Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Warrior "Timing"

The crew splits up. Boris and Emmanuel tried to look for Sanchi and Sanchez to help them with Dorugh, but they were too late and Dorugh dies. Meanwhile, Fin still with his crew and Chun continue to look for Sanchi and the rest. Julia starts to worry about Sanchi being gone for two days already.

Julia opens Derwitchi's door wide and interrupted his meeting with other warriors, such as Jarvis, Bulson, Juhn, Captain Avery and more. El followed her from behind to make sure she doesn't do something idiotic.
"Senator Julia, great to see you" Captain Avery said, greeting her.
Julia didn't greet back, instead she started to yell, "Sanchi has been gone for two days, now!"
El Toro grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back, but she just kicked him in his groin area, causing him to fall to his knees.
"I want answers, it doesn't take them that long to look for Fin, none of you guys are even looking for them" Julia said.
"They're probably coming home right now" Lord Derwitchi said, "Now, you need to leave...we're discussing something important...if you don't mind"
"Oh, I do mind!" Julia said.
Juhn quickly got up and rushed towards Julia and pushed her out of the door, "Shhhh! I'll go with you to look for them...we heard that they've crashed in the Tangled jungles"
Julia stopped and backed away from the door and Juhn did. He quickly slammed the door. He knew that they've burrowed his ship, so they'd have to steal a ship.
"I know where Jarvis's ship located...we'll take his ship" Juhn said, "Because I know that your crew probably destroyed my ship"
Juhn and Julia ran towards Jarvis's ship and El Toro followed behind them. "Wait!"

Sanchez finally finished his only priority during this moment. He slowly dropped his mini shovel and fell to his knees, in tears. Boris removed his old friend's weapon and badge. Slowly placing them onto a rag and wrapped them up. Emmanuel started to say a few words to the crew, trying to make them feel better. Sanchi just laid on the ground, trying to forget about last night.
"I...we tried..." Boris said, "Emmanuel and I looked for you guys and screamed for help"
"Just drop it, it's too late now" Sanchez said.
"Your friend said a few was like...he were talking to someone named Gus?" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi just shook his head. He remembered Gus.
"Eeek!" Troggys' voices started to echo throughout the jungles.
Boris pulled out his knife with a mean look on his face. He wanted to take out the troggy, but Sanchez took away his knife. Sanchez grabbed his stuff and motioned for everyone else to follow. Leaving where they've buried Dorugh. Sanchi stayed back for a few seconds to look around the area. He felt like he were being watched.
"Look" Emmanuel whispered.
Suddenly, their trail began to filled with troggys walking by. The whole crew stopped and dropped to the ground, none of the troggys noticed them. Boris was behind Sanchez and felt breathing from behind. He slowly turned around and saw a troggy standing up behind him, looking at him.
"Oh no" Boris said to his self.
The troggy tackled Boris to the ground, but Boris pushed the troggy off. Still had a fight in him, the troggy ran back towards Boris, causing a lot of noises. Sanchez got up and shot the troggy and pulled the body off of Boris. Rest of the troggys stopped and looked around, noticing Sanchez on his feet.
"We need to go, now" Sanchi said, pulling out his sword.

"Why are we out here?" Hadecki said, holding Chun's arm.
"To kill the ones who killed our brothers" Mark said, finishing Fin's sentence
Fin, Hadecki, Mark and Minow lurked around the area, looking for their new enemies...but lost them.
"It's like, we're going in circles!" Mark said.
"Quiet Mark! Betchu don't know the shape of a circle" Fin said.
Hadecki pushed Chun into Fin, resulting in Fin pushing Chun to the ground. Fin started to smile at Chun.
"Let me go, please!" Chun said, "I didn't do anything and my crew only killed them from self-defense! They attacked them"
Fin thought that Chun was onto something. As Hadecki and Mark took a troggy out, Fin grabbed Chun and threw him to the ground next to a living troggy. Troggy's first reaction was to attack Chun and it tried. His mouth were a inch away from Chun's arm. Then, Fin finished off the troggy.
"I could of done it" Fin said, "I could of let that troggy poison lucky I changed my mind"
"That's not true, you knew that killing me was dumb" Chun said.
Fin didn't like the way Chun were talking to him. Fin slapped Chun in his face to times and grabbed him by his neck, "What I do is never dumb"
"Fin! Over here!" Mark cried, "We found them!"

