Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Warrior "Lone wolf"

Alone in the jungles with a pirate by the name Sid Der. Anthony must learn how to survive. After Anthony figuring out who tried to kill him Anthony executes Danga in anger which messes up his mind. Sanchez, Dorugh, Sanchi and Juhn in the mysterious dangerous jungle searching for Anthony. They'll find out on Anthony's whereabouts.

"Wake up, Anthony" Sid Der said, "Wake up"
As Anthony awakes Sid Der was staring at him and he started to laugh. Anthony was below a fire pit and tied up hanging from a tree.
"What...what are you doing Sid?" Anthony said
"Anthony! Ye pathetic pirate scum!" Sid said, lowering Anthony and closer to the fire
"Woah, woah! What is wrong with you?" Anthony cried
"Ye wanna know something, young pirate?" Sid said
"Well I have no other choice!" Anthony said
Sid started telling his story, "I was in the pirate army...the ancient army. About fourteen years ago. I have been in this jungle for fourteen stinking years! Lord Derwitchi told the pirates not to search for survivors! Lord Derwitchi said I and my other troops were dead! First three years, my crew and I got along well and survived. Until some of us got tired...of eating the same thing every single day! I killed my crew for survival...I had too and it was eleven years ago. I drowned them in the water hole you were at. Of course I must find another because you executed one of the men who were suppose to get me out of here!"
Sid betrayed Anthony just to get out of these jungles.
"You are sick!" Anthony cried, "I trusted you"
Sid started laughing and placed more logs in the fire, causing the flame to grow bigger and went in his home, packing everything.

"Sanchi?" Juhn said, "Where are you?"
It was very dark. Juhn couldn't see anything or find anything until he heard someone whispered.
"Son, hide behind the rock"
Juhn went towards the whispers as he gets closer he heard screaming and someone ran towards him with Sanchi's sword.
"Fool! How dare you make me! Loto the great a idiot!" Loto said, swinging the sword
Loto kept swinging the sword trying to strike Juhn but Juhn have a great mind with great abilities. Loto managed to hit Juhn to the ground.
"Here's your fall" Loto said, running towards Juhn
Loto ran towards Juhn and screaming. As Loto tried to strike him, Juhn dodge Loto's strike and Loto got Sanchi's sword stuck in the ground.
"You're a pathetic bounty hunter. You made yourself look like an idiot!" Juhn said, searching for his sword
"You tried to make a fortune with Sanchi and failed, you tried failed, now you come here trying to kill us and you'll fail again!" Juhn said
"Wrong! Danga and I wanted to make sure we've killed your friends. Then we encountered a friend who'll take care of Anthony his self. You've failed and you...will...parish in this woods" Loto said, picking up a stick.
Loto found Juhn and ran towards him with the stick. As he swings Juhn managed to duck in the right time and nailed Loto in his face with a punch. Loto was on the ground, failing his mouth and Juhn kicked him.
"Give up!" Juhn said, "You've failed...once again"
"Have I?" Loto said, getting back up
Loto punched Juhn in his face constantly, knocking him to the ground. Loto sat on Juhn and started choking him.
"Danga, my son and I will become great bounty hunters under Kane's control" Loto said, choking Juhn
"No! You will die!" Juhn said, throwing Loto off of him
Juhn ran from Loto to search for his sword. Loto was furious and started yelling and taunting Juhn Woun to come out and finish the fight.
"Yes!" Juhn said as he finds his sword
Loto picked up Sid's bow with only one arrow left, "Come out Warrior!"
"Right here" Juhn said, with his sword
Loto was frighten knowing that Juhn found his sword. Loto aimed the bow as Juhn started to run towards him.
"You can't kill me!" Loto said and released his bow
The arrow was flying towards Juhn and it nailed Juhn in his leg but that didn't stop Juhn from attacking Loto. Loto picked up a log and threw it at Juhn but Juhn dodged it.
"Goodbye!" Juhn said, slicing Loto's chest open
Juhn dropped his sword and picked up a heavy log, "Where's Anthony?"
Loto started laughing, "Dead!"
Juhn raised the log and slammed it on Loto's head as his son watches his father dies.
"No!" Jeremy said, running away

"Sid... you don't have to do this! There can be other ways to..."
"Silent! Ye just a idiot surviving under controls of pirates playing with swords" Sid said
Anthony could feel the heat rising from the flames. Anthony had to think of something quick.
"Can't believe I'm doing this" Anthony said to his self
Sid went away from Anthony. Giving him time to perform his escape plan. Anthony managed to get a stick in his hands and he got a flame on the stick. Anthony freed his hands with the flaming stick. He grabbed a branch and set the rope on fire. Setting him free. As he dangles on the branch, holding on, Sid was still unaware.
"Time to go" Sid said, removing his decorations from the walls.
"You mean time to die?" Anthony said, picking up his gun
"That's not ye gun! That's ye matey, Bob's gun like ye told me. Ye weak and won't kill someone who taught ye to survive in the woods." Sid said
Then it all came together for Anthony. He figured out Sid's plan and what he have done.
"You loured the Troggies back to my men when I wasn't looking! You did this when I was getting water and you knew what was gonna happen when I planned on getting water for the second time!" Anthony said, loading his gun
"Ye can't kill me" Sid said, turning around and started to pack
"Maybe one day, ye will have the balls to..."
Anthony shot Sid and dropped the gun, "You were wrong"
Anthony went to Danga's ship and got on bored, "I'm coming home, crew"

"Juhn!" Dorugh said, locating him
Sanchez and Dorugh managed to find Juhn but Juhn couldn't find Sanchi or Loto's son Jeremy.
"Guys... what happen and why is my sword nailed into the ground?" Sanchi said, rubbing his head
Juhn smiled, "I took care of Loto myself...did you find Anthony?"
"No, but we found some caves. Let's go search them" Dorugh said
Juhn, Sanchi, Sanchez and Dorugh found the cave where the rest of Sanchi's crew were killed.
"Troggies!" Dorugh said, shooting three of them, "Problem handled"
Sanchez saw the bodies and ran towards them. Devastated but he new it was from the Troggies.
"Anthony...he probably didn't survive...we must go before more Troggies come" Juhn said
As they walk back, Sanchez noticed a ship leaving the jungles, "There goes Loto's son"

All four of them made it back to Skull island. Juhn went to the medics to heal his wound. Meanwhile Sanchi, Sanchez, and Dorugh was explaining to Avery, Gus, Moresco and Chun what have happened.
"Loto and Danga are dead. We still don't know what happen to Danga, but Juhn took care of Loto" Sanchez said, sadly
"What about survivors. Did you find the remaining crew of yours?" Captain Avery said
Sanchez was about to reply to Captain Avery until he heard doors open wide. As Sanchez looked to see who opened them, he gazed and ran towards Anthony. Sanchez, and Chun ran towards Anthony and started to hug him.
"'d you...survive?" Sanchez said, "Did...did you killed Danga?"
Anthony looked up to Sanchez and smiled.
"It's great to have you back, bud" Dorugh said
"Indeed" Sanchi said, smiling

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