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The Warrior "Bare hands" S5

Dorugh was blamed on the deaths of three troops. Lord Derwitchi blames Dorugh and sends him to court and decide his faith. His only hope were Chun, but Fin Dorsal and his men kidnapped him. Luckily Julia Carthy and Juhn Woun helped Dorugh and he was not guilty of the deaths, but now the crew is unaware of Chun's disappearance.

Fin and his men, Hadecki, Casko, Mark and Minow were heading to a bar, "Empty bottle" near Skull island. They weren't only going there for drinks, but they were going there to meet someone.
"Why'd we kidnap this fellow?" Hadecki said, pointing at Chun.
"Hadecki is right! I mean, his gun doesn't have any left in it and he's...a companion?" Minow said, playing with Chun's gun.
Fin Dorsal had everything all figured out. He'd kidnap one of Sanchi's men and try to sell him for money (they were in depth), but than they'd kill and get Chun back. They knew the bar would be filled with drunken idiots.
"You're making a mistake" Chun said, "I am one of the senators! killed two pirate guards! and I know who you are...Fin Dorsal...just let me go and I'll never speak of your name...never!"
Fin were sharpening his knifes and laughed, "I can't trust you, besides...killing would be a great option...but I won't kill you...yet. We need you for money issues"
"Come on, sir...I was recently shot! I need my medicine or I'll die" Chun said.
But Fin didn't care. He was busy thinking about treasure. Fin's ship wasn't big. Casko was in the front, flying the ship, Hadecki and Minow were playing cards and Mark was asleep. Chun were just in the back, in the dark.
"If you keep talking, I'll cut you open in front of my men...I know you wouldn't want quiet!" Fin Dorsal said.

"Is Chun around?" Sanchez asked, looking through his binoculars.
Sanchez and the rest were looking for Chun. While, Derwitchi send out men to look for the two missing guards. Until, Juhn yelled for them, "Any luck?"
"None, why do you care? Aren't you busy looking for those two guards? I mean a senator isn't that important" Sanchi said, looking for clues.
Juhn ignored Sanchi's statement, "Where's Dorugh?"
"Some kid couldn't find his mother, he went with him...looking for her" Sanchi said.
"He cares way too much for others" Juhn said.
"Shouldn't he?" El Toro said, looking straight in his eyes.
Juhn chuckled, "Looking near the markets...that's where he got lost last time"
Sanchi and El went to the market area to look for any traces of Chun. Passing every food stand, they carefully looked inside. No luck.
"Dorugh is original" El said, looking around.
"What do you mean?" Sanchi asked.
"He's going to get his self killed, trying to help someone" El said.
Sanchi didn't mind the rumors about Dorugh. He knew that if it's get out of control, he'll stop him from making mistake. Boris reminds Sanchi of Dorugh, he thought, but also he thought that the warriors were changing. He didn't want to change.
"Would you gentlemen like a fortune?" Witch doctor fortune teller said, "I know you want one"
Sanchi smiled and looked at El, but he didn't smile back.
"Let's not, we have to keep looking for Wing Chun" El said, walking away.
But Sanchi didn't listen and he walked towards the fortune teller. "I would love one"
"Are you a warrior?" She asked, closing her eyes.
"Uh...yes?" Sanchi said, placing his hands on her hands.
"I see...your crew... chasing after Fin Dorsal, near a deserted jungle...your ship of your mates get bit by a troggy with poison and dies..." She said, opening her eyes.
Sanchi opened his eyes up and backed up away from her. Sanchi knew she were wrong and he didn't want to believe her. He ran away from her and she started to laugh.

Sanchi kept running, looking for his crew. Passing stores, warriors and troops. Then, he found his crew. Sanchez and Boris were with Juhn and other troops, talking. Juhn saw Sanchi running towards them and he smiled with great news.
"We figured out what happened to Chun...Fin Dorsal and his men kidnapped him" Juhn said.
Sanchi started to have a feeling that the fortune teller was onto something. She knew who stole Chun, but he also thought it was a lucky guess.
"Me, you, Dorugh and Sanchez are going to rescue him...if I am right, than they'd be heading to a bar, getting drunk and celebrate" Boris said.
"You guys want to hurry" Juhn said, "I'll let you borrow my ship..."
Sanchi, Sanchez, Dorugh and Boris got on the ship and headed out towards the Empty bottle bar. None of them were hundred percent positive on their location, but it was a guess.
"If Fin did commit this crime, I might know why" Sanchi said, "Remember on Cool Ranch...we killed his men...maybe he's coming after us"