Sanchi, Sanchez, Boris and Emmanuel stopped for rest. Everyone dropped to the ground, but Boris. He noticed something strange. He walked towards a leaning tree. He placed his hand on the bark and noticed a root were keeping the tree from falling. Boris knew that this just happened.
"Strange" Boris said, bending over.
Boom! Gun shot fired and nailed the root, causing the tree to fall and landed on Boris's left leg. Boris started to scream for help and his crew got on their feet.
"Who did this?" Sanchez said, trying to lift the tree up.
"Not a troggy! Someone shot the tree!" Boris cried.
Sanchi and Emmanuel looked around the area. Emmanuel noticed that someone ran away from them, but he also noticed troggys coming out, dozens of them.
"Uh...guys!" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi pulled his sword out, facing two of the troggys. Emmanuel pulled a knife out in front of the troggys. Meanwhile Sanchez tried to lift the tree up while the other two took out the troggys, but more and more were coming.
Boom! Sanchez quickly took a troggy out.
"How'd these troggys knew we were here?" Emmanuel cried, taking out a troggy.
More and more of the green lizard-like creatures started to jump out with the sharp sticks and spears.
"Someone attracted them towards us!" Sanchi said, "We need to get out of here!"
Sanchi and Emmanuel ran towards Sanchez and started to help him lift up the tree, but they couldn't. The fallen tree were stuck on Boris's leg.
"We're going to die here!" Sanchi said, slicing a troggy.
Boris also tried to push the tree off his leg, but he knew it was no use. Sanchez started to pull on Boris's leg, but Boris pushed Sanchez off of him.
"Go, leave me!" Boris said, "I can't be responsible for another death!"
Sanchez didn't know what to do, but he knew he only had two options. Leave Boris behind or defend. He slowly got up. Boris knew that he'd have to leave him behind...but he didn't. Sanchez started to fire at troggys.
"Leave me! What are you doing?" Boris cried.
Sanchi and Emmanuel got next to Sanchez and started to defend the area.
"I'm doing this for Dorugh!" Sanchez said.
All three started to defend against the troggys. Meanwhile, Boris tried to push the tree off, but he knew he wasn't strong enough.
"They won't stop coming!" Emmanuel said, taking out a troggy.
Sanchi quickly turned around and started to slam his blade down on the tree. He were trying to cut the tree in half, but it didn't work. Sanchi were out of options.
"You're going to have a peg leg" Sanchi said, cutting Boris's left leg off.
Boris started to scream, but he stopped and his eyes closed. Sanchi quickly pulled him away from the tree and ripped Boris's shirt up to wrap it around his leg to stop the bleeding. The crew quickly ran away from the troggys.
"They survived?" Minow said, "I don't believe it!"

"This is the island" El pointed out.
"How'd you know?" Juhn asked.
El smiled and simply said, "I'm never wrong"
He landed the ship and Julia were the first one off. She ran off the ship and started to call for Sanchi, but Juhn grabbed her, "Quiet, there're other creatures here"
They began to look around for Sanchi and the rest. They passed huts filled with troggys, luckily avoided them, but El Toro noticed lots of blood on a log. He got closer to the log to observe it, Juhn and Julia followed behind.
"Looks like someone were attacked" El Toro said.
But Julia noticed a dead troggy near the tree. She started to think about one of them getting bite by a troggy, then killed.
"Maybe it was Fin or one of his men" Juhn said, trying to cheer Julia up.
Julia wiped the tears off her face and started to walk another direction, looking for Sanchi or any clues. El and Juhn started to lose hope, but they also followed behind.
"If we encounter those Sharktooth monsters! We're going to kill them!" Julia said, looking at her reflection from her tiny knife.
"I can probably take them all one, with one of my eyes shut!" El said, looking at his sword.
Juhn noticed more blood around another area. Blood drops, he followed the blood until there were no more and he did. He found where someone were buried. He quickly ran to a rock. Someone carved letters into the rock. He looked at the writings and slammed the rock to the ground, out of anger.
"What's over there?" Julia said.
"Nothing...nothing..." Juhn said, in tears.

