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The Warrior "Together" S5

Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh and Boris teams up with Emmanuel Salvis at a bar. Fin took their ship out and caused them to go into the "Tangled Jungles" with troggys (poison ones). Emmanuel goes with Boris and Dorugh to look for his old home, but resulted in for him finding out about his destroyed home. Dorugh gets bit in his shoulder with poison and get stabbed in the stomach by a troggy.

"We're going back in there" Fin said.
Fin and his crew planned on going into the jungles to finish Sanchi and the rest off, having a feeling that they're still alive. Minow steered the ship to a great spot to land the ship and their hunt begins.
"I need a snack" Mark said, searching through Minow's bag.
Fin grabbed Mark by his arm and threw him to the ground. Mark got back up and gave Fin a look, but he knew he couldn't take Fin on.
"Hadecki, let's go!" Fin yelled.
Hadecki were still on the ship, getting and trying Chun up to take him along with them. He threw Chun to the ground.
"W-W-why are we here?" Chun said, tired up.
Fin looked away and around the area, trying to get his eyes away from the sunlight, "Better start moving"

"" Dorugh said, losing his breath.
His eye sight were getting a little blurry. He started to sweat a lot more and he also started to hear noises. He tried to get up, but he were too weak.
"Boris...Emmanuel? Sanchi...anyone?" Dorugh said, slowly.
Dorugh looked side to side many times and his last look, he saw someone walking towards him. He squinted his eyes, but he couldn't tell who it was. The person wasn't very tall with long dirty blonde hair, blood below his chest (stomach and back) and had a mini knife in his hand, but when he got closer to Dorugh, he knew who it was. It was his old trooper Gus. He couldn't believe it was Gus. He started to shut his eyes and open it up, but he was still there.
"Everything is going to be okay" Gus said, smiling at Dorugh.
"G-G-Gus? You...dead?" Dorugh said.
Gus smiled and chuckled a little, "Well, all this blood gives you a good guess"
He didn't respond back, he just kept on giving Gus a strange look. He knew Gus is dead and he knew that he blown his self up.
"Everything going to be just fine, you're going to be fine" Gus said, smiling.
Suddenly, Dorugh heard another voice and turned to his left. It was Anthony.
"Man, he's lying to you" Anthony said, "I was pretty young and died...young"
Anthony had a black eye and busted lip. He also had blood all around his chest and a hole from a sword, Dorugh remembered.
"I died, sacrificing my life to kill a bounty hunter" Gus said, "But y'all just placed her in prison"
Dorugh grabbed onto a tree to pull his self up. He knew that Gus and Anthony were both dead and he couldn't take anymore of them talking.
"Stay still, you won't even make it half way" Gus said.
Anthony walked near Dorugh and sat down on a long, near Gus and they both started to smile at him. Dorugh started to feel guilty.
"You think I'd still be alive if you would've killed Devullio with Douglass? Maybe he'd be alive too if you shot him...maybe I'm trying to get into your head" Anthony said.
"He's not lying" Dorugh heard another person talking.
Then, Dez was behind Gus. With a bullet in his heart and blood all around it. "He's not lying"
"I died because I heard Derwitchi talking...I should of kept running, maybe you should of stopped that troopers and I would of gotten away" Dez said, "Maybe not...they might not listen to you, oh well"
Gus, Anthony and Dez were in front of Dorugh...or he thought. All with blood over them and blood were also all over Dorugh too.
"Life's interesting...right?" Dez said.

Boom! Emmanuel fired a gunshot to scare a group of troggys away from him and he continued to walk with Boris. Trying to look for Sanchi and Sanchez to help or even save Dorugh's life, but they couldn't find them.
"Your friend cares a lot...that's rare for a pirate troop" Emmanuel said, looking around.
"And it pretty much got him killed" Boris said, kicking the ground.
Emmanuel raised his hand up, motioning Boris to stop talking and moving. He looked around the area, hearing leafs and troggys' screaming. He brought his gun out and started to aim it around, ready for them to come out and attack. Boris quietly pulled his knife out.
"I don't see anything or anyone" Boris whispered.
Emmanuel slowly pulled his weapon down, but his guard were still standing. He still knew they're still around the area.
"Just the wind?" Boris said, putting his knife up.
Emmanuel turned around to talk to Boris and he saw a troggy running towards him. He quickly reacted and pushed Boris away and pushed the troggy down. He pulled his weapon out and shot the troggy.
"Woah" Boris said, "Thanks"
Swarm of troggys started to come out of the trees and bushes, all behind Boris. Emmanuel screamed for Boris's attention and both started to run. Emmanuel was first to run and Boris followed behind, they kept on running and not looking behind them, but their trail ended as another swarm of troggy's came in front of them. Freaking out, both looked to their lefts and rights to look for a way out and Boris founded one. There were a few troggys to his side so he took out a couple and Emmanuel followed behind.
"Climb up here!" Boris said, climbing up to the first branch.
Boris took too long to get up there, Emmanuel was out of options. He shot a few troggys and ran another way and the troggys followed them. Then, the gunshots stopped and Emmanuel started to scream. Boris closed his eyes and covered up with ears. More troggys went back to Boris and he was trapped.
"!" Boris said, throwing his knife into the crowd of troggys (six of them).

