Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Warrior "Gilgo monster unleashed"

After going to the ancient land, Xol Akmul to investigate the citizens' problems. Ancient warrior Bulson Budd goes to Xol, bringing Sanchez and Lance Mo they investigate on the Troggies' ancient cave after Troggies leader and Witch doctor, Trogon Newgun summons the great Gilgo out of the grounds. The pirates must stop the great beast before Xol Akmul and their citizens go extinct.

"Citizens of Xol Akmul, you must leave or hide!" Lance Mo cried
"How are we going to take down this monster?" Sanchez said, throwing Trogon on the ground
"Let's try to shoot him" Lance said, shooting the Gilgo but it was no use
The Gilgo wiped many many homes in Xol Akmul leaving the citizens homeless. Sanchez and the rest must do something before it's too late
"We'll need a plan" Bulson said
"Oh yeah because plan A was very helpful" Lance teased
Bulson was getting fed up with Lance and his actions but he knew they would have to work together to take out the Gilgo monster.
"How bout we get froggy talking?" Sanchez said, aiming his gun at Trogon
"I will not destroy my creation!" Trogon said, hitting Sanchez's gun out of his hand, "If this is your way of getting people to talk, I am not impress, no, no, not impress!"
"You don't get it, if we do not defeat Gilgo, he will destroy everything in Xol Akmul! Stop being so ignorant and just spill it out!" Sanchez said
"Your weapons are no match for the Gilgo monster! I guess you warriors aren't that intelligent either! Yes, yes not intelligent" Trogan disagreed
Sanchez raised his hand, about to slap Trogon. As he swings towards Trogan's face Bulson grabbed his hand and threw him to the ground.
"Settle down!" Bulson said
"Why should we? Your plan screwed us over, for a warrior who's ancient, you aren't very useful" Lance said, laughing at Bulson
"I'm not gonna take this from a man who can't get his mouth shut!" Bulson said, pulling out his sword
"Stop!" Sanchez said, bringing his sword out
"Please tell us, this monster destroyed your temple..or cave and he's about to destroy this civilization!" Sanchez said, "Do you wanna be known as the one who destroyed Xol Akmul
After many arguments Trogon finally told them, "Spells, I know this one spell. Yes, yes I do to put him to sleep but with his size it'll take several Witch doctors"
"Sanchez, contact the council and get Madame Vadima and her students down here now! Tell them to be aware of the monster" Bulson said

"Captain Avery, we need your help. Trogon Newgun summoned a dangerous monster, Gilgo" Sanchez said, contacting the council
"We'll send you reinforcements" Captain Avery said
"No, reinforcements won't work. Our weapons are no match for this beast" Sanchez said
"No reinforcementsss? Ssssir Ssssanchez are you isssane?" Jarvis CoBris said
"Indeed, this monster was created by Witch doctors' spells. Send Madame Vadima and her best students" Sanchez said
"This beast? If the Trogan we are know created this monster then a couple of students cannot take down Gilgo" Ron Subodai said
"Ron is right, they're still learning and Ms. Vadima doesn't teach students spells that powerful" Ridolfo Capoferro said
"That's true...but Trogon is willing to help take down this monster if he keeps help" Lance Mo interrupted, taking Sanchi's device
"I will get Madame Vadima and her best students. Stay safe until we send a ship to Xol Akmul" Juhn Woun said, ending the conference
They waited hours for Madame Vadima and her students to arrive on Xol Akmul. The great Gilgo already took many eleven huts.
"There's the ship!" Lance said, running towards them
The Gilgo noticed Lance Mo running and the monster tried to attack him with his long and strong tentacles.
Bulson Budd noticed Gilgo's tentacles flying towards Lance and Bulson ran out, "Lance! Get in cover!"
Bulson started to bother the creature so he could attack Bulson and leave Lance alone. The monster kept throwing his tentacles at Bulson but Bulson used his Warrior training and kept dodging the monster's hits.
But Bulson looked at Lance and nodded his head at him and Gilgo hit Bulson into a rock, injuring him.
"No!" Lance said, "Madame we need to take out this monster, now!"

Lance, Madame Vadima and her students ran towards Sanchez and Trogon
"What spell are we going to perform?" Madame Vadima said, noticing the Gilgo was coming their way
"We cannot kill this monster. No, no we cannot. Too young these students are too young, yes yes" Trogon said nervously, "We'll perform the knockout spell to put this monster asleep"
Madame Vadima, Trogon Newgun and Vadima's four students all stand in a line and started performing the spell as they close their eyes to focus.
"Canu, Slowgun, Doko, Manas!" They all said
Big purple mixed with blue circle appeared, but the Gilgo was still crawling towards them.
"It's not working! The creature is still alive!" Lance said, backing up
"You will go down for a period of time, Canu, Slowgun, Doko, Manas!" They repeated, raising the spell's circle in the air and forced in into the Gilgo
"Doko, Manas! You will fall down!" Madame Vadima said
The Gilgo fell to the ground and his eyes closed.
"We did it! He's asleep!" Sanchez said to Lance, but Lance ran towards Bulson
Bulson was on the ground, dying slowly with his eyes almost closed but he sees Lance looking at him.
"I am sorry, Bulson! Don't go out like this! You're an amazing Warrior and you do not deserve this because of my foolishness" Lance said
"Can't you guys do something about this?" Sanchez cried
"There's a healing spell, but to perform we'll need to sacrifice someone" Madame Vadima said, placing her hand on Bulson's head
Then Trogon, moved Sanchez and the rest out of his way, "I'll do it"
"You will?" Sanchez and Lance both said
"You were right. I don't want this village to remember me for destroying this place. I'd sacrifice my own spirit for this brave warrior" Trogon said, placing his staff on Bulson's chest, where his heart is located.
Trogon placed his alive spirit and beating heart into Bulson's body. Killing Trogon but bring Bulson back to life and healthy.
"You're alive! He did it...he really did it" Lance said, patting Bulson on his back
"We'll have to throw a huge ceremony here for this brave troggy and hey..I thought troggies was just annoying useless creatures. That's not the case" Bulson said

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