It finally reached night time. Sanchi, Sanchez, Emmanuel and Boris (Who's passed out) were around a fire, luckily Emmanuel knew how to make one. Sanchi was the only in front of the fire. Emmanuel were right next to Boris and Sanchez were lying down on a tree.
"Is this how life going to be?" Emmanuel asked.
Sanchi didn't respond. Instead he were looking at Dorugh's gun. Checking the ammo and everything. He couldn't believe that Dorugh were gone.
"Guess so" Sanchez said, looking up in the sky.
Suddenly, they started to hear noises, Sanchez pulled out his weapon. Ready for troggys, but it wasn't. Fin and his men came out. Mark placed his sword behind Emmanuel's neck, Minow slammed Sanchez against a tree with Hadecki and Fin took Dorugh's gun out of Sanchi's hand and aimed it at him.
"I don't believe it" Fin said, "It took us forever just to find you guys"
"Where is Chun!" Sanchez said.
Fin smiled and pulled Chun out. Revealing him in front of everyone. With bruises and scratches everywhere, He smiled at Sanchez.
"Don't do this" Sanchi said, "We can settle and work things out...don't do this"
But Fin did't listen, instead he laughed. Minow and the rest started to laugh, too. Then, he motion them. Minow punched Sanchez to the ground and both Minow and Hadecki started to kick and punch him. Mark kicked Emmanuel in his guts and slammed him into a tree and started to punch him. Fin made Sanchi watch it all.
"Fin, stop this!" Chun said.
Fin slapped Chun in his face, causing him to fall to the ground. That bothered Sanchez. He tried to get up, but Minow kicked him back down.
"You're nothing" Sanchi said, "Fight me with your bare hands!"

"What's that over there?" El Toro said, noticing smoke from a fire.
Julia dropped the two sticks and noticed it, too. Juhn also noticed it.
"That could be them" Juhn said.
"Let's go" Julia said.

Fin punched Sanchi in his face and pushed him back to the ground. Laughing, he picked Sanchi up and slammed him into a tree. Sanchi quickly got back up and saw Fin walking towards him. Fin threw a punch, but Sanchi dodged it and uppercut him in his stomach and kicked him in his knee.
"You got it, Fin" Mark yelled.
Emmanuel quickly noticed that Mark wasn't paying attention. Boris were still passed out and Sanchez were still receiving a beating. Fin looked at Sanchi in his eyes and Sanchi looked back. Without a doubt, Fin tackled Sanchi to the ground, but Fin felt like someone were behind him. He were right. Chun had a gun pointed at Fin's head.
"Get up" Chun said.
Mark paid no attention to Emmanuel. He quickly brought out his gun and aimed it at Chun. Emmanuel reacted and tackled him to the ground and punched him several times until he released his gun. Emmanuel grabbed his gun and finished Mark off. Emmanuel shot Hadecki in his leg. He tried to finish him off, but he were out of bullets.
"I've been shot!" Hadecki said, grabbing onto his leg.
Emmanuel ran towards Hadecki and tackled him onto the ground. Minow went to help, but Sanchez grabbed his leg and pulled him down. He grabbed his knife and killed Minow.
"Woah woah" Fin said, "Let's talk about this, slowly"
Suddenly, everyone hear bushes moving. Sanchez aimed his gun towards bushes...and troggys came out, ten troggys filled up the area. The creatures all piled on Hadecki. Emmanuel and Sanchez both grabbed Boris and lifted him up. Sanchi got back up on his feet and kicked Fin in his jaw and spitted on him. Sanchi quickly left the area and so did Chun, leaving Fin for troggys' bait.

"Follow me" Sanchi said.
The crew quickly followed Sanchi, dodging trees and avoided troggys. Sanchi ran right into someone, knocking them on the ground...and it were Julia.
"'re alive!" Julia said.
El Toro and Juhn Woun ran towards Julia after hearing her screamed. El hugged Sanchi and gave a hand shake to Sanchez. They noticed Boris, but there were no time to waste.
"Follow me, I know where our ship is located" Juhn said, taking out a troggy.
Juhn led the way. Sanchi and Julia were behind him, following and holding onto each others. Juhn managed to lead them back to the ship.
"We did it" Sanchi said.
Juhn and El helped with Boris. Julia, Sanchi, Chun, and Emmanuel all got on the ship. Sanchez, meanwhile didn't got on the ship, he were looking around and making sure that Fin weren't around. He didn't see a single sign of Fin and he smiled.
"Who's he?" Juhn asked, referring to Emmanuel.
"He's part of us now and he helped us" Sanchez said.
Juhn shook Emmanuel's hand and quickly flew the ship off the island. They managed to get out of the jungles, but they lost a friend in the process.

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