Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Warrior "Deep in the system" S5

Emmanuel loses his cool and runs around the jungles in Skull island. Meanwhile, Wing Chun notices his absent and goes out with El Toro to look for Emmanuel, resulting in El injuring his self. Sanchez still stayed with Devon, but it goes out of hands once he figures out that Sanchi and his crew are apart of the pirate army/warriors. Devon tries to attack and Sanchez reacted, stabbing and killing him by accident. Devon's last wish to Sanchez for them not to change or become some of the warriors. Captain Avery talks with Sanchez into going to a base in Valencia, hoping that the armadas won't know.

"Base in Valencia?" Sanchez said, scratching his hands.
Captain Avery and Juhn Woun secretly created the base in Valencia, near Kane and the rest. Their objective was to keep an eye on them. Lots of pirate troops were already there and Sanchez was going to be the commander of the objective.
"You'll be safe" Captain Avery said.
Sanchi were behind them. Keeping an eye on them, but it angered him. Not giving both of them the objective, he ran right behind them.
"Why can't we all go?" Sanchi said.
"Sanchez, you have a ship waiting for you" Captain Avery said.
Sanchez walked away and towards the ship. Leaving Sanchi and Avery alone. Captain broke the silence, informing Sanchi about his objective.
"Derwitchi been up to some weird things" Captain Avery said.
"Yeah?" Sanchi said.
"Keep an eye on him" Captain Avery said, "We need you for this one"

Sanchez arrived at the ship and the pirates greeted him. Clapping their hands, Sanchez finally felt important, he were the commander. He wouldn't let his guard down.
"I'm Colby, captain Colby" Colby said, shaking Sanchez's hands.
Sanchez got on the ship and Colby took off. Sanchez looked out of the window, seeing his crew through a window. He knew he'd be okay, he knew he'd be safe.
"This your first time?" Colby asked.
"Kinda...yeah.." Sanchez said.
Colby smiled, "We're going to be in Valencia...better be sneaky"
Sanchez placed his head to a table and closed his eyes. Trying avoid being watched, he felt like he were being watched and he hated the feeling, but dark thoughts went through his head. He killed Devon. He couldn't believed it, but he knew it was too late. He felt the ship stop and he rose his head up, looking out of the window.
"Well...we are here" Colby said, opening the door.
Sanchez looked out of the window and saw thousands of pirates walking around the base. Guards all around the area and pirate ships disguised as armadas' ships. He was impressed.
"That really tall building, that's where we keep an eye on them" Colby said, "I'm going to go up, you gonna come?"
Sanchez didn't answer and Colby walked away. Sanchez's spot were in the middle of the whole placed, it was like a dock area and his ship was docked on it.

"Rooke" Kane called his name, looking out of a window.
He walked upstairs and noticed Kane looking out of a window, looking mysterious. Lifto was right next to him. Rooke became nervous as he went towards them.
"Yes sir?" Rooke said, bowing down.
"Rooke, since you're one of the biggest, toughest and strongest armada here...we need you for something. To finish of an enemy you want to kill...Sanchez" Kane said, "Lifto founded out his location...he's all the way over there, the prime idious hall"
Rooke looked out of the window and saw the tall building. He grinned and turned back around, "I'll handle him"
"You cannot do it alone" Lifto said, "There are lots of armadas outside, in ships waiting for you"
Rooke pulled out his blades, connected under his arms. He looked at them and saw his reflection, he was smiling and determined to kill Sanchez.
"Shall I make it quick? Or...slow!" Rooke said, swinging his blades around.
"Take it serious" Kane said, "We're relying on you"
Rooke nodded his head and started his way towards his ship. Kane and the rest were relying on him. Armadas greeted Rooke as he entered his ship, but he didn't go inside. He wanted to tell them something.
"We will win this war!" He said, "It ends here!"
All the armadas started to scream, praise and cheer for Rooke's statement. He had a feeling that they were close to the end, but at the same time he had worries. Deacon was busy with other duties.
"I'm excited, Sanchez" Rooke said to his self.
Rooke's ship was first to fly out. Ten armadas' ships followed behind. Once they got close, they started to fire their cannons into the building. Killing a few troops, Sanchez was aware of their situation.

Sanchi were walking in the hallway of the temple. Passing other warriors, which he gave a suspicious look to them. He didn't feel safe anymore. He went to Lord Derwitchi's office, but he was gone, but it still went inside his office. He felt like Derwitchi was up to something. He slowly walked towards his desk, opening up the drawers, looking through them for any clues.
"I know you're up to something" Sanchi whispered.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Derwitchi's contacting device started to go off. It freaked Sanchi out and caused him to fall back. He picked up the device and pressed it.
"What the?" Sanchi said.
He didn't hear any voices or any hologram coming up. He press it again and again but still nothing, but the device beeped again. He pressed it again and he heard a loud explosion.
"What was that?" Sanchi said, dropping to the ground.
The explosion was loud. He heard it in the temple and started to hear screaming. He slowly lifted his head up and towards the window, near the local markets. Flames. That's what he mostly saw. He thought that it was an accident. Derwitchi's device beeped again. It was still in his hands and he pressed the button again.
"What is going on!" Sanchi cried.
Boom! The warriors' council building went up in flames and Sanchi witnessed it. He looked down at the device and dropped it. He backed away from it and ran towards the door, but he ran into someone and both fell to the ground.
"Why are you in here?" Juhn said, helping Sanchi back up.
"Did you hear that?" Sanchi cried, "I didn't do it...I swear and...Avery...told me-told me to..."
Juhn stopped him. Informing him to calm down, "I know"
Sanchi ran back in the office and grabbed the Derwitchi's contacting device. He gave it to Juhn and he didn't know what was wrong with it.
"I pressed it and the bazaar and the council exploded!" Sanchi cried, "I don't know how!"
"Is anyone hurt?" Juhn said, looking out of the window.
"No clue" Sanchi said, "Where's Derwitchi?"
He gave Sanchi a strange look, "I didn't know he left...he didn't inform any of us"

Boom! The idious building was hit by armadas' ships. Troops fell out of the building and to their death. Luckily, Sanchez wasn't in there. He grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked out through the distance. He didn't know who it was, but when the ship got closer he clearly saw who it was. Rooke. He gasped and ran, informing all the troops.
"You okay kid?" Colby said, "We're being under attacked!"
Sanchez moved Colby out of his way. He ran to grab his device, but a cannon exploded in front of him, causing him to hit the ground hard. Luckily, Colby grabbed him and took him to protected shelter. He checked for any bruises on Sanchez.
"It's Rooke" Sanchez said.
"General Rooke?" Colby said.
Boom! More cannons hit their area. Dust going on them.
"UH...yeah" Sanchez said.

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