Monday, October 13, 2014

The Warrior "Depth"

With battles rising up between the armadas and the pirates, Loto's son sent bounty hunters Alana, Danga  and Guse to Skull island's prison where his father is located to rescue. After escaping Alana fired cannon in Anthony's pirate ship taking him out leaving many pirates devastated and afraid the Warriors set a 100,000 bounty on Loto and Danga.

"Every's hard to remember pirate troops who trained and serve in the army and didn't return back..." Captain Avery said, "Sadly this war we are not just losing people...we lose who we are. That's something a bullet cannot take away from you"
After the death of Anthony, Joseph and other troops on bored his ship was hit and crashed, killing them Sanchez and Chun planned a funeral for Anthony and the rest. Captain Avery attended the funeral and Warriors such as Juhn Woun, Douglass Bullzo, Jarvis CoBris, Ron Subodai, Bulson Budd, Sid Cartari, Sanchi and other pirates attended the funeral too. Dorugh, Dez, Gus, Cody and other pirate troops attened the funeral too with senators such as Wing Chun, Willow Coshus, Dexter Pittsor and new senator/representative Miss Carthy (Julia Carthy) and president Lord Derwitchi.
"It's a fear everyone have, losing people but sometimes it the fear get the best of you, all the Warriors can kill the ones you care about" Lord Derwitchi said, "We'll find this bounty hunters, get Loto back and remember this day"
The funeral only lasted for a few hours after all the warriors, troops and senators/representatives left Sanchez was still sitting down, depress.
"I can't believe this!" Sanchez said to his self, "I will find these bounty hunters myself....Marleybone is filled with bounty hunters who'll have to know these who stole Loto from us!"

In Aquila Kane, Rooke and the rest created a station where armadas are created. Rooke was still in charge with the armada army.
"Did you advance the armadas' armors?" Kane said, looking at armadas being created with dangerous machines
"We cannot afford the metals" Rooke said, "After all those fail bounties and battles we cannot manufacture armor"
Kane looked away from Rooke in a furious way, "Unbelievable! Their armor is too weak! You, myself and Deacon are the only one who can survive rough bullets!"
"You cannot blame me on any of this! You and Deacon wasted alot on fail bounties! Your foolish mistakes and foolish actions" Rooke said, slamming his ginormous hands on the controls, stopping the machines
Deacon didn't reply swiftly. He started roaming around the factory, looking at Armadas
"Master Lifto trained me...I've trained Deacon...Deacon have trained you" Kane said pulling his sword out
"You have failed so many times, Deacon have failed but I will not be disrespected by a ignorant creature in armor because he couldn't take care of his self and lost your legs. Without me creating strong legs for a size perfect for you, face mask attached for your head to protect you and help you breathe good...and finally blades attached to your arms so if you can'll be ready" Kane said, aiming his sword at Rooke
"I'm sorry...sir" Rooke said, "But I've heard about the bounty you hired, Loto. He escaped from Skull Island's prison. I don't know the bounty hunters who stole him but all I know is they're from Marleybone and Loto has a bounty on his head for 100,000"
"I shall disguise myself as an innocent individual and take care of myself" Kane said, removing his mask, "But first, I shall head to Marleybone to talk to a filthy scum who knows alot about bounty hunters"
"Goodluck, Kane" Rooke said, bowing his head

Kane traveled to Marleybone to meet  Owen Williams, man filled with knowledge on bounty hunters and their approaches.
Kane looked around Marleybone and noticed citizens staring at him. Kane walked a long distance just to get to Owen. Kane opened the door to Owen's shop and Owen got on his feet, greeting Kane.
"All mighty Kane, I'd never thought you would be back. How is Sifus? Did he serve you well?" Owen said
"'s the thing" Kane said, pulling out his gun
Kane fired a bullet in the ceiling, scaring all the customers and they all ran out leaving Kane and Owen alone. Owen knew that Kane was all about business but when he pointed the gun at him he developed different thoughts about him.
"What is wrong with you?" Owen said, raising his hands up in fear
"Who kidnapped Loto?" Kane said, getting closer to Owen
"Loto? Someone took him from the prison?" Owen said
"Yes! Your life depends on them and your knowledge" Kane said, loading his gun
"I heard a bounty hunter by the name Danga discussing plans with his two other friends. His son developed the plan, their name is...Danga, Alana and Guse" Owen said, lowering Kane's gun
Then Kane started to hear footsteps and knocking on his door, "Another customer? Open it and tell them to go away"
When Owen unlocked the door, Danga, Loto and Alana bust the door. Before Kane can react, Danga shot his head causing him to drop his gun.
"Pull out your sword, you're dead" Alana said
"Your bullets do not effect my armor" Kane said, snickering
"I have a rocket launcher on my back, don't attempt me" Danga said
Danga helped Owen to get back on his feet,
"Thank you Owen" Danga said, handing him a bag full of treasure
"You set me up!" Kane said, being handcuffed by Alana
"It's okay Kane, we capture two others too that'll you will know" Loto said, knocking Kane out

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