"Beautiful day, huh?" Mark said, yawning.
"Shut up and stay on the ship" Fin said.
Fin, Casko and Minow went off the ship and inside to bar. With Chun guarded on his ship, they went out to search for someone named Emmanuel Salvis. He's a mix skin pirate with a dark goatee. He was only 24 years old but he knew how to gamble and use a weapon.
"Emmanuel, where's your David?" Fin said, arriving at his table.
"Fin! Why'd I tell you! My family will never see me again, because of you!"
Emmanuel was framed for a crime he didn't do at age 18. He was finally out of the dark prison at Skull island. Fin tricked him and he lost all his treasure and ship. His village were in a jungle, but rumors was Fin went in the village and stole many things...and killed, but Emmanuel never heard the rumor.
"Oh, Emmanuel...I had a great conversation with your father...funny dude, I can get you back to your home, if you take me to David" Fin said.
"He's over there...but you better watch yourself, David would kill you and your two men" Emmanuel said, pointing at a table with six other pirates crowded around him.
Fin were known for his intelligence and ways of tricking people.
"David!" Fin said, "Guess who!"
David heard Fin calling him name and he knew it was him. He quickly got out of his seat and confronted Fin.
"Why are you here? I'm not falling for any of your tricks!" David said.
"I need some coins and I have a companion that you may want" Fin said, "Are you interested?"

Meanwhile, Sanchi and the rest made it to the bar and got off the ship and headed towards the bar. Fin were unaware.
"Boris, stay on the ship" Sanchi said.
Sanchi pulled out his sword, Dorugh and Sanchez loaded their guns and went out inside the bar. Sanchi looked in the windows and slowly opened the doors and all the attention went towards them.
"See any Sharktooth?" Dorugh asked.

"Give me some information on this companion?" David asked.
"Crane companion, he's smart and he's...quiet, also he's a senator for the pirate army...your men could use him for negotiating trades" Fin said.
David shook his head and brought out a pouch of coins and threw it in Fin's hands. Fin walked and signal David to follow him towards his ship, but he knew better.
"Get one of your men outside to bring him in, now" David said, pulling his gun out.
Fin looked towards the doorway and saw Sanchi and he saw Fin, too.
"I found them!" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out.
Fin pulled his knife out and stabbed David and threw him to the ground. David's men reacted quickly and started to fire their guns, causing all the drunk pirates to fire their guns too. Emmanuel dropped to the ground with his weapon, hiding behind a table.
 "Casko, kill that warrior and his crew!" Fin said, trying to leave the area.
Casko started to fire his weapon at Sanchez, Sanchi and Dorugh. The three quickly dropped down behind  table near Emmanuel and he knew it, too.
"Fin's getting away...this drunken idiots are trying to shoot us, too!" Sanchez said.
David's men went out to chase down Fin, but Fin and his men took all six of them out.
"We need to do something" Dorugh said
Emmanuel crawled towards Sanchi and the rest. Trying to help them from Casko. Meanwhile, Casko were still firing his weapon and avoided the drunks.
"Guys" Emmanuel said.
Sanchez aimed his weapon at Emmanuel, "Don't shoot...I'm with y'all"
Dorugh ran on his hands and feet to the other side and went up, firing at Casko and hit him in his chest and head.
"Follow me" Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel made short cuts to avoid the gunfire and they managed to get out. Emmanuel also told them about Fin talking to David about a crane companion and they knew who it was. Chun.
"Guys, I saw Fin! They're getting away" Boris said.
They got on the ship with Emmanuel and Boris started to follow Fin's ship and Fin knew about it.

"Hold on, boys" Fin said.
Casko was suppose to fly the ship, but Fin knew he didn't make it and he started to fly the ship. He knew about Sanchi following him, so he turned the ship all the way around and commanded his men to fire cannons.
"Fire!" Fin cried.
Boom! Chunks went off of their ship. Fin knew where to hit the ship and the cannons blew the sides off, destroying the cannons and their hopes to take Fin out.
"They're destroying the ship!" Boris cried.
Their cannons went out of the ship and more chunks went off, too.
Sanchi looked around the skyways and figured out a plan, to crash into an island.
"Boris, that island...go into it, now!"
Boris steered the ship into the trees of the Tangled jungle. Fin watched it all happened and he started to chuckle.
"Now, we're going there, too!" Fin said, "To finish the ones who survive and to kill Chun!"

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