the blood on his sword, then he looked at Juhn. Taunting him.
"You killed him! Ron!" Juhn cried.
Juhn swung his sword, but Derwitchi blocked his hit with his sword. Both swords crashing together, Juhn moved around and tried to kill him from behind, but Derwitchi knew more than Juhn. He kicked Juhn's leg and kicked him again to the ground. Juhn quickly got back up towards Derwitchi's wide windows.
"You...been evil this whole time!" Juhn cried.
"I have...once I kill you, all the pirates will turn on the warriors and kill them!" Derwitchi said.
Both swords collided again and Juhn spoke again, "That won't happen"

"You need to go to bed" Julia said, "You look tire"
Sanchi looked down. He had other things on his mind.
"I will...later" Sanchi said, "I'm going to get some fresh air"
But he wasn't going outside, he started to head towards Derwitchi's office.

Cling, cling! Derwitchi and Juhn still continued to duel. Derwitchi swung his sword and broke open his window, causing window to blow throughout the room. Juhn placed his arm up to block the glass, which gave Derwitchi a great opportunity. He sliced Juhn's dominant hand, causing him to drop his sword. He screamed loud and dropped to his knees. Derwitchi slowly picked up Juhn's sword.
"Why?" Juhn said, "Why would you do this?"
Derwitchi laughed and placed both swords across his neck. He placed each sword on his shoulder. He could easily swing them and cut his head off.
"We trusted you for five straight years! Since this war started...we needed you and gave you everything!" Juhn said.
Derwitchi sliced his robe off and revealed his real self and Juhn knew it. Lifto. He looked at Derwitchi and closed his eyes.
"You are Lifto!" Juhn said, "Traitor! You worked for both sides!"
Suddenly, the door opened up and two armadas entered the room. Deacon and Kane.
"I can't believe this" Juhn said.
"Master, we need you go...Sanchi is coming" Deacon said.
Derwitchi shook his head and looked at Juhn again. He raised both of the swords up. With a evil look on his face, he swung both swords towards Juhn's neck. He sliced his neck and blood started to spill out. He were still alive and attached. Then, Derwitchi kicked Juhn off the three story building. All three quickly left the building. Sanchi opened the door up.
"Juhn?" Sanchi said.
He saw Ron's body and broken glass everywhere. He ran towards the wide window and looked down. He saw Kane, Deacon and Derwitchi getting on a ship. He looked straight down and saw people around Juhn's body. He gasped and fell to the ground, "Hello! Help, help!"

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