Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Warrior "Ancient grounds"

After many battles on Xol Akmul, Skull island, with deadly cannons, weapons and explosion on it's ground. Citizens on this ancient ground hear strange noises of Troggies, enough noise to scare the citizens out of the area. Sanchez head to Xol Akmul with Lance Mo and Bulson Budd to investigate the problem and talk the citizens in joining along the Pirates to take out Lifto and the army.

"Here we are...Xol Akmul" Lance said
"Not a fan of this area. Why are we investigating such an old area? Heck when I was training to become a stinking Warrior, Xol was still around" Bulson complained
"The stories of the Jungles of Xol Akmul is so interesting! Steven's journal was a great piece of history, but sadly it's still not found" Lance said
All three warriors walked into the village of Xol Akmul. Many of it's citizens were leaving the place because of fear. Lance Mo and Bulson Budd knew alot about Xol Akmul meanwhile Sanchez only knew that it's very old. Sanchez tried speak with the citizens, but this place is so ancient that their citizens spoke a different language.
"This dang citizens speak a language I don't even know" Bulson said
"Surprise, you're old" Lance joked
"They won't be able to help us, guess we'll have to figure it on our own" Sanchez said
Sanchez, Lance and Bulson started roaming around the village. The people of the village was trying to speak to them but they didn't know what they were speaking.
"What are they trying to tell us?" Lance asked, noticing the whole village was yelling in fear
"Wait, they're trying to show us something" Sanchez said, also noticing one of the citizens pointing
The young citizen was pointing at a cave, where the noise was coming from. The three Warriors officially started investigating as they entered the dark and apparently quiet cave. As they entered the cave questions started going through their mind.
"Captain Avery and Lord Derwitchi stated that they heard loud and roaring noises. I hear nothing" Lance said as he stopped
"Wait a minute" Sanchez said, pulling out his gun
Sanchez fired his gun in the cave and a few seconds later roaring noises traveled around the whole cage.
"There's your answer" Sanchez said

After wandering around the cave, they found torches and took them for light
"I can't stinking think with these creatures roaring!" Bulson complained
"All you do is complain!" Lance said
"I advise you to keep your mouth shut! I been a warrior for twenty-six years! You only been a warrior for six years" Bulson argued
"Guys shut up, we've reached the end" Sanchez said, shining the torch
When they reached the end of the cave there was a room full of Troggies and their king, Trogon Newgen which they're worshiping him.
"These? Troggies were their fear? After what Xol been through? Pathetic!" Lance said, pulling out his gun and sword
"They are Witch doctors. They know power that Madame Vadima couldn't even teach" Bulson said
"Hey Troggies, you're a problem to the citizens" Lance said, giving away their cover
"Perhaps...they are a problem to US? Yes, yes?" Trogon said
Bulson and Sanchez was furious with Lance's action, giving away their position and talking bad to dangerous Troggies.
"That's why we were sent to stop you lillypads!" Lance said
"You shall not come in our lair and talk to us like we're trash! Yes, yes?" Trogon said, summoning his minions, "We're busy summoning the great Gilgo to claim what was ours!"
"You're gonna have to stop myself, Bulson and Sanchez first" He said started shooting at Troggies
"Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Attack now!" Trogon said
Hundreds of troggies started throwing spears at them meanwhile Trogon was busy trying to summon Gilgo. Lance and the rest got behind rocks, avoiding the spears
"Look what you have done!" Bulson said, pushing Lance
"There are too many of them" Sanchez said, "Stop fighting. We need a plan"
"We can't handle all these troggies, but we can handle Trogon if the troggies are all focus on us" Bulson said
"What are you trying to tell us, chub?" Lance said
"You and Sanchez go to Trogon and hold him hostage. They'll have to let us get out of here in one piece" Bulson said

Bulson went out and started slicing troggies and firing shots in some, distracting them from their objective
"You guys might wanna hurry!" Bulson complained
Lance and Sanchez ran down, avoiding the troggies and managed to get to Trogon. Both of the warriors pulled out their sword and walked toward Trogon.
"Hurry up!" Bulson said, getting hit in the leg by a spear and falls to the ground
The troggies surrounded Bulson and raised their spears, ready to kill Bulson quickly until they heard "Stop!" by Trogon and their listened. Lance was behind their leader with his sword.
"Don't attack him! If you do, your master will die" Lance said
"It is too late for your threats! Yes, yes! I have summon Gilgo the dangerous troggy of all in the entire spiral" Trogon said
"Uh, excuse me?" Bulson said
Then the whole entire cave started to shake and all the troggies dropped to the floor and started praising the ginormous hole in the ground.
"What in the world?" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at the open hole
"Roaaaaaaaar" Gilgo's roar echoed throughout the cave
"What have we done" Lance said, unhanding Trogon
"You have made a mistake with myself, a great Witch doctor you'll ever meet!" Trogon said as he drops to the ground, praising the great Gilgo monster.
Gilgo crawled out of the hole and started roaring. The great beast slung his hand at Trogon but Sanchez managed to tackle him out of the way
"Looks like the monster turned on you. Get all your minions out of here before this creature kills them and us!" Sanchez said
Bulson, Lance and Sanchez ran out of the cave with Trogon warning all the citizens in Xol to get out as the monster starts destroying their huts.
"Contact Avery" Lance Mo said, "We're in trouble"

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