"Look at all these tracks" Sanchi said, looking at the troggys' tracks.
"They were chasing someone...maybe our crew?" Sanchez said.
"Think they made it?"  Sanchi said
"No clue, the gunshots stopped" Sanchez said, placing his weapon back in his holder.
Sanchi and Sanchez were close to Dorugh's old trails, but they turned the other way to avoid the troggys' tracks.
"Think everyone's okay?" Sanchez asked.
"....No..." Sanchi said, looking down.
They continued to walk and saw more clues. Blood all around the area and spears with blood over them too. They also noticed the dead troggys' bodies, but they ignored the clues and walked away.

"Everything is fine...perfect, actually" Dez said.
Dorugh kept rubbing his eyes, hoping that they'd go away. He knew they were dead, but he also didn't know that he was losing it. He tried to get up, but he lost so much blood that it made him weak. He tried to pull his self up, but he heard another voice and turned. It was Willis. Old armada captain, Willis were laughing at him.
"Look at you! Pathetic! You won't even make it!" Willis said.
Dorugh's eyes widen and he started to search for his weapon but he couldn't find it.
"It's okay, everything will be just..." Anthony stopped.
"He's lying! Nothing will be fine, you're doomed" Willis said.
Dorugh's hatred and anger helped him finally get on his feet and he walked towards Willis, but he was pushed down and fell.
"You're weak!" Willis laughed.
Dorugh got up again and gave Willis a disgusted look and he started to laugh. But Dorugh took it offensive. He ran towards Willis and tried to push him, but he moved.
"It's never going to be okay!" Willis said.
Suddenly, his vision became clear and it wasn't Willis. It was a troggy. Dorugh pushed the troggy away, but it ran towards him. The troggy tackled him into a tree and tried to bite him, but with all of his strength left, he couldn't handle it. His only option was to get bit. He slightly moved his shoulder and let the troggy bite into it. He quickly picked up the troggy's spear and stabbed it, killing it. Dorugh fell back to the ground and started to weep.
"You're dead, Willis! You can't harm me again!" Dorugh cried.

Boris stayed on the tree and started to bang his head on it, knowing that he was doomed. Too many troggys were around him and he thought that Emmanuel didn't make it.
"Sanchi!" Boris said, "It's all my fault!"
Boris thought it was his fault. He thought that Dorugh and Emmanuel died because of his mistake. He also thought that Sanchi and Sanchez were dead, too. He started to cry. He slowly leaned back, to fall into the crowd of troggys.
"It's all my fault!" Boris cried, "I was never good for this crew!"
Boom! Suddenly, the crowd of troggys became smaller and smaller. Boris also heard someone calling his name. He looked down and it was Sanchi, Sanchez and Emmaneul.  They all made it.
"Boris!" Sanchez cried, taking out the last troggy.
Boris climb down the tree and hugged Emmanuel and the rest. He also started to blame everything on his self.
"Where's Dorugh?" Sanchez said.
Emmanuel explained the story to them and Sanchez started to freak out, "Did you do this?"
"Chez, it wasn't because of him...leave Emmanuel alone" Sanchi said, pushing Sanchez away.
Boris remained silent and feel back, still in tears. But Sanchez still blamed it on Emmanuel.
"I know why you're here!" Sanchez said, pushing Sanchi out of his way.
"What?" Emmanuel innocently said.
"I saw Fin's ship above us, he's here, too! He's hunting us!" Sanchez screamed.
"Sanchez" Sanchi calmly said.
"Shut it, Sanchi!" Sanchez said.
Sanchez didn't know about Dorugh's time left. He didn't get it, but the rest did. He still continued to argue with Emmanuel.
"You led them led my crew to your so called village and killed Dorugh, right?" Sanchez said.
Dorugh meant a lot to Sanchez and for Sanchi. He was one of the best pirate. Both, Sanchi and Sanchez thought about the times Dorugh served his role. Sanchi heard about Dorugh bringing all his attention towards the infected pirates to escort Sanchi when he was out of it.
"We need to start moving to rescue him, come on" Sanchi said.

Dorugh had his eyes shut. Smiling, thinking it was going to be okay.
"Need to let go, everything will be fine" Dez said, "Just like old times, let it go"
Dorugh opened his eyes up and saw Dez, Gus and Anthony smiling at him and he smiled back. "I know...I know.."
With his eyes closed, he felt more movement and he opened his eyes again. It was Sanchi and Emmanuel dragging him and Boris and Sanchez taking out nearby threats. Boom! One shot went off and Dorugh opened his eyes up, remembering many battles. Boris looked back with tears in his eyes, "Everything's going to be fine!"
Dorugh started to talk to his self, "I know Gus, we almost had it good"
"Gus?" Boris said.
They were lost. They couldn't find any help. Sanchi and Emmanuel both placed Dorugh on the ground, behind a tree for him to lean on.
Dorugh, who's smiling opened his eyes up and saw his crew. Sanchi, Sanchez and Boris were in front of him with Sanchi's sword out. He also noticed Gus, Dez and Anthony behind them.
"See, everything worked out for're safe now" Gus said.
Sanchi looked in his eyes and said slowly, "I'm sorry, buddy"
He raised his sword, but Sanchez stopped him and aimed his gun at Dorugh's head.
"You'll be missed...I'm sorry it turned out this way" Sanchez said.
Boris were behind everyone, couldn't see it and Sanchez fired his gun and walked away, with his head down